How to Apply Blush Stick in 6 Quick Steps like a Pro

Wearing a blush color is the key to a glowing and naturally healthy-looking complexion. It can give you that subtle flush of color that brightens up the face in an instant while also giving it definition and character. Our beauty expert has already elaborated in the Blush Guide. Here we’re going to put down her advice on how to apply blush stick for the perfect look! Read on to pick up all the right tips and tricks on how to apply blush naturally!

Table of Content

  1. What is a blush stick?
  2. Step by Step Guide to How to Apply Blush Stick like a Pro
    1. Get the base right
    2. Pick the perfect shade for your skin tone
    3. Apply on the cheekbone for a lifted look
    4. Blend it outwards
    5. Apply on the apples for a fuller face look
    6. Seal it with loose powder and fixer
  3. 5 Tips While doing blushing
  4. Wrapping up

What is a blush stick?

Blush stick is a cream-based blush product that contains skin-nourishing ingredients and thus do not make the skin dry. These sticks have distinct advantages over other forms of cream or powder blush products. You can apply the stick directly onto your cheeks to give them the tint of color as per your makeup needs. All you need to do is blend them evenly using a soft bristle brush. De’Lanci Multi-Functional Double-Headed Blush Stick is a unique product on the market that is a double-headed blush-stick-cum-brush combo making your application as easy as possible. Unlike the powder form that have to be taken on the brush and tapped before applying on the skin, the blush sticks are a no-nonsense way of making your cheeks look blushed naturally!

Step by Step Guide to How to Apply Blush Stick like a Pro

There are several blush formulas on the market ranging from the classic powder blush to the liquid forms. But the best option is that of cream blush that has the best blendable qualities with its fine texture and uniform spreadability. These are also great on all skin types as they come with skin caring ingredients like Vitamin E, Shea Butter and Castor Oil. Our expert recommends De’Lanci Multi-Functional Double-Headed Blush Stick that come in 5 popular shades to meet the needs of all skin tones as part of how to apply blush for beginners.

Here’s how to apply blush stick correctly!

1. Get the base right

The first step to getting the right blushed look is to prepare the base for it. Learn the steps for dewy makeup look from our beauty expert.

  • Start with your regular cleansing of the face and follow it up with a light moisturizer.
  • Make sure to apply a high-quality primer to close all open pores and make the surface smooth.
  • Let it dry for a couple of minutes before applying the foundation matching your skin tone.
  • Use the concealer on any visible spots, scars, blemishes or dark circles. Use De’Lanci Multicolor Liquid Concealer for Dark Skin as per your skin tone.

Let your skin absorb the products before applying the blush for it to bring out the truly flushed skin look on your face.

2. Pick the perfect shade for your skin tone

Look out for the skin color you attain when you are all flushed after your workout. This is the ideal shade of blush stick color that you must choose for a natural look. Read on about the natural American makeup looks that you’ve always wanted!

  • Fair skin tones will look good with a pale and cool pink.
  • Medium skin tones look great with peach and neutral pink shades.
  • Olive skin tones look stunning with rose tones and peach hues.
  • Dark skin tones complement corals, warm reds, and hot pink shades;

The 5 color options of De’Lanci Multi-Functional Double Headed Blush Stick give you the shade for your skin tone. You can also mix and match the shades to bring out the exact shade for your unique skin tone.

3. Apply on the cheekbone for a lifted look

You are sure to come across as many answers to how to apply blush as brands available on the market! But this is one basic and universal way of applying blush that will never let you down irrespective of your face shape or age!

  • Apply blush on your cheekbone at an angle starting from the upper corner of the ear and bring it down towards the lips.
  • Bring the color to a point on the cheekbone that ends perpendicularly to the center of your eyeballs.
  • This is also important as part of learning how to apply blush to a round face.
  • Start blending with a clean brush from the inside towards the ears till you get a streak-free finish.
  • Do it right by learning how to use makeup brushes and essential brushes like a pro.

4. Blend it outwards

An important step in how to apply blush is to remember to blend the blush color with a clean blush brush. Let our expert help you with how to use oval brush set like a pro. Blending is the key to achieving that natural flush to the skin look with the cosmetic color on your face.

  • Make sure that you blend the color outwards towards the ears and not inside.
  • Bringing it inside is likely to result in the color coming too close to the nose or eyes giving the face a heavy and droopy look.
  • Moreover, inward blending is more likely to bring the color down below your cheekbone that is sure to make your face appear round and fat unless you have drawn in cheeks.
  • Build up the intensity of the blush color if you feel the need of giving your face some more color.
  • Remember that for a natural look, the blush should look like a natural part of your skin and not a cosmetic application.
  • This is also a part of how to use blush and highlighter palette for the perfectly blended look.

5. Apply on the apples for a fuller face look

Now for those of you that have extremely slim faces and wish to give a fuller and healthier look, this is the trick that you must follow among the how to apply blush tips!

  • Smile while being in front of the mirror to get the exact position of the apples of your cheeks.
  • Now, apply blush on them and move it slightly outwards towards your ears.
  • Start blending outwards and upwards with a stipple blush brush for a smooth and seamless color payoff.
  • For more details, check out what our beauty expert has to say in contour makeup guide for beginners.

6. Seal it with loose powder and fixer

Once you’re done with the application of your blush, it’s important to seal the color pigments for them to continue to appear the same for long hours.

  • The last step in your how to apply blush is the fixing of the colors using a dust of loose powder.
  • Use a powder brush to apply it over the blush colors and any other oily part of your face.
  • Buff it out for an even look where all the colors blend as one for a flowing look on the canvas of your face.
  • Use a setting spray over the entire face and lock in everything as you go about looking bright and radiant all day long or all through the evening.

5 Tips While Doing Blushing

  1. For extra dry skin, our expert recommends applying your go-to De’Lanci Stick Blush with a sponge that is hydrated with
  2. You may prefer using your fingers to blend the stick blush and then follow it up with a soft-bristled brush for a streak-free, seamless, flushed look.
  3. A lot of experts suggest that using the fingers to blend the blush color helps the product melt under their warmth onto the skin making it more blendable.
  4. Blending your blush outwards and upwards is the key to getting that soft diffused hue of your blush stick color and giving you a youthful look. This is a trick that you must remember as how to apply blush over 40.
  5. Take care not to blend the stick color too close to the nose or the eyes as it can drag down your natural features.

Wrapping up

Now that you have all the tips and tricks on how to apply blush, it’s time to load up on your favorite makeup products! Explore the entire range of cosmetics from De’Lanci that professionals and individuals across the globe use. Our extensive collection of lip, face, and inter, and best makeup brush sets are made out of high-quality ingredients catering to international beauty-world standards. Grab your buy NOW!

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