[Must Try] 5 Stunning Eye Makeup Looks for this Diwali

In more ways than one, Diwali 2021 is going to be different. Unfortunately it does not mean people start thinking green and stop bursting crackers. How we wish that would be true! However, while we are no longer locked at home and going out and about - there is still going to be more namaste on than the usual hugging we are used to this festive season. While experts say that the virus is at bay, we are still practicing all necessary precautions and this means masks that may potentially ruin your makeup look. But we are here to make you look on the positive side that you are at least celebrating with family. And to make sure that even in your mask, you look amazing with 5 stunning eye makeup looks for this Diwali.

Why you must do eye makeup in Diwali?

Why you must do eye makeup on Diwali

Eyes are the only workable canvas to display a flash of creativity since the mask covers the other half of the face. Looking at the bright side: At Least it saves you the task of contouring your jawline so no one questions your choice of sweets. So, we are plenty of different styles you can try out for your eye makeup so you can rock every party, pooja and play! 

Eye Makeup Looks you must try in this Diwali

We uncovered some exceptionally dazzling and diverse eye makeup looks so you could take them for your Diwali look. Regardless of whether you need some lively eye makeup to go with your particular facial covering or keep things basic and complex with simply a stroke of kajal on the edges of your eyes, the following are five merry eye makeup looks for everybody.

1. Natural Eye Makeup For Diwali

natural eye makeup for Diwali

For eye shadow, warm neutrals look complimenting on everybody and are suitable to wear. Nothing excessively matte or excessively shimmery or cold—natural-looking finishes and textures. A fundamental regular eye look includes three shadows: light, medium, and dim nonpartisan shades (in a matte or level completion), which are all designed for your complexion. You might have the option to track down your three wonderful eye shadow conceals in one natural eyeshadow range.

For this you can choose De'lanci 15 Color Nude Eyeshadow Makeup Palette that has 15 bright pigment rich naked colors, serious staying power and bendability. Enhance your natural features with velvety-smooth, ultra-pigmented powdered shadows.

De'lanci 15 Color Nude Eyeshadow Makeup Palette

2. Glitter Eye Makeup For Diwali

Glitter Eye Makeup in Diwali

Diwali is right around the corner. There could not be a better time to try your first time with glitter eye makeup. Birthdays or anniversaries are also amazing times to experiment with some fun so you can be a part of the glitterati. Concerts are especially great because they really encapsulate the cheer of the occasion. Here you can know how to do Glitter Eye Make-Up.

For this, the best pick is De’lanci Pressed Glitter Eyeshadow Palette Consisting of 24 dazzling diamond glitter colors, this power palette has a deeply pigmented color that is made for long-lasting wear. It is tightly curated with sparkles and gives a gorgeous effect when applied. The product is made with high-quality ingredients which means the powder isn’t loose and is smudge-proof.

De’lanci Pressed Glitter Eyeshadow Palette

3. Cat-eye Makeup For Diwali

Cat-eye Makeup For Diwali

Cat-eye makeup is an exemplary eye look that can be difficult to get right. What makes eye makeup interesting is that your application and arrangement might change contingent upon your eye shape, so figuring out how to work with what you have is critical. Cat eyeliner, specifically, is famously troublesome: That's the reason winged eyeliner stamps and stencils exist. Yet, furnished with your cherished gel eyeliner and brush, eyeliner pencil, or waterproof liquid eyeliner, you can make a custom eyeliner look that upgrades your regular eye shape. Simply make sure to keep cosmetics remover and q-tips close by to tidy up any errors that might occur while heading to the ideal cat eye.

4. Gradient Eye Makeup

Gradient Eye Makeup

A gradient eye makeup look can make you the next talk of the party this Diwali.
Start by applying a touch of concealer and setting the foundation of your eyelids so the eyeshadow or sparkle can be set and doesn't move. Then, take the eyeshadow wipe that accompanies most units and load it with three distinctly differentiating various shadings, so they stick out. Load it with three distinctive eye shadow wipes on your eyelids. Then, at that point, take your mixing brush and apply with delicate tension. Then, at that point, take a similar eyeshadow and mix it on your lower lash line so the whole look meets up. Apply a layer of mascara to finish the look. Keep your eyebrows delicate in light of the fact that you need the makeup to represent itself with no issue.

Try this look in as many colors as you want! Explore the collection at De’lanci, here is a favorite: De'lanci Glitter Collection: Magical Palette & Glitter Palette

De'Lanci Glitter Collection Magical Palette & Glitter Palette

This combination of 2 eyeshadow palettes is a deal you cannot (and do not want to) refuse. The rich colors offer a diversity in colors which makes it a perfect choice for a day or night look. Firstly the more muted Magical Palette offers 14 colors, 7 of which have a diamond glitter texture. The other 7 are the matte versions of the same color which can act as a perfect base for the color or something that helps blend it.

5. Smoky Eye Makeup for Diwali

Smoky Eye Makeup for Diwali

All Smokey eyes should be the insubordinate, rock 'n' roll option in contrast to fastidiously slick cosmetics. In any case, there's a fragile equilibrium to be struck between looking "provocatively tousled" and outright, WTF. So it's quite reasonable that more than 41 million of us have written "how to do a Smokey eye?" on Google. 

First of all, what makes a Smokey eye? Adequately, it's a mixed or diffused eyeshadow as opposed to one square shading which a) adds a sense of dimension and b) looks absolutely hot. You can utilize one shade and smoke it out at the edges, yet, as a rule, you'll develop layers with various shades and surfaces.

Smokey eyes are such a funky look to try out which especially looks great with the right colors and pigments. De'lanci Cream Eyeshadow Palette offers just that. The palette has a combination of light and dark colors that blend in so smoothly with one another that it makes even an armature look professional! 

De'lanci Cream Eyeshadow Palette for Diwali


So now you have a plethora of looks to choose from this Diwali. Which one is your favorite that you can’t WAIT to try? Comment below and let us know! Also, make sure to check our recent tips and tricks on how to do an eye makeup. It has step by step tutorial with some must have makeup products.

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