10 Awesome Concert Makeup Looks You Can Try to Stand Out!

Concerts and festivals are times when you get to express your inner self with the outer manifestation of your looks! Whether it’s your first show or the nth show that you’re going to rock with friends, it’s the special concert makeup looks that make the difference. The best concert makeup ideas are those that are light and fresh. Of course, there are no such things as too much color or too much glitter. What you need is waterproof makeup that will let you keep going as long as you can. Read on for the best concert makeup looks…

Table of Contents

  1. Mismatched eyeshadow look
  2. Changing color glitter
  3. Glitter/foil lips drama
  4. Brilliantly shaded eyeshadow
  5. Bold and edgy black eyes
  6. Pop concert makeup
  7. Rap concert makeup
  8. Electronic dance concert (EDM) makeup
  9. Rhinestones and sequins
  10. Minimalist natural looks

10 Awesome Concert Makeup Looks You Can Try

1. Mismatched eyeshadow look

Give yourself an eye-catching look with a colorfully mismatched eyeshadow makeover! It’s a sure and fail-proof way to stand out in any concert or festival with such beautifully blended color combination. 

  • Opt for a combination of soft yellow and violet shades on your eyes to create the most mesmerizing effect. 
  • Apply some flattering neon colors eyeshadow palette for a ravishing effect in the dark.
  • Follow it up with a bright red lipstick to glam up your look for any concert. 

2. Changing color glitter

You can never get enough of glitter when it comes to concert makeup looks! Glittery eyes are a sure way to electrify your concert makeup looks and attract all the attention you ever wanted. Get tips from our experts on how to apply glitter eye makeup.

Give your eyes multi-dimension looks with the changing color effect as you sway with the beats of your favorite concert!  

3. Glitter/foil lips drama

Festivals are times to create the most magical and what better way to do it than using sparkling metallic looks? 

  • Give your overall look an incredible makeover with the basic foundation and blush. 
  • Top it up with metallic or foil-look lips giving them the sheer festival makeup sheen.
  • Bring out the effortlessly glamorous look applying some unusual lip colors and giving it a glitter cover. 
  • You can apply glitters on your lips for an unconventional multi-colored lip effect and set the floor around you on fire!

With highlighted, super-sensational, and with multi-colored foil pout, it’s time for you to hit the center stage!

4. Brilliantly shaded eyeshadow

Emphatic eye makeup is among the best ways to create high-voltage concert makeup looks. Bright colors are always helpful in adding warmth and depth to the eyes. Let the drama unfold as you use some electrifying eyeshadow colors.

  • Pick unconventional colors like bright blue, and aquamarine shades from a versatile palette like 54-Color La Catrina Eyeshadow.
  • Blend them way up to the cut-crease from the lash line to create a high wing.
  • Highlight the lower lashes with the same color.
  • Give your makeup look a vivid look with the single-dimension makeup trend. 

Match the color of your eyeshadow with your outfit for that ultimate slaying effect.


5. Bold and edgy black eyes

When it’s time for a rock concert, your makeup needs to match the intense vibe of the scintillating ambiance! Go effortlessly glamorous with the bold black eye rock concert makeup.

  • Use an intense black eyeshadow and create a medium-length wing.
  • Blend the color up to the cut crease.
  • Add an internal wing at the inner corner to add to the drama.
  • Line the lower lashes with the same Zade black eyeshadow.
  • Top up the eyelids with a black glitter eyeshadow from De’Lanci’s Mermaid Glitter Palette.

You’re ready to rock the concert with this big makeup look at the venue!

6. Pop concert makeup

In love with pop concerts? We have just the look that will help you go with the right vibe every minute of the show!

  • Give your eyes that perfect pop of color to create a sunset look.
  • Start with a yellow-based color and blend it all the way up to the brow.
  • Pick a brighter shade of yellow and give the inner eyes a detailing with it.
  • Blend it with the rest of the shade to create the right gradient.
  • Use the base eyeshadow color to line the lower lash line.
  • Finish off with a generous coat of mascara.

The signature sunset look is going to be a sure hit with its faultless finish.

7. Rap concert makeup

It’s time to make a statement with your concert makeup looks at the next rap event. Set the tone right with the right color vibrancy using a monochromatic scheme.

  • Pick up a popular shade like burgundy for a magical finish to your looks.
  • Carefully outline the lips and fill them in with a burgundy lipstick.
  • Use a hint of the same shade of eyeshadow towards the outer corner of the eyes.
  • Finish off with a black eyeliner.
  • Create a long wing that helps give your eyes a majestic expression to the rap you hear.

Stay up the hours with your poised and flattering look.

8. Electronic dance concert (EDM) makeup 

Getting set to be part of the next EDM concert? Well, we have some showy concert makeup looks tips that will set you right into its mood!

  • It’s all about being bold and colorful. A good way of living up it up is opting for a golden look!
  • Pick up a good golden shade eyebrow color, and start tinting your eyebrows.
  • Move on to draw out a high wing above the cut-crease with the golden color.
  • Fill in the rest of the eyelid with the golden eyeshadow.
  • Smear the inner corner of the eyes with the same color, drawing a downward stroke.

Match it up with a nude glossed up lips and golden accessories to rock the night!

9. Rhinestones and sequins

How can you not shine with those sparkling rhinestones and sequins etched out on your face in chic designs? There is every color under the sun for you to choose to give yourself that eye-catching makeover for the next concert!

  • Give your face the natural base of the foundation and concealer so that the colorful stones and sequins justify their sheen.
  • Keep the lip color to a minimalistic nude or a natural pink.
  • Highlight the areas around the eyes with a design of your choice using colorful stones.
  • Interlace the space with bright sequins to don a killer look.

Bring out the faultless finish with an appropriate hairdo that keeps it all in place for the colors of the face to do their part.

10. Minimalist natural looks

A concert is a time to enjoy, and feel the ambiance the way you want to. If you’re not game for dramatic concert makeup looks, go minimalist, happily wearing a natural look. Give your face the basic cover of primer and foundation for the perfect base.

  • Use a concealer to cover any unwanted spots and circles.
  • Highlight the eyes with a single line of the colored wing using De’Lanci La Catrina Glitter Liquid Eyeliner color of your choice. Get help from our experts on how to apply eyeliner step-by-step
  • Coat the lashes with a volumizing mascara.
  • Brush up your eyebrows for a full and natural look.
  • Perfect the pout with a coat of natural lip color.

You’re all ready to make heads turn at the concert!

Wrapping it up

From funky to bold looks, there are so many makeup options inspired by different concert genres. We’ve compiled 10 electrifying concert makeup looks for you to enjoy your favorite show. Try out high-quality makeup products from De’Lanci to get just the look you want. Explore our range of super-pigmented, vegan, and cruelty-free range of products at unbelievable prices. 

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