Different Types of Eyeliners to Create Endless Looks!

Of all the different types of makeup products, eyeliner has the power to take your beauty look to a different level with a single swipe! Sure you’ve done up your eye makeup with eyeshadow and mascara. But, add a smudge of the eyeliner on the upper lid, or make a wing, and see the transformation it brings about. No matter whether you rate your eyeliner skills as a beginner, or proficient level, we’re here to refresh it all. We’ll take you through the different types of eyeliners, and how to apply different types of eyeliners to up your glam quotient effortlessly!

Table of Content

  1. Different Types of Eyeliner
    1. Glitter Eyeliner
    2. Liquid Eyeliner
    3. Gel Eyeliner
    4. Khol Pencil Eyeliner
    5. Felt-tip/Sketch Pen eyeliner
  2. Tips to use eyeliner like a pro!
  3. Different eyeliner styles
    1. Basic eyeliner look
    2. Winged eyeliner look
    3. Graphic eyeliner look
    4. Cat eyeliner look

Get hands-on and create the most poised eyeliner looks with the step by step guide to applying a killer eyeliner.

Different Types of Eyeliners 

1. Glitter eyeliner

Best described as a little bit of glitter and a whole lot of glam, Glitter eyeliner is versatile and has something to offer for everyone! Coming in pen forms, they come in a smudge-proof and waterproof formula, making them good for extreme wear makeup. The eyeliner liquid with its glitter glides on with ease, smudges into a crease-defining shadow at any time. This unique product is no longer restricted to special theme eye makeup looks. Take your makeup’s glam quotient a notch higher any time with the De’Lanci La Catrina 3-color Glitter Liquid Eyeliner Pen Set!

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2. Liquid eyeliner

This is considered to be among the best of all types of eyeliners by almost everyone. Even though some ladies get a little concerned about the precise application, it puts up an intense style. The colors of liquid eyeliners are more vivid and definitely made to last long. They’re just perfect for giving off the high-drama precise detailing look with the intense color payoff. On the flip side, liquid eyeliners are quick-drying, making them less ideal for soft or smudged looks.

Image Credit: blushin

For those that are concerned about applying them right, it’s easier to achieve thinner strokes with liquid eyeliners. The variant comes with super-fine tips that make precise application of the liquid easy. Begin working with a trusted liquid eyeliner, and you’ll never look back again!

3. Gel eyeliner

Gel eyeliners are the way to go if you’re looking to do up your eyes with thickly pigmented lines. Its creamy texture gives you more control over the swipe as you work with the not-so-thin liner brush that comes along. They are made using a quick-drying formula that doesn’t let the color budge, making it easier to give a super-stunning finish.

A lot of girls consider gel eyeliner as the best way to perfect almost any type of eyeliner look. Also, you need not worry about the accidental rub as it stays put until you’re ready to wipe it off with a remover. Gel is definitely among the types of eyeliner for beginners!

Image Credit: blushin

4. Khol Pencil eyeliner

Perhaps the easiest way to nail any eyeliner makeup is to go by the soft-tipped pencil liner that works much the same way as a khol stick. It’s ideal for beginners, and good to go for pros. Use it to swipe lines on the upper lids, or darken the waterline, works fine in both cases.

Pencil eyeliners are designed to play out the smudged and smoky looks. They offer smooth gliding on the lids and can be applied directly to the waterline. All types of eyeliner pencils are great for creating soft glam looks with smudged-out liners.

5. Felt-tip/Sketch Pen eyeliner

Among the easiest to use for beginners, Felt-Tip Pen eyeliners give out dry and creamy formulas that are perfect for easy application. The ease of use that these eyeliners offer has made them immensely popular of late. The tips are designed like a fine-tipped sketch pen that you can easily glide across the upper lash line. Some of the high-end brands come with a slanted felt tip that makes drawing wings like a pro, super-easy!

Tips to use eyeliner like a pro!

  • A well-hydrated canvas is the best way to start with any makeup and that includes your eyes. Start by applying an eye primer that helps remove discoloration around the eyes and smoothens the texture of the lids. This sets the base right for the product to blend in effortlessly. When you apply eye makeup on a layer of primer, it is sure to last all day long!

  • Next up, trace the upper lash line with the eyeliner of your choice. While doing it, remain as close to the lash line as possible. Use small strokes to cover the entire space. This is crucial for beginners as it’s easier to build slowly rather than make a mess and start again!

  • The thickness of your eyeliner will depend on how bold you want the look to be. The best flattering eyeliner is thin at the inner end and grows thicker as it moves outwards to the wing.

  • To create a wing that gives a stunning effect, imagine a line joining the tip of your outer eye with the tip of your brow. This is where you should aim your wing. For the everyday minimalistic look, draw a small wing with the thickness of a single stroke. Thicken it up for dramatic effect or even go graphic.

  • Keep the outer tip of your wing sharp and pointed. Clean up any imperfections with a moist Q-tip and get a super-defined wing.

  • Finish off by pairing your wings with 2 generous coats of mascara, adding all the oomph and glam to your eyes!

Different eyeliner styles

The best part about eyeliner makeup is that you get to pick unusual styles almost every morning! Be it a dramatic cat eye, or a killer flick, we have up for you the top eyeliner looks adding oodles of oomph to your looks.

1. Basic eyeliner look

As a beginner, start with the basic liner look. It is easy to achieve, ideal for the 9-5 look, and also the best solution for small eyes. To get it right, draw a thin line along the upper lid keeping as close to the lashes as possible, and end off at the outer corner of the eye. Quick results with zero mishaps!

2. Winged eyeliner look

An all-time favorite of almost all makeup lovers, draw out the thickness of the wing depending on your mood and style. Keep it sharp-tipped and maintain the line connecting the outer corner and the brow line. This will give your face and eyes a lifted look.

3. Graphic eyeliner look

Graphic eyeliners are a rage across the globe. From the geometric shapes to the dotted prints, negative space to floating creases, these eyeliner styles edge your eye makeup effortlessly. Start with minimalistic dots, or move on to edgy graphics, these not-so-basic styles will surely add dimensions to your looks!

4. Cat eyeliner look

In a mood to stun the gang? Go the cat eyeliner way! Often mistaken as a dramatic wing, the cat eyeliner enhances the inner corners of the eyes and the waterlines to mimic the feline fraternity! They are a smashing hit with people with small eyelids adding more depth to them.

Wrapping up

Surely, creating the awesome eyeliner makeup look isn’t as difficult as it looks once you know all about the different types of eyeliners! Make sure to pick only the best makeup products when you’re using them on sensitive areas of your face. Give your eyes the best makeup possible at affordable prices. Shun high-end names, opt for De’Lanci instead!

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