Guide To Glitter Eye Make-Up: How To Apply, Top Products + Tips!

Glitter eye makeup has by far been the most glamorous looking, yet most tricky style of eye makeup. One needs to not only make sure that they have the art for it but also if the products they are using are of good quality. If you think trying glitter eye makeup is risky business you have come to the right place because this blog is here to give you the confidence to go for it, fearlessly. Explore the nick and nacks of this type of makeup with a step-by-step guide to applying classy yet fun glitter make-up. Let's first look at the best occasions to unleash your glittery side.

Best Occasions For Glitter Eye Makeup

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Diwali is right around the corner. There could not be a better time to try your first time with glitter eye makeup. Birthdays or anniversaries are also amazing times to experiment with some fun so you can be a part of the glitterati. Concerts are especially great because they really encapsulate the cheer of the occasion.

As you can see every occasion is the right occasion for glitter makeup but there are some that might not be. Maybe when going to a formal event or an academic endeavors it is best to avoid it. But hey, if you can pull it off then why not right?  

Top Glitter Makeup Colors (& Where You Can Get Them)

Glitter eye makeup can go really wrong if you are not using top quality products in the right colours. Here are some recommendations to get started. 

1. De’Lanci Pressed Glitter Eyeshadow Palette


De’Lanci Pressed Glitter Eyeshadow Palette
Consisting of 24 dazzling diamond glitter colors, this power palette has a deeply pigmented color that is made for long-lasting wear. It is tightly curated with sparkles and gives a gorgeous effect when applied. The product is made with high-quality ingredients which means the powder isn’t loose and is smudge-proof.

It has a smooth finish and texture which makes it a perfect addition to your glitter make-up collection.

2. De'Lanci Glitter Collection: Magical Palette & Glitter Palette

De'Lanci Glitter Collection Magical Palette & Glitter Palette

This combination of 2 eyeshadow palettes is a deal you cannot (and do not want to) refuse. The rich colours offer a diversity in colours which makes it a perfect choice for a day or night look. Firstly the more muted Magical Palette offers 14 colours, 7 of which have a diamond glitter texture. The other 7 are the matte versions of the same colour which can act as a perfect base for the colour or something that helps blend it.

The next one, the 24-colour Glitter Palette has bright and funky colours that could be used to elevate any look. This is a palette for serious glitter enthusiasts who enjoy the quality of international products and long-lasting wear.

3. De’Lanci New EyeShadow Fixer Liquid


De’Lanci New EyeShadow Fixer Liquid

This liquid does the magic for your glitter eye make-up. It is a clear liquid fixer that is used to mix the eye shadow into it for a creamy pigment. This color can then be used to spread evenly over the eye for a more controlled application.

Also, this liquid packs in the colors making them smudge-free and all-day lasting.

Now, are you excited to hear all about how to use these products? Scroll further to read on! 

How to Apply Glitter Eye Makeup: Step by step 

How to Apply Glitter Eye Makeup Step by step

Tip before starting: If you are doing a full face look, then start with the glitter eye make-up. This way, even if there is a little spillage of glitter around or under the eyes, it is easy to clean up.

Step 1: Apply A Light-Toned Shadow On The Lid of Your Eye

Step 1 Apply A Light-Toned Shadow On The Lid of Your Eye

For the best eye makeup, start with a light coloured simple eye shadow. There are plenty of options to choose from, like a nude tone or a light pink depending on your skin tone and the look you want to go with. If you want to go with a Smokey glitter look, go with a brown or grey base. If you are in the mood for something more fun choose a light pink or blue. 

Step 2: Dust Another Color Over Your Eye-Lid With A Flat Blush

Step 2 Dust Another Color Over Your Eye-Lid With A Flat Blush

Choose the Blushing Nude shade from De’Lanci. This eyeshadow can do wonders for your makeup in this step. Be sure to make it match to whatever you are blending it with thought, to make it glide in seamlessly. Take a flat brush and pick your glitter colour to gently and carefully spread it over the crease of your eye. The flat brush helps keep the pigment together without making the glitter lose.

Step 3 : Brush The Corner Of Your Eye With A Darker Color

Step 3  Brush The Corner Of Your Eye With A Darker Color

Indeed, this could be any shading you pick. On the off chance that you picked the unbiased shading plan, possibly do a hazier brown or even dark. You could attempt a naval force assuming you need a bright look. 

Step 4: Blend, Blend. Blend

Step 4 Blend, Blend. Blend

Blend the shading from the edge of your eye into the top tone, mellowing out the look. 

This is really simple! Simply ensure you mix enough to get the delicate look you need.

Step 5: Add GLITTER!

Step 5 Add Glitter


Whenever you're finished relaxing and completely mixing out the base however you would prefer, it's the ideal opportunity for GLITTER! In the event that is conceivable, prep the top with sparkle preliminary to guarantee it stays. You could likewise prepare with an exceptionally light spot of concealer over the base. 

Step 6: Add a light tone on top of the temple 

Step 6 Add a light tone on top of the temple

You could likewise utilize your helpful highlighter for this. If not, a white, cream, or light metallic will get the job done. For a more sensational look, touch a line of sparkle under your forehead to coordinate with the sparkle on your eyelid. You can go SO various ways with this look, it's absolutely dependent upon you and your own style. 

Step 7: Add your eyeliner as well as mascara. 

Step 7 Add your eyeliner as well as mascara

A cat-eye, or winged look truly glams into this look. 

This is a particularly significant stage! Possibly one can represent the deciding moment the look. Winged eyeliner sounds threatening however it isn't excessively hard in the event that you truly concentrate, or have a go at utilizing tape or a stencil to consummate a spotless wing. 

You could likewise go with mascara alone. It actually arranges the look yet emits a less complex, more laid back vibe. 

Step 8: More sparkle. 

Step 8 More sparkle.

Pick your beloved glittery liner and apply it under your eye, and in your wrinkles. On the off chance that you went with a winged liner, apply sparkle straightforwardly under.


Make a point not to go too off the deep end with the sparkle! Make it look tasteful and clean yet fun and vivid! In case you're more into the regular look, you could generally go for a dark glittery eyeliner. Assuming you need shading, anything is possible for you! There are countless tones to browse so pick astutely. 

We trust you love this glittery look. It can really be worn to any exceptional occasion with the right dress. It will truly give an exceptional fly to a basic dress – it could even replace shining gems! We couldn't want anything more than to perceive how spectacular you look with this new cosmetics routine.

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