The Ultimate Guide to Matte Eyeshadow Tutorial in 2023

Matte eyeshadow colors can do wonders for your looks when applied the right way! There are several factors that you need to take care of like choosing the right shade for the right time and place. The best part about matte eyeshadow colors is that you can wear them every day as part of your official look and to gala events. Just doing up a little more shading with the colors over your simple matte look can give you the diva-like look! Here’s the complete matte eyeshadow tutorial for you to work out any look you want!!!

Table of Content:

  1. Step-by-step process for matte eyeshadow tutorial
    1. Start with apt preparation
    2. Pick the shades for the best look
    3. Start with a brown base for simple everyday looks
    4. Color up towards the brow bone
    5. Smoke up for gala evening looks
    6. Lighten up the inner lid area
    7. Blend in the transition shade
    8. Whiten the waterline and lower lash area
    9. Finish off with filler, mascara, and liner
  2. List of products to create matte eyeshadow look
    1. DE’LANCI 9 Colors Leopard Nude Eyeshadow Palette
    2. DE’LANCI Take Me Away Nude Eyeshadow Palette
    3. 9 Colors Panda Black Grey Eyeshadow Palette
    4. DE’LANCI 15 Color Nude Bronzed Mocha Eyeshadow Makeup Palette
    5. DE’LANCI 12 Colors Pink Peach Eyeshadow Palette
    6. DE’LANCI Blending Makeup Brush Set
  3. Wrapping up

Step-by-step process for matte eyeshadow tutorial

Get the best out of your matte eyeshadow colors and see the transformation they can bring about to your looks. Follow all the steps of our expert matte eyeshadow tutorial and up your looks in minutes – for any occasion!!!

1. Start with apt preparation

Start with apt preparation

Skin preparation is the key to long-lasting and beautiful makeup! We will start the matte eyeshadow tutorial with a careful preparation of the skin around the eye. It involves a few steps all of which you must follow carefully to get the benefits of your makeup colors!!!

Steps to follow for apt skin preparation:

  • Start by carefully cleaning the skin of your face placing special attention to the area around the eyes.
  • Use a cleansing agent that complements your skin type – normal, oily, or dry skin so as not to deplete the skin of its natural ingredients.
  • Next in line is the application of a moisturizer. Opt Moisturizer as per your skin type to give it the right nourishment.
  • Move on to the application of a high-quality primer that will help smooth out unevenness around the eyes including fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Now, it’s time to apply De’lanci Concealer Palette all around the eyes to make the skin a smooth and bright canvas.

2. Pick the shades for the best look


the shades for the best look


Choosing the right color is a game-changer when it comes to eyeshadows! After all, you’re coloring up the part of the face that attracts maximum attention. While the wrong colors can make the face look dull, using the right shades will help enhance the overall appeal of your face. Here’s your complete matte eyeshadow tutorial guide on eyeshadow colors for skin tones and eye colors!!!

How to pick shades for the right look:

  • For light skin tones stick to shades of rose or pink, plum, green, taupe, and bronze matte look fabulous.
  • In case of medium skin tones, go with all neutral shades of grey, natural shades of brown, and of course bronze mattes.
  • Olive skin tones bear the naturally bronzed color, so you can opt for bright bronze shades for natural looks, or go with shades of emerald green for regal looks.
  • Dark skin tones look beautiful in all rich-colored shades like burgundy, or bright shades of red.
  • As per our matte eyeshadow brown eyes tutorial, brown and blue eyes complement neutrals, and warm earthly tones whereas green eyes complement shades of peach and mustard.

3. Start with a brown base for simple everyday looks


Start with a brown base


Well, moving on, we could also call this a matte brown eyeshadow tutorial in place of just a matte eyeshadow tutorial! The reason is pretty simple. Browns are natural shades that complement different skin tones to give off the nude color effect. With nude colors being the current trend and also befitting for daily looks, we move on to creating a base with them!!!

Step to create the brown base for everyday looks:

  • Seal the well-prepared skin around the eyes using a translucent/white powder so that you have the best canvas.
  • Make use of a fluffy eyeshadow brush to take the color from the palette, tap off the excess and then apply it on the lids.
  • Start by applying it at the center of the lid and then blend in all directions so that the color spreads evenly.
  • Apply significantly less color so that the color blends easily against your skin tone. reapply if you think you need a darker color on the lids for the evenings.
  • Blending is the key to is step as the base color should look natural against your skin tone.

4. Color up towards the brow bone

Color up towards the brow bone

Matte eyeshadow colors look brilliant when spread out against a larger canvas area. You’ve reached the stage in the matte eyeshadow tutorial where you’ll be expanding the base color for the best effect. As much as the color, using the right tools will go a long way in getting the looks right!!!

How to color up the brow bone:

  • Make use of a long-handled fluffy eyeshadow brush to blend the same color as that of the base shade.
  • This time, move above the cut crease and blend a lighter shade of the color across the skin.
  • Move up going right up to the brow bone area with quick circular motions of the brush.
  • Blend the color such that it looks like an extended lighter shade of the same matte color right up to the brow bones.

5. Smoke up for gala evening looks

Smoke up for gala evening looks

To continue with our matte eyeshadow tutorial, we now move on to the part that’ll help glamor up your looks with the matte finish! You can wear the normal matte look all day long and follow this step to up the look for the evenings. Alternatively, proceed from the base color to this step when dressing up for an elaborate look!!!

Steps to smoke up with matte eyeshadow for gala evening looks:

  • Take a color from DE’LANCI 9 Colors Leopard Nude Eyeshadow Palette that is at least 2 shades darker compared to the base color.
  • Use a fresh eyeshadow brush to take the color, tap off all excess, and then apply onto the lids.
  • Stick to the outer corner of the lids and apply it so as to blend it outwards to give the outer eye a darker look.
  • Make the blending as smooth as possible so that the smoky look plays out naturally.

6. Lighten up the inner lid area

Lighten up the inner lid area

The purpose of applying eyeshadow colors around the eye area is to bring out a play of light and dark shades! This makes the eyes visually interesting and thus more attractive. When applying darker colors at the outer edge, it is imperative to balance the look with light colors in the inner eye region!!!

Steps to lighten up the inner lid areas:

  • At this step of the matte eyeshadow tutorial, use a small eyeshadow brush to take an eyeshadow color that is lighter than the base shade color.
  • Apply it on the inner lids and blend it towards the center of the lids blending in a smooth transition.
  • Use a small eyeshadow brush for this color application as the area is small and needs careful maneuvering.
  • Alternatively, you can use your ring finger to dab the color to apply and blend if that’s what you’re comfortable with.

7. Blend in the transition shade

Blend in the transition shade

The main purpose of our matte eyeshadow tutorial is to show you how to bring out the seamless play of the matte colors for the best look! At this stage, we’ll be moving on to blend the initial colors to bring about the seamless transition of the shades on the eyelids!!!

How to blend in the transition shade:

  • Use the same brush you used for creating the base shade for this step of the tutorial.
  • Now, take the same shade that you used to create the base color of your matte eyeshadow looks.
  • Apply it at the center of the lids in between the dark outer smoky color and the light inner color.
  • Blend the color in both directions, but more towards the outer edge to create the seamless transition from light to dark shades.

8. Color lower lash area

Color lower lash area

Moving on with our matte eyeshadow tutorial we’ve now reached the professional look stage! This is where you further define the eyes using the base color among all your eyeshadows. It also helps balance out the play of colors on the upper lids bringing in the much-needed coordination!!!

Steps to color lower lash area:

  • Before you apply any color, it’s a good thing to color the inner part of your waterline with white color. this will make the eyes look large and bright.
  • Now, take the same eyeshadow brush you’ve used to blend in the base transition color on the upper eyelids.
  • Take minimal color from the all matte eyeshadow palette and apply along the lower lash line dabbing it gently.
  • Blend the color so that there is no harsh color line but a hint of the base color going along the lash line.
  • Make sure to limit the eyeshadow colors on both the upper lashes and lower ones till the end of the brows.

9. Finish off by framing, mascara, and liner

Finish off by framing

It’s the final stage of our matte eyeshadow tutorial when you’ll be completing the look by adding some highlights! Your eyebrows form the frame of your eyes and you’ve got to take care of them. The lashes need touch up too as they help add instant depth to your looks, and a touch of an eyeliner can glam you up instantly!!!

Step to finish the matte eyebrow look:

  • Start by defining the brows with a thin flat brush using a brown eyeshadow color.
  • Once the outline is in place, fill up only the sparse areas with the same dark brown color for fuller-looking eyebrows.
  • Move on to curl the lashes with a curler and follow it up using a volumizing mascara. you can do this for your everyday looks too.
  • Adding De’lanci Liquid Eyeliner set along the upper lashes will help further define the eyes and the overall look, wear it as per your makeup needs.

List of Products to Create Matte Eyeshadow Look

1. DE’LANCI 9 Colors Leopard Nude Eyeshadow Palette


DE’LANCI 9 Colors Leopard Nude Eyeshadow Palette


This amazing palette of mattes and shimmers along with the highlighting color makes it an ideal choice for your everyday looks! At the same time, the variations of the shades give you ample choices to spice up any matte look with dark and smoky combinations. Ideal to work up any combination of matte looks for any complexion, this is a must-have in your makeup booty!!!

2. DE’LANCI Take Me Away Nude Eyeshadow Palette


DE’LANCI Take Me Away Nude Eyeshadow Palette


Keeping up with its name, this stunning palette of 9 colors is yet another collection of multiple brown shades! The cream and silver highlighters let you up your matte glam quotient along with the golden shimmer. But above all, it’s the numerous shades of nude that you can work up that make this eyeshadow palette so irresistible!!!

3. 9 Colors Panda Black Grey Eyeshadow Palette

Perhaps the coolest collection of neutrals, this is one eyeshadow palette that you just can’t miss out from your collection. Get to work up as many neutral shades of grey with the combination of black, silver, or icy highlight! Mix and match the colors to get the shade for your skin tone and wear them for your makeup needs!!!

4. DE’LANCI 15 Color Nude Bronzed Mocha Eyeshadow Makeup Palette


DE’LANCI 15 Color Nude Bronzed Mocha Eyeshadow Makeup Palette


If you’re looking for the widest range of matte browns and nudes in a single palette, this is the eyeshadow palette for you! The dark grey-brown and the lighter cream shades in the collection let you combine and customize the colors you need. Added to them are the shimmers for other time looks!!!

5. DE’LANCI 12 Colors Pink Peach Eyeshadow Palette


DE’LANCI 12 Colors Pink Peach Eyeshadow Palette


For all you ladies wanting to wear shades of pink for your everyday look or glamorous style, here’s your pick! The stunning matte pinks along with the choice of highlighters let you mix them or apply them solo. Pick your shade or create them as per your skin tone and rock the show with these colors!!!

6. DE’LANCI Blending Makeup Brush Set


DE’LANCI Blending Makeup Brush Set


 An amazing selection of makeup brushes, this pack is just what you need for your complete eye makeup! You have all the shapes and sizes of brushes you need to shade, blend, or contour the colors around the eyes. Super-soft but strong synthetic bristles of the brushes make them long-lasting and worth every cent you spend!!!

Wrapping up

With the detailed matte eyeshadow tutorial, you will never be in a fix as to how to look your best! Explore the different choices of colors when it comes to creating matte eyeshadow looks from the wide selection of palettes by DE’LANCI. You can try the different shades of Delanci Rock London 12 Colors All Matte Eyeshadow Palette for some of the most trending looks!!!

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