An Ultimate Guide to Different Types of Eyeshadows

The world of makeup is not just wonderful being full of colors; it gives you amazing choices that can floor the uninitiated! This holds true with the different types of eyeshadows that are available on the market – online and in-store. It’s probably a lot easier when you go into a store and swatch them before buying them. You need to have in-depth knowledge about the different types of eyeshadow palettes that continually evolve. We’ve put together all that our experts had to offer as your ultimate guide to different types of eyeshadows!

Table of Contents

  1. Types of eyeshadows
    1. Loose Powder eyeshadow
    2. Compact/Pressed Powder eyeshadow
    3. Baked eyeshadow
    4. Cream eyeshadow
    5. Loose glitter eyeshadow
    6. Liquid eyeshadow
  2. Types of eyeshadow finishes
    1. Matte
    2. Satin
    3. Metallic
    4. Shimmer
    5. Glitter
    6. Frost
    7. Luster
    8. Neon
    9. Changing color
  3. Wrapping Up

Types of eyeshadows

Knowing all about the different types of eyeshadows will certainly help you choose the product you need to get just the magical eyes you desire…  

1. Compact/Pressed Powder eyeshadow:

This is by far the most common type of eyeshadow available on the market among the different types of eyeshadows. It derives its name from the fact that the loose powder pigments have been pressed together in the form of a cake. These usually come in palette colors, giving you looks from the basic to the most intricate makeup looks. Smoothly and easily blendable, these are ideal for beginners working with eyeshadows to create endless looks! 

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2. Loose Powder eyeshadow:

A basic variant in the different types of eyeshadows, these are highly pigmented loose shadows that come in individual packs. These are usually designed to be applied over an eye primer base to set instantly. Also, they may need some practice before you are actually able to pull off the perfect finish. They require intense blending for the pigments to give an even color payoff.

3. Baked eyeshadow:

The pigments of baked eyeshadows are bound together by carrying out the physical process of baking instead of binding them in pressed forms. The durability of the colors of these eyeshadows is not known to be very strong. They can be used both wet and dried but are more popular in wet applications. It lets the color intensify and build the overall vibrancy letting it set into the skin for the right pop of color. Dry application is meant to give a soft and natural color payoff effect.

4. Cream eyeshadow:

Among the different types of eyeshadows, these variants come in tubes, pots, as pencils, or sticks. The cream colors are not just well-pigmented but also super-blendable. However, the downside to this type of eyeshadow is that they tend to gather on the crease lines around the eyes easily. As a result, those of you with oily or mature skin will do to stay away from this type of eyeshadow totally. In case you’re looking for an edgy makeup style without definition, you can try out this variant!

5. Loose glitter eyeshadow:

Finely milled eyeshadow colors with a high level of pigments, these eyeshadow types contain glitter material for the ultimate glam effect. To work with loose glitter eyeshadow colors, you will have to prime your eyelids well and also use a tacky base for them to adhere. You can use a brush or your fingers to tap down the glitter eyeshadow onto the lids and even them out for that ultimate glittering effect! 

6. Liquid eyeshadow:

A relative newcomer among the different types of eyeshadows, it is ideal when you wish to wear a versatile look! These are reminiscent of liquid lipsticks and come with applicators for you to run the wand over your eyelids. Liquid eyeshadows are an ideal choice when you want to glam up your looks effortlessly with the right pop of eye colors. They add an instant color vibrancy and are good to add glitter to the shades. 

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Types of eyeshadow finishes

Now that you know about the different types of eyeshadows, it’s time to learn about the incredible different effects they offer. Ranging from the smooth natural-like finish to the high-voltage glowing effect, there is always something to add to your versatile look! Also, read our expert’s talk on how to do eye makeup for a ravishing look!

1. Matte:

Eyeshadow colors that give the matte effect do not have any shimmer, shine, or sheen to them. They are usually used as the base color and are perfect for defining and reshaping the eyes. It’s important that you blend the colors well for them not to appear as chalky or patchy. Matte eyeshadows are good for all ages and work particularly well on matured skin or skins with more fine likes. The matte colors do not tend to settle into the fine lines thus giving a flawless finish. 

2. Satin:

Satin finish eyeshadow offers a soft sheen that is not too intense as a glitter effect. It has a bright and silky effect that is good to go on mature skin.

3. Metallic:

As the name indicates, eyeshadows offering the metallic finish are loud and actually resemble metal foils such as gold, silver, copper, bronze, and others. These are a must when you’re looking to wear a dramatic look with a sparkling shine. It is surely not for those that opt for subtle looks with radiant effect. Also, those with mature skin will do to stay away from metallic eyeshadow finish as they tend to settle on the crease and make the skin look aged. 

4. Shimmer:

These eyeshadow colors offer a subtle shine with a hint of sparkle. Most pressed eyeshadow palettes have a combination of matte and shimmer colors to let you mix and match for the right color vibrancy. They offer sheer coverage and are great to finish off the final look, glamming it up effortlessly!

5. Glitter:

These eyeshadow colors come as pure glitter particles and offer an intense sparkling effect. They are best reserved for use during special events and late-night parties with a lot of light and sheen around. It is best to avoid glitters on matured skin.

6. Frost:

Giving off an iridescent shine, these eyeshadow colors have a reflective sheen due to the white or silver particles in them. They are used to accentuate eyes by layering on top of other eyeshadow colors. Designed to give a bold hue, they are best avoided on mature skin types. 

7. Luster:

Similar to the frost eyeshadow effect, luster eyeshadows have a more intense and sparkling effect due to the milled glitter particles in them. These too tend to settle on creases and lines and are avoided on mature skins. 

8. Neon:

Vivid colors that glow in the dark, neon finish eyeshadows give out vibrant colors that are perfect for night outs and themed parties.

9. Changing color:

These are eyeshadows that offer the effect of different colors with the changing angle of light. Much like the chameleon changing color to blend in with its, surroundings, these liquid eyeshadows have the effect of intricate multiple color layering in a single swipe. Tyr out the De’Lanci Multichrome Chameleon Liquid Eyeshadow for such amazing makeover!

Wrapping up 

It’s time to put to use the different types of eyeshadows to give yourself a magical makeover with eye-catching looks! De’Lanci has a complete range of beauty, especially eyeshadow products that will effortlessly glam your look at any time. Do explore our range of cruelty-free lip, eye, face products, and accessories!!!

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