Makeup Practice Mask Face Board
Makeup Practice Mask Face Board
Makeup Practice Mask Face Board
Makeup Practice Mask Face Board
Makeup Practice Mask Face Board

Makeup Practice Mask Face Board

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Show off the perfect makeup look you ever wanted to wear and be the perfect beauty all the time! Get the right touch of makeup and stand out in the crowd without a flaw with your practiced makeup skills. DE’LANCI makeup face practice board is just what you need for it all. Apply and blend your skin preparation items, blush and contour, shape the brows, or master intricate eyeshadow looks. Keep doing your makeup practice again and again for newer looks till you achieve perfect on the reusable makeup face practice board!

Package Dimensions: 7.99 x 4.57 x 1.26 inches.
Weight: 150g.

Benefits and Advantages of using DE’LANCI Makeup Face Practice Board

  • Perfect for all types of face makeup practice: No matter how much your makeup skill, even for beginners, you could practice it with eyeshadows, eyebrows, false lash, lash extensions, eyebrows tattoos, and contour nose.
  • Made for several reuses: Made of stainless, odorless, yellow-free soft silicone rubber, the makeup practice board model can be reused more than millions of times.
  • Durable material: With a skin-like look, this makeup practice board is resistant to all types of product application or rubbing.
  • Very easy to clean: The silicon makeup practice board can be cleaned as new with the swipe of your regular cleaning oil or makeup removal oil.
  • Easy to carry: Convenient to store and carry, it comes in a big storage bag, perfect to take it away anywhere; the size is the perfect size for holding it in your hands.

How to use DE’LANCI Makeup Face Practice Board

Step 1: Clean the board with your regular makeup remover so that you get the same effect as that of clean skin.

Step 2: Now, apply a layer of translucent loose powder on DE’LANCI makeup face practice board and dust it for even dispersal.

Step 3: Apply the eyeshadow colors, blush, contour, and other makeup products on the practice board and blend as if on the face.

Step 4: In case you feel you have not got the right effect, you can always start again on a particular area or erase it all and reapply.

Step 5: Clean your makeup practice board once you’ve finished working with it using your face cleanser and store it in the bag that comes with it.

Pro Tips to use DE’LANCI Makeup Face Practice Board

  1. Make sure that you clean the board off any dirt or grime before you use it to practice your makeup.
  2. Take care to remove all traces of makeup from it after you finish your makeup to increase its longevity.
  3. Store the durable silicon face practice board in the bag after use so that it does not become brittle.
  4. Take care to use the same tools that you will be using on your face as the practice board is an exact replica of the facial skin.
  5. Use the board to practice every time you want to apply glitter makeup products so that you have a steady output.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the DE’LANCI makeup face practice board made of?

The makeup practice board is made out of silicone that has a human skin-like appearance and gives the same makeup results!

2. How durable is the DE’LANCI makeup face practice board?

Silicone is a durable material and you can use this board for numerous times to practice applying makeup, clean, and reuse again!

3. Will I get to see the same effect as on the face when using this practice board?

Yes. The DE’LANCI makeup face practice board is very much skin-like in both appearance and color and gives the same effect of makeup as on human skin!