10+ Halloween Eye Makeup Looks You Can Try Out in 2023

Well, the favorite time of the year is around with October, and an occasion to catch up with the spookiest Halloween eye makeup looks of the year 2023! From simple Halloween eye makeup to those that give real Goosebumps, our makeup experts have suggested 10+ trending ideas. So it’s time to junk those heavy and expensive Halloween costumes for these easy Halloween eye makeup ideas that will have chills going down!!!

Table of Content

  1. 10+ Halloween Eye Makeup Looks You Can Easily Copy
    1. The quintessential spider eyes
    2. The vampire eyes
    3. Halloween butterfly eyes
    4. Smoked out devil-cat-eyes
    5. Shimmering evil eyes
    6. Multi-colored ghostly eyes
    7. Half-blind devil-eyes
    8. Scary green Buffana eyes
    9. Spooky neon joker eyes
    10. Green devil-eyes
    11. Neon butterflies that scare
    12. Blood spluttered eye makeup
  2. Wrapping up

10+ Halloween Eye Makeup Looks You Can Easily Copy

As we start listing the best and most trending Halloween eye makeup looks, our expert couldn’t emphasize more on the cleaning routine before any makeup. So, take care to have dirt and oil-free face before you start applying any colors to it!!!

1. The quintessential spider eyes

One of the most popular and a freaking cool Halloween eye makeup looks of 2023 is the spider eye!

  • Start with a transparent eye primer on and around the eyelids for the best play of colors. Apply a bright bronze eyeshadow as the base color on the eyelids for the play of contrast in black; take the help of our expert and learn best eye makeup techniques for every eye shape. Make use of De’Lanci 36 Color Beauty Blooming Double Pages Eyeshadow Palette to get the look easily.
  • Start by outlining the upper and lower lash lines with thick black eyeliners; smudge out the lines especially at the outer end for a darkened and smoked look.
  • Now, it’s time to start working on the spidy web around the lower lashes by drawing short diagonal lines followed by dots; fill the space between the lines to form the web look; take care to draw 1 spider-like creepy creature at the outer end of the brow and in between the lines.
  • Follow it up by thickening the lashes with false lashes.
  • Define the brows by thickening and filling them up which will act as the perfect frame to the spider eyes.

Complement the look with bronzed and highlighted cheeks and black lip color that accentuates the spookiness of your appearance!!!

2. The vampire eyes

Freak the life out of people around you with this simple, super-easy but scary Halloween eye makeup looks this 2023! To perfect the look you need to start with the blood-drained white look of the vampire using Black White Face Paint Body Painting kit by De’Lanci once you’ve applied primer and concealer.

  • Once done, it’s time to start with the eye makeup by drawing the outline from the end of the eye and around going beyond the cut crease.
  • Now, fill in the center of the upper eyelid with #09 Nebula (Pink-Green-Gold) De’Lanci Multichrome Chameleon Liquid Eyeshadow and blend well; let our experts guide you on how to apply liquid eyeshadow for beginners.
  • The multi-color effect of pink, green, and gold should play out seamlessly with the varying angles of light.
  • It’s time to add to the spookiness by drawing out a few diagonal and thin lines with the same color below the lower lash area using a brush.
  • Dot the end of each of the lines with a white rhinestone to give the element of sparkle to the white blood-thirsting vampire.
  • Apply a coat of a light pink blush to the cheeks and end of the brows to accentuate the eyes; take care to de-emphasize the brows.

Go bloody with this eye makeup for Halloween by filling in the lips with the blood-red shade of De’Lanci Multicolor Aesthetics Matte Lipstick; use the palette gloss to give the lips a super-bloody appeal!!!

3. Halloween butterfly eyes

Even the most beautiful elements from nature can turn most daunting when you use them as finely done-up Halloween eye makeup looks! This one is a riot of soft colors that can turn scary when put together and let’s see how!!!

  • Once done with the primer, use a foundation that is a couple of shades lighter to your normal skin tone to get that blood-washed whitish face.
  • Start the eye makeup by applying a light coral shade at the center and blend it outwards and along the lower outer edge too.
  • Give the inner eyes area a coat of golden yellow glimmer eyeshadow blending it seamlessly with the central shade.
  • It’s time to start working on the butterfly wings using your eyeliner and drawing the graphic lines; start with the upper line just above the cut crease and then move on to the lower lash line area completing with the starts beneath them.
  • Place yellow rhinestones at the end of the graphic lines both on the upper and lower sides to give the butterfly effect.
  • Use extra lashes to add volume to the flutter of the butterfly look; make use of a green lens to bring out the vividly scary look of your eyes.

Complete the look by applying the golden yellow shimmer on the nose and the Cupid of the lips; coat the lips with a lighter shade of red and gloss it up for the shimmering ghostly look!!!

4. Smoked out devil-cat-eyes

Wear the minimal look that complements this devilish cat eye makeup for Halloween! This is one Halloween eye makeup looks that is truly scary that uses black with natural earthy colors to whip up a terrifying devil look for the 2023 season!!!

  • To play out the shades of the devil, start with the primer and foundation that matches your natural skin tone; now apply the light brown eyeshadow from De’Lanci Nude Smoky Eyeshadow Palette on the upper eyelids as the base color.
  • Take care to draw the cateyes by closing the upper and lower lash lines at the inner corner; get a guide to the best eyeliner colors for dark skin from the De’Lanci experts.
  • Next, start doing up the devil’s cat eyes by drawing a thick outline around the upper and lower lash lines with black eyeshadow; smudge out the outer edges for the perfect smoked look of the cat eyes.
  • Add a coat of the light brown eyeshadow from the palette just beneath the smudged black layer to accentuate the look.
  • It’s time to start giving the highlighting effect to bring out the shades of the devil with the perfectly blended coat of shimmer using #02 Cream Multi-Functional Highlighter Stick; use the shimmer highlighter along the brow bones too to bring out the effect of the black devil’s eyes.
  • Frame it by shaping and filling in thick brows that frame those menacing devilish looks.

Complete the rest of the look with a bronzing contouring effect on the cheek with the easy-to-use Double-ended Contouring Stick on the cheeks. Highlight the cheekbones and nose and fill the lips with a natural shade of lip colors. Do up the hair to form 2 horns of the devil and see how you spooky out everyone during Halloween 2023!!!

5. Shimmering evil eyes

The devil sure knows how to scare colors that you can whip up with one of those shimmering Halloween eye makeup looks! This is for those of you that want to wear the scary eyes-only look with a great impact using #04 from De’Lanci 6 Colors Cosmetics Chameleon Flakes Eyeshadow for Choice!!!

  • Take care to apply primer on the face and around the eyes for the colors to play out well.
  • Start the eye makeup using the lightest blue shade from De’Lanci Luminous Party New 35 Color Eyeshadow UV Glow.
  • Apply it to the upper lids till the cut crease and below the lower lash line blending it seamlessly to circle the eyes in blue.
  • Take the golden Chameleon Flake color with your fingertip, apply and blend above the cut crease till the brow bone.
  • Place a dash of the shimmer at the center of the lower lash line to accentuate the look.
  • Give the lashes a generous coat of mascara to highlight the eyes.

Bring out the super-scary look by coating your fingertips with the shimmering gold color for that unearthly look while keeping the rest of the face naturally tinted. Halloween ghosts couldn’t look scarier enough!!!

6. Multi-colored ghostly eyes

Get down to being a multi-colored ghost that runs amuck the people in frightening ways that only ghosts can! Though intricate looking, it’s among the easy Halloween eye makeup looks once you have the right palette of eyeshadow colors. We suggest the use of De’Lanci 54 Color La Catarina Eyeshadow palette for this Halloween 2023 eye makeup look!!!

  • Once you have the eye primer application done right, give both the upper and lower lash lines a thick coat of black eyeliner.
  • Start taking the eyeshadow colors from the palette in the rainbow shades starting from light magenta for the inner eyes to yellow and dark blue towards the outer eyes; keep blending them outwards and upwards for a seamless flow of colors.
  • Now give the eyes a definite shape using a silver shimmer that starts from the inner eyes and follows the cut crease and shapes upwards and outwards to the brows; let our experts tell you about the best silver glitter eyeshadow looks for different occasions.
  • Frame the shimmer in a smudged black outline just beneath the brow, and follow up the outer eye rainbow streaks ending with a black border that again spreads a hue of the earthen yellow spell.
  • Give the lower lash line a coat of a pink shadow with a shimmer color at the inner edge, and coat the lashes thick with mascara or with extra lashes giving the volumized look.

Finish off the look with slightly tinted cheeks, highlighted cheekbones, and nose, and a coat of nude lipstick. Wear a black outfit with white hair to scare anyone you meet during Halloween 2023!!!

7. Half-blind devil-eyes

Time to grab a colorful eye makeup palette to wear this creepy yet cool Halloween eye makeup looks! Match it up with a simple outfit to scare the wits out of everyone who turns to you with this jaw-dropping eye makeup supported by a face makeover too!!!

  • Of course, no telling that you’ve got to get the basic canvas of the face perfected with primer, foundation, and concealer to let the colors do their talking.
  • Start the eye makeup by setting the base eyeshadow color of white around the upper eyelashes, inner corner, and inner lower edge.
  • Move on to apply the next layer of colors above the cut crease which is a combination of blue, green, and yellow from the inner to the outer corner; blending is the key to achieving the smoothly colored devil’s eyes, so do that well.
  • Shape the outer edge of the eyes with a coral color, and place 3 dots beneath,and draw out the devil’s 2-edged sword on 1 eye just above the brow and beneath the lower lashes. Cover the eyeball with a translucent blue lens for the half-blinded look.
  • Use extra lashes to add depth to the looks and cover; shape, and fill in the eye brows with a dark pink eyeshadow color arching it well.

You can choose to opt for the stitched mouth makeup or just fill in the lips with uncanny violet color, and white hair for the complete devilish look!!!

8. Scary green Buffana eyes

Think of a ghostly figure with eyes in purple and green with the Buffini image embedded in it!!! You’re sure to spook out anyone with them this Halloween with the glittery sinister-looking Halloween eye makeup looks!!!

  • Prepare the eyelids with a pinkish-violet base color that is lighter at the center and darker on the outer and inner ends.
  • Get your hands on a Buffana imagery stencil and trace out the character with black eyeshadow or body paint color; now move on to the area above the cut crease and shade it with a purple eyeshadow blending it outwards till the brow.
  • Take the same eyeshadow color from the outer edge of the eye to the lower lash region to form a hooked pattern blending it inwards and upwards.
  • Take a green color and trace out the waterline with it and also the cut crease letting green blood oozing out of it; do the same to the lower lash pattern.
  • It’s time to complete the glittery look by tracing green glitter patterns around the eyes along with stars. Place a large, a medium, and a couple of small green rhinestones to the inner corner of the eyes; use green, blue, and white rhinestones for the outer eyes region.
  • Take care to use mascara on the lashes, and shape and fill the brows for the complete eye makeup for Halloween 2023.

Pair up the look with violet lips, and a plain white flowing costume that will make everyone looking at you want to shriek with fear!!!

9. Spooky neon joker eyes

All you neon-color lovers, we’ve got just the makeover with the best Halloween eye makeup looks of 2023! Colorful, glowing-in-the-dark, and scary, it is among the hot favorites that is sure make you a haunting character at any Halloween event this year!!!

  • Coat the upper lash line with a thick coat of eyeliner.
  • Use 2 different neon colors from De’Lanci 24 Color UV Blacklight Aurora Glow Neon Eyeshadow Palette Glow in the Dark to cover the eyelids till the brows; use blue and pink for a bright combination.
  • Shape out the brows thick and draw triangles on them with your black eyeliner, and fill in the triangles with yellow complementing pink and green complementing blue.
  • Color up the apple of the cheeks till the lower lash lines with blue and coral neon colors beneath the yellow and green triangles respectively.
  • Now, draw out black tears of blood from both eyes till the end of the cheekbones.

Rainbow shade the tip of the nose and the forehead area; extend the Joker lips and fill them in with violet gradient color and glitter at the center. Color your hair violet and tie it up partly letting the rest hang loose around the face for that menacing Joker look for Halloween!!!

10. Green devil-eyes

Halloween eye makeup looks got scarier with the devil wearing out its heart out in green this year! Think of the fiend and the colors that you conjure up among others are definite black and green. So we’ve got just the eye makeup for you to carry that frightful look around!!!

  • Start by lining the upper and lower lash lines with a dark black eyeliner; move on to use the matte green eyeshadow from the Avocado Green Eyeshadow Palette for the base color of the eyelids. Paint the center of the lids the shimmering green to accentuate the eyes.
  • Draw out a white line from the inner corner of the eyes to the center of the eyelid on the cut crease for added definition, and add a mixture of green and yellow to the inner corners and blend.
  • Line the lower lash line with the matte green of the upper eyelids.
  • Wear thick false lashes that deepen the setting of the eyes.
  • Accentuate the brows to frame the look with a sinister green aura.

Complete the look by outlining the lips dark green and filling the center with a tint of yellow for a gradient look to the devil’s pout that complements black hair left open around the face!!!

11. Neon butterflies that scare

Pretty things can become horribly scary when they are given the right dose of color in the oddest combinations! This is just what we have for you as part of the collection of Halloween eye makeup looks 2023. Colorful yet dark and sinister, you’ll surely make some hearts jump up with your eyes!!!

  • Use a foundation that has glowing particles in it to give your face that overall shimmery look taking care to use a shade darker than your normal skin tone to accentuate the overall look. Start your eye makeup by giving the upper and lower eyelashes a coat of eyeliner each.
  • Now, it’s time to start graphically outlining the butterfly wings on the eyes by starting from the inner corner and extending slightly beyond the brows.
  • Get more ideas about graphic eyeliner looks and how to create them for other occasions with this easy guide.
  • Begin filling in the wings with neon colors green, pink, blue, and pink – inner eyes to outer eyes blending each part with a small brush;
  • Embellish the butterfly with small white rhinestones along the graphic lines and beneath the lower lash line.
  • Shape out the brows prominently and arch them well to frame the viciously colorful butterfly.

Complete the look with a highlighter on the brow bones, nose, and cheekbones just above the bronzed area. Give the lips a dark outline filling in the center with a nude color topped with the highlighter for the devil to spew venom!!!

12. Blood spluttered eye makeup

This is part of the blue and red-themed Halloween eye makeup looks that is popular across ages! You can opt to wear the eye makeup alone or draw out the complete face for the typical scary Halloween makeup looks!!!

  • For eyes only look, you can skip the white face paint and start with the eyeshadow color, or else outline the face with the white face color to build the look on it.
  • Colors the areas around the lash line with a matte blue and extend the color like you would for a winged-eye look.
  • Circle the blue with a pinkish-red shade blending it with the blue for a seamless transition.
  • Take the blue color and accentuate a smudged line from the inner eyes to beyond the brows like protruding horns.
  • Now work on the upper eyelashes and thicken them and for the lower lashes alternate blue and black for the weird devilish look.
  • Paint the tip of the nose and lips with the same pinkish red of the eyeshadow color smudging the lip color for the blood-sucking look.

In case you wish to wear the complete face of the devil, continue to paint the outline with blue and pink along with bubbles on the outer edge. Pair it up with dyed white hair using De’Lanci Special Effects Stage Halloween Makeup Set-B, and a loose black outfit and scare the hell out of people on Halloween 2023!!!

Wrapping up

Whether you want to concentrate on the scary Halloween eye makeup looks or sport the complete face makeup, our experts have given you 10+ popular and trending suggestions for 2023. Don’t forget to grab your makeup kits for the occasion from the De’Lanci collection of premium makeup products and makeup brushes!!!

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