An Ultimate Guide to Nose Contouring Makeup

Willing to give your nose a shape like the Kim K? Well, welcome to the tutorial on nose contouring makeup. There are many viral TikTok and social media hacks that are trending for the contouring hack. The nose contour is something that defines your face well and gives a boost to your confidence. Well, I will be honest, pick the De’Lanci Multifunctional contour makeup stick to get the contouring done right. However, will getting the product will do? No, read this article and understand how to do nose contouring perfectly.

Table of contents:

  1. What is Nose Contouring?
  2. How to contour your nose?
    1. Step 1: Draw two lines on the side
    2. Step 2: Apply highlighter on the bridge of the nose
    3. Step 3: Blend away harsh lines
    4. Tips for nose contouring
  3. Wrapping up

What is Nose Contouring?

For understanding nose contouring, you need to understand the contouring first. Contouring is a makeup process to make your face look more sculpted and defined. You can use contouring to do so, if you don’t have one you can also pick a dark shade of foundation, concealer, bronzer, or even eyeshadow. You do contouring in places where no direct light hits your face, unlike the highlighter.

Nose contouring means sculpting your nose perfectly to make it look more appealing. Always remember, contouring and highlighter go hand in hand to make your face look more natural. Add highlighter and contour stick to your basic makeup kit and enjoy the perks of having a defined face all the time.

How to contour your nose?

Now, without wasting any time, let’s move ahead and learn how to do nose contouring makeup. The ideal time to do contouring is after applying foundation and concealer. However, the makeup for nose contouring now can be changed as per your preference. We have seen many makeup artists do the contouring before applying the foundation as well. So, it is totally up to you!

FYI: Just like nose contouring makeup, there are different highlighter makeup trends as well.

Step 1: Draw two lines on the side

The first step while contouring the nose is to draw two lines on the side of the nose bridge. Start from the inner brow bone and take it forward till the tip of the nostrils. You can draw the lines as per the shape you want your nose to look.

  • For a thinner nose: Draw contouring lines on the sides of the bridge till the start of the nostril.
  • For a shorter nose: Apply contour on the curved line between your nose.
  • For the shorter & thinner nose: Apply contour on the curved line between your nose as well as the sides of your nostrils.
  • For a longer nose: Start the contouring line from the inner brow bone area, just below the eyebrows.

Step 2: Apply highlighter on the bridge of the nose

The next step is to apply a highlighter to the bridge of the nose. No matter what nose look you want highlighting is necessary to maintain the balance and make your nose contouring makeup look more natural. Don’t worry about how to highlight the dark skin, we’ve covered that for you. Everyone has a different nose, so for highlighting always keep in mind that you should always highlight the high points – the same goes with the nose highlighting too!

Step 3: Blend away harsh lines

The last step of nose contouring makeup is blending. Blending is a technique, which is very essential when you are applying makeup, be it for eyeshadow, blusher, or contour. Make sure to use a sponge or the right makeup brush to blend the product properly. Here’s a guide on how to use makeup brushes to blend away the harsh lines of makeup and look natural.

Tips for Nose Contouring

We always make mistakes while doing makeup, here are a few extra tips and tricks on doing nose contouring properly. Meanwhile, you can also check out the article on makeup mistakes to avoid a flawless look.

  1. You must always prep your base perfectly, then only move ahead with the nose contouring.
  2. Know your nose shape before you decide to do the nose contouring.
  3. Don’t take up too much product at once, keep it slow and build up gradually as needed.
  4. Blend, blend, and blend. Without the knowledge of how to blend makeup properly, everything is a waste. You don’t want harsh lines visible on your face and look artificial.
  5. Apply a lighter shade of the concealer on either side of the nose for the snatched and highlighting look.
  6. You can transfer the attention from your face to your hair. Get the highlights done and go for different hairstyles

Wrapping up

With this, I would like to put an end to the tutorial on nose contouring makeup. Now, you know how to contour your nose and make your face look defined and sculpted. You can either pick the powdered contour or the cream contour makeup stick. The contour makeup stick will make the work easier and give you exact results. For more articles on how to do makeup effectively and more tips and tricks, stay tuned to De’Lanci. Check out De’Lanci to know more about our makeup products and current offers.

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