3 Essential Makeup Tools To Have in Your Cosmetic Kit

Whether you are a college-going girl or a working woman, make-up is something that will start your day with utmost confidence. However, not everyone has the precise knowledge of applying makeup. For that, first, you will need to know about the different and essential makeup tools.

The beauty industry has many makeup equipment that can help you create a slaying look. No matter whether you want to go for the no make-up look, or the festive makeup look.

Do not worry, the experts from De’lanci are here to help you with that. 

In this article, we have mentioned the benefits of using makeup tools and some essential makeup tools with their usage. So, without any delay let’s move ahead with the makeup brushes.

What Are Makeup Tools? 

What are Makeup Tools

Just like we need screwdrivers and other tools to fix things, makeup tools are used to fix the products on the skin excellently. Every makeup tool has a specific purpose. For example, makeup brushes for applying makeup products, eyelash curlers for perfectly curled eyelashes, etc.

A good collection of makeup tools is a must-have for the makeup enthusiast. The beauty influencers like Mrunal Panchal, Shreya Jain, Swati Verma, Roshni Bhatia, etc. have exceptionally grown in the industry as makeup artists.

What are the Benefits of Using Makeup Tools?

Do you want to be one of the famous beauty influencers or create an effortlessly chic look just like them? If yes, then you must know about the benefits of using makeup tools (and have them as well).

  • With the help of makeup brushes, you will have better makeup coverage, improved blending, and greater control.
  • The perfect eyelash curler will help you in getting big and beautiful eyelashes.
  • The application of eyeshadow, blusher, setting powder, highlighter, and the powdery substance becomes easy and smooth.
  • Using makeup tools will help you stay organized and cleaned, as you won’t have to use your fingers to blend the makeup.
  • Eyebrow tweezers can help you have perfectly shaped eyebrows.
  • Using makeup tools to apply makeup is on the safer side as well. How? Germs and bacteria won’t transfer to your face skin as you are not using fingers to blend.
  • Makeup brushes can help you achieve a good-to-go look in just 10 minutes.
  • No matter whether you want to have a glam look or the natural look, the buildup is always perfect with makeup brushes.

3 Makeup Tools and How to Use Them 

1. Blending Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes are like a magic wand that will assist you in getting a smooth and properly blended look. There’s a reason we didn’t opt for the mentioning of a single brush, as the set of makeup brushes is what you will need! 

The very first recommendation is of De'Lanci Windfall Brush Set. It is a professional makeup brush kit with 16 pieces. Which are they and what is their use? Let’s have a look at it:

De'Lanci Windfall Brush Set

#1: Full coverage face brush: The full-coverage face brush has soft bristles that won’t harm your face. This brush does the work of evenly depositing the product and blending it well, regardless of its form (powder or liquid).

#2: Blush brush: To apply the blush on the cheekbones.

#3: Foundation brush: For the application and blending of foundation flawlessly.

#4: Angled bronzer brush: if you use bronzer instead of contour this brush will help in shaping the jawline, cheeks, and temples.

#5: Fan brush: To apply bronzer, blush, foundation, and other powder form products.

#6: Highlighter brush tapered: To apply the highlighter.

#7: Eye blender brush: To blend in the eyeshadow.

#8: Fluffy shading brush: To apply the wonderful sweep of color onto the eyelid.

#9: Small tapered blending brush: To blend the eyeshadow and buff the harsh lines for a smooth look.

#10: Eye shading brush: To just apply the eyeshadow, as it picks up the product well.

#11: Pencil brush: To apply and blend the eyeshadow on the lower lash line.

#12: Cream color brush: To fill in the small gaps and apply the lip color.

#13: Lip brush: To apply and blend the lip color.

#14: Angled brow brush: To fill in the eyebrows. 

#15: Brow and lash brush: To brush through eyelashes and eyebrows.

#16: Small angled brush: To apply thin line lip color or fill in the eyebrows 

You can also check out the De'Lanci blending makeup brush set with 12 pieces for perfect eyeshadow blending.

2. Beauty Blenders

If you are planning to go with liquid formula makeup products, the beauty blender will come in handy. The beauty blender is a blessing in disguise, you can use it to apply any liquid product from lotions and sunscreens to foundation, concealer, and highlighter.

Before using the beauty blender, run it through the warm water, and squeeze it to remove the excess water. This way you will have a sponge that won’t absorb your makeup. Do the coverage test by dipping it in a product and dabbing it on the back of your hand. You will see the real results.

3. Brow Tweezers

You must have a brow tweezer in your makeup kit. Why? To pluck out the most stubborn eyebrow hair and give it a shape. But be careful while using the tweezers. Whenever you plan on plucking out the extra hair do it after a hot shower or clean the brows with warm water. It will open up the pores.

Then hold the tweezers and 25-degree and start plucking. Once done, close the pores with the application of cold water.

Get The Basic Makeup Tools For Yourself!

In the name of three essential makeup tools we actually helped you with 18 makeup tools. The 16 brushes mentioned are the basic ones for creating a glam or natural look. Beauty blenders and brow tweezers will have you get the perfect base for further makeup application. 

So, now the thing left to do is get high-quality makeup tools from a well-known brand like De’Lanci. The quality of the bristles also matters a lot as you are going to use them on the face. Check they are soft, not harsh, or you will end up having a cakey makeup look.

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