How to do eye makeup? Step By Step Tutorial.

Eye make-up is a staple in any woman's beauty routine. But, it can be intimidating for some to do on their own. That's why we put together this step by step tutorial to show you how easy eye make-up can be!

What Is Eye-Makeup?

Eye makeup is a type of cosmetic applied on eyes for decoration or to make them look more attractive. Frequently it emphasizes the eyelashes, brows, and eye shadow, although not necessarily in that order. Eye shadow can be used as a part of many different makeup combinations and emphasizes the eyes' contour. Depending on the culture and personality.

Benefits Of Eye Makeup

When you use eye makeup, there are some benefits that you can get. The first benefit is about fashion or style. You can improve your fashion sense just by applying the right makeup at the right place.

However, some women feel trouble with their simple look since they do not have any fashion on some occasions such as a casual party, birthday.

Step by step of How to do eye makeup

We are going to walk you through the steps of creating a natural look that will work well for day or nighttime events. It's not hard and doesn't take much time which makes it perfect for all of us who are busy ladies!

1. Step One:

Firstly, you're going to want to apply a primer to your lid. This will help with the lasting power of your eye shadow and keep it looking fresh all day long! We find that using an eyeshadow base is perfect for this step because they are translucent so allow any color you wish to show up.

2. Step Two:

Next, you're going to want to pick a light neutral color from your favorite eyeshadow palette and use it as a base for the eyelid. We recommend a light shade from DE'LANCI 15 COLOR NUDE EYESHADOW MAKEUP PALETTE but any shade that is close to your skin tone will do! You can even be visible underneath your brow for this step.

3. Step Three:

Next, create a gradient effect by gently brushing an eyeshadow shade that is slightly darker than your base color on the crease of your eyelid. This will make it look like you have natural shadows in the sockets of your eyes which makes them stand out more! I've gone with a slightly deeper shade from the same DE'LANCI 15 COLOR NUDE EYESHADOW MAKEUP PALETTE for this step.

4. Step Four:

Next, you're going to want to take the darkest color of your eyeshadow palette and use it as a liner along your upper lash line using an angled brush like this one! I've gone with 'Black Gold' by Tarte cosmetics but you can use any color.

5. Step Five:

Now you're going to want to apply a couple of coats of mascara to your upper and lower lashes as normal. You don't need me for this step, right? ;) I've gone with ‘deep brown’ by DE'LANCI but again- choose whatever brand and color is most comfortable for you!

6. Step Six:

Now we're going to do the fun part- eyeliner. You can either go with a cat-eye look or just line your upper and lower lash line as normal. This is totally up to you but I've gone for an easy one here which will be great if you want something quick and simple! 

7. Step Seven:

Lastly, all we need to do is set the entire eye area so it won't budge throughout the day. I'm going to apply a setting spray such as this one and then brush a translucent powder over the lid to help with its lasting power.

And there you have it! A complete eye make-up looks that's easy enough for even me to do on my own without any issue whatsoever.

We hope this tutorial was helpful and I'll see you next time, lovelies! :)

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