6 Best Eye Makeup Techniques For Every Eye Shape in 2023

What eye makeup does to your face is beyond captivating, and makes you look like a goddess. We can all agree that your entire appearance is immediately altered, just with the knowledge of how to choose eyeshadow color combinations. So, if you are ready to master flawless eye makeup techniques and do it by yourself, then you are at the right spot. Practicing and grasping and selecting the appropriate colors, is all you need to perfect the art of beautiful eye makeup. This blog will teach you how to add volume to your eyes through eye makeup techniques.

Table of Contents:

  1. Best Eye Makeup Techniques for Every Eye Shape
    1. Round Eyes
    2. Close-set Eyes
    3. Almond Eyes
    4. Wide-set Eyes
    5. Deep-set Eyes
    6. Protruding Eye
  2. Wrapping up on eye makeup techniques

    Best Eye Makeup Techniques for Every Eye Shape

    Just like your other body parts, your eyes come in a variety of forms, sizes, and hues. Women of various ethnicities may have similar eye shapes and colors, yet even within those similarities, each set of eyes is different from the other. That implies there will never be a one-size-fits-all strategy for applying eye makeup. You may have wide, almond-shaped eyes, but your friend has deep-set eyes. On her, glam looks good, but on you, it appears like stage makeup. You can do it with the help of real techniques of eye makeup brush set and some YouTube videos.

    eyes shape set

    So, let’s deep dive into these easy eye makeup techniques for different eye shapes.

    1. Round eyes

    Look at yourself in the mirror. You have "round" eyes if you can see any white around the top or bottom of your iris in this posture. Round eyes are wider and less tapering than almond eyes. Round eyes look great with a seductive smokey eye. The doe-eyed form might seem young, yet smokey shadows can lend some drama if desired. 

    Here, you can apply some of the smokey eye makeup techniques, as it will make you look more classy and bold.

    Eye makeup tips for round eyes:

    • The trick to round eye makeup is to balance neutrals and dark colors on different sections of the lid. 
    • Apply heavier eyeshadow to the outer corners of your eyes, followed by sparkly, neutral shades in the center. Your lids are large enough to accommodate many tones, and ending with an iridescent neutral will make your eye color stand out.
    • Apply a light-colored matte shadow on the whole lid, including the inner corners, then blend in a deeper shade to the outside corners.

    2. Close-set eyes

    Close-set eyes are separated by less than one eyeball width. You probably have close-set eyes if you stand a few feet away from a mirror and observe that there is less space between the inner corners of your eyes than there is between the outer corners of your eyes and your temples. Women with close-set eyes can be stunning. Many gorgeous Hollywood stars have close-set eyes, which we all find appealing.

    Eye makeup tips for close-set eyes:

    • The eyeshadow more applied in the corner crease flatters close-set eyes the most. The eyes truly stand out when a deeper shadow is applied to the outside corner and merges into the crease of the eye. 
    • Concentrate brighter hues on the inside of the eye and gradually transition to darker hues as you approach the corners on the outside. 
    • Another approach is to emphasize the outside rims of the eyes with mascara while adding more highlight or shine to the inner corner.

    These are some of the fulfillments and read more about some makeup tips for over 50 and beyond.

    3. Almond eyes

    A person with almond-shaped eyes has an iris that touches the bottom and top of the eyelid. The crease on their lids is noticeable, and the ends of their eyes taper at the tear duct and the outer tip. Almond eyes are broader and have thinner eyelids than other types.

    Because you can very much carry off any makeup look, almond eyes are considered the most desirable eye shape. Almond-shaped eyes are oval with a slightly raised outer corner.

    Eye makeup tips for almond eyes:

    • A gentle winged eyeliner may make your eyes appear longer. A thin liner might help you accomplish this look. Learn about different types of eyeliner looks here.
    • Apply the eyeliner to your upper lash line, paying special attention to the inside corners. Go for the De’Lanci La Catrina Liquid Glitter Eyeliner Pen set for an attractive look.
    • In addition, apply a dark eyeshadow (e.g., charcoal) on the outer corners of your eyes and a lighter color on the bottom waterline to make your eyes look larger.

    4. Wide-set eyes

    When the distance between a child's eyes is more than the width of the eye from corner to corner, they have wide-set eyes. Horizontally broad eyes are regarded as more beautiful. This is true for both men and women, as well as all facial shapes. The palpebral fissure length is the breadth of your eyes, and the longer it is, the more appealing your eyes become.

    Eye makeup tips for wide-set eyes:

    • Begin by defining your brows.
    • Apply a neutral shade to the eyelids, extending it just above the crease and just past the outer corner of the eye. 
    • Along the eyelid, use primary hues like light brown.
    • Apply a tiny color line underneath the eye using a thin brush; the color should match the color you used on the eyelid. 
    • Apply a deeper shade, such as dark brown, to the inner corner of the eyes and fade it outward. As a result of the focus is on the inner corner, the eyes appear small.

    By following real techniques of eye makeup brush set, you will be able to do the basics of eye makeup. Don’t worry, if you are an oval brush person, here are the techniques on how to use an oval brush set like a pro.

    5. Deep-set eyes


    As you can very much carry off any makeup look, deep-set eyes are also known to be sunken. We can also say that deep-set eyes are the exact opposite of protruding eyes. People with deep-set eyes typically have large brow bones. As a result, their eyeballs have become embedded in the skull. 

    Eye makeup tips for deep-set eyes:

    • Use color to draw attention to the pupil in the middle by highlighting behind the brow bone. Incorporate it into the crease color. 
    • To give the appearance of eyes that are closer together, apply a very dark color to the inner corner of each eye and extend it to the center.
    • Pink or beige shadow on the eyelid is perfect for deep-set eye makeup. This color can brighten the region while also dispersing any natural shadow generated by the prominent brow bone.
    • You must locate the precise location if you want to do this perfectly properly. You can feel where the bone stops and the eye slightly dips to locate it with your finger. Or you might see where the shadow on your eye forms in a room with rather a low illumination. 

    To enhance your Deep-set eyes pick the De’Lanci Mysterious Queen Eyeshadow Palette, it has every color you’ll ever need.

    6. Protruding eyes

    The top of the iris, the colorful portion of the eye, and the upper eyelid shouldn't typically be white. Most frequently, the presence of white in this region indicates that the eye is dilated.  Large, protruding eyes frequently draw more attention because people think they are more attractive.

    Eye makeup tips for protruding eyes:

    • One of the easiest ways to lessen the illusion of protrusion or general largeness of your eyes is to use the darkest colors in your makeup pallet. You can use smokey eye makeup techniques to give a dark and bold look.
    • Using matte colors instead of sparkly ones helps amp up the appearance, as it can boldly line both the upper and lower lash lines with ink and/or smeared liner. 
    • Flick the liner up at the outer corners to lift the eyes. If you want to draw attention to your huge eyes, use less liner and more light, neutral, or shimmering tones. 
    • A cut-crease might also draw attention to the roundness.

    These were some of the easy eye makeup techniques anyone can follow without much hassle.

    Wrapping up of eye makeup techniques 

    To sum up everything in a few words, applying eyeshadow as makeup is the only area where experimentation is more abundant. This is due to how dramatically different eye makeup may alter one's appearance. The best thing is that you can get these looks by applying these eye makeup techniques without being a professional. To perfect this look, check our guide on how to choose eyeshadow color combination. For more beauty blogs stay tuned and check more of our products at De’Lanci.

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