DE'LANCI Rainbow Multichrome Eyeshadow
DE'LANCI Rainbow Multichrome Eyeshadow
DE'LANCI Rainbow Multichrome Eyeshadow
DE'LANCI Rainbow Multichrome Eyeshadow
DE'LANCI Rainbow Multichrome Eyeshadow
DE'LANCI Rainbow Multichrome Eyeshadow
DE'LANCI Rainbow Multichrome Eyeshadow

DE'LANCI Rainbow Multichrome Eyeshadow

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Give your eyes the most fascinating makeover with the multi-color, color-changing hues of DE’LANCI Rainbow Multichrome Eyeshadow! Truly reflecting the hues of the rainbow, this eyeshadow color is a sure way to sparkle your looks for any event. The glittering particles of this ultra-shimmering powder bring about a 3-dimensional display of its colors with angles of light. This rare find of an eyeshadow color is also good to use as a highlighter for your inner corners, brow bones, and cheekbones!!!

Type: Rainbow Chameleon Eyeshadow;
Skin Type: All skin types;

Package: Diamond shape;
Package Size: 1.77.1*1.77*0.51inch;
Net Weight: 1.5g

Package: Round shape
Package Size: 2.1*2.1*0.7 inch;
Net Weight: 2.8g

Benefits and Advantages of Using DE’LANCI Rainbow Multichrome Eyeshadow

  • Strong metallic sparkle: Choice of 5 optical chameleon color fusion of Fuchsia/golden/blue/green/orange metallic finish is intensified with dense pigments of high quality.
  • Rainbow highlighter makeup color: The finish of the color offers 3D flash texture with an ultra-shimmering texture that gives off a 3-dimensional color display at different light angles.
  • Multi-layered makeup look: The chameleon-like color-changing effect of the eyeshadow powder gives the appearance of multi-product and multi-colors with a single swipe of the brush.
  • Intense color payoff: The intense pigments of the unique formula of this multichrome eyeshadow powder can be seen even when a light coat is applied to the skin.
  • Tested and safe on skin: The best multichrome eyeshadow by DE’LANCI is made out of safe vegan ingredients that are suitable for all skin types; the product is totally cruelty-free.

How to use DE’LANCI Multichrome Eyeshadow Powder

Step 1: Clean the skin around the eyes freeing it of all dirt and oil to bring out the best canvas for the colors to show on.

Step 2: Apply a color-correcting primer to make the skin bright and even, freeing it from fine lines and wrinkles that give a creased look.

Step 3: Use a small-headed eyeshadow brush to take the color from the container and tap the brush to remove all excess product.

Step 4: Apply the product at the center of the eyelid and blend in all directions for a seamless and even look.

Step 5: For a bolder look, you may want to reapply it on the lids to give off a more intense 3D color look.

Step 6: You can also use the color to highlight only the brow bones or inner corners of the eyes when using any other or even no eyeshadow colors.

Step 7: Apply it on the cheekbones to give it a highlighted look for a glamorous event.

Pro Tips to Use the Best Multichrome Eyeshadow

  1. Take care to use a clean eyeshadow brush so that the metallic rainbow colors do not get diluted with any other strong colors.
  2. The key to amazing multichrome looks is following the ‘less is more’ mantra, so, take less product and blend it into the skin; reapply if needed.
  3. Create emphatic-looking eyes with a light coating of the DE’LANCI Rainbow Multichrome Eyeshadow and line the lash lines with black eyeliner!
  4. You can create amazing subtle eye makeup looks by using the multichrome eyeshadow powder as an eyeliner for the upper lashes.
  5. Apply the rainbow-colored multichrome eyeshadow on the inner eyes and create a smoky look at the outer edge using black or blue and see the goddess-like effect!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What color effect does DE’LANCI Rainbow Multichrome Eyeshadow give?

This best multichrome eyeshadow gives off hues of fuchsia, gold, blue, green, and orange in a metallic finish thus giving the look of a rainbow color!

2. Can I wear this best multichrome eyeshadow color on my skin tone?

Yes. The product has a bright metallic finish that shows off the hues of the rainbow prominently making it ideal for any skin tone or color!

3. Will the colors of the rainbow eyeshadow last all day/night?

DE’LANCI Rainbow Multichrome Eyeshadow is made using a special formula that contains intense pigments of different colors that retain their luminosity for long hours without creasing or smudging.

4. Will the multiple pigments of the multichrome eyeshadow colors affect my skin?

No. The multichrome eyeshadow powder is made out of safe and vegan ingredients that can be used on all skin types.