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soft makeup toothbrush set
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soft oval toothbrush makeup brush set
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DE'LANCI Multipurpose Soft Toothbrush Set

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De’Lanci’s 8 piece oval toothbrush makeup brush set features high-quality uniquely shaped brushes for the perfect makeup. Built to fit the contours of your face effortlessly, each piece of the oval makeup brush set is crafted to blend powder, cream, and liquid-based products for a flawless look. Their ergonomically designed handles ensure comfort and precise application of products. A perfect set for beginners and professionals, the set of best toothbrush makeup brushes is easy to carry too. Ideal for foundation, eyeshadow, concealer, lip, and eyebrow products, the soft bristles bring out the best color payoff.

Eyebrow brush Color: Gold + Black
Bristles material: Synthetic hair, nylon
Handle material: Plastic
Model number: 3100231 Oval
Type: Kit/Set

Benefits and Features of De’Lanci 8-Piece Oval Makeup Brush Set

  • Full face makeup brush set: A complete set of 8 oval-shaped brushes to meet the blending needs of every part of your face.
  • Ergonomic: Every brush of the oval toothbrush makeup brush set is designed to give you a comfortable grip for smear and smudge-free product application.
  • Unique design for seamless application: The brushes come with a circular design that has densely packed soft bristles ensuring seamless application.
  • Easy loading and application: Every brush is capable of loading the makeup product and distributing it evenly for that streak-free smooth makeup finish.
  • Cruelty-free: The brushes are made out of 100% cruelty-free synthetic bristles, that is, nylon hair that is soft on the skin and smooth in product spreading.

How to use De’Lanci Luxury 8-Piece Oval Toothbrush Makeup Brush Set

The best toothbrush makeup brushes come in all different sizes letting you apply everything right from foundation and concealer to eyeshadow and lipstick.

  1. These oval makeup brushes do not absorb liquid products like most other brushes; the key to using them is to remember that less is more.
  2. Take the product on your finger and apply them to the face and blend them out with the oval brush of the right size.
  3. Alternately, dip them in the product but make sure to dust off all extra before direct application on the face.
  4. Avoid using pressure when working with your oval makeup brush set; only light brushing will buff out the colors evenly.
  5. Move the brushes in soft and smooth circular motions for a seamless blending.
  6. Clean your oval brushes regularly as there can be product buildup in them due to their thick dense bristles.

Pro Tips for Using the Fluffy Makeup Brush Set

  1. Oval brushes are great when applying full coverage or dense products since they absorb very less and blend out product better.
  2. Blend your makeup like foundation and concealer with the oval brush when in a hurry as they do the work smoothly without absorbing much product.
  3. If you happen to over-apply a product, use an oval brush to blend and smooth it out.
  4. Stick to oval brushes only when working with delicate and sensitive skin types as these are extra soft on the skin.
  5. Use an oval brush to do the work of your regular makeup sponge.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is so special about the De’Lanci oval makeup brush set?

The ergonomically designed De’Lanci oval makeup brush set gives you a firm grasp to let you move them on the face. It is good to use for everyday makeup when you are in a hurry and need quick product blending. They have dense soft bristles that do not absorb the product but spread evenly quickly.

2. Is the De’Lanci 8-piece oval toothbrush makeup brush set made of natural hair?

No, we are a completely cruelty-free company and all De’Lanci products are vegan or contain synthetic ingredients. All brushes of the set are packed densely with synthetic or nylon hair that is soft on the skin. They also have better product spreading ability and no hair fall during product application.

3. How do I take care of the De’Lanci 8-Piece oval makeup brush set?

Ensure to clean your oval brushes regularly with mild soap water or shampoo water. The thick density of the bristles can lead to product buildup if not cleaned regularly. Lay them out with the bristles down on a piece of cloth or towel after washing to let the water drip and dry them off.