mermaid eyeshadow palette
mermaid glitter eyeshadow
mermaid eyeshadow palette
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mermaid glitter eyeshadow

DE'LANCI Mermaid Glitter Palette

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Up your glamor quotient with the dazzling colors of the best glitter eyeshadow palette in town! The vibrant DE’LANCI Mermaid Glitter Palette is a combination of the full range of shades just like the mesmerizing creature! Coming in 24 stunning colors, there’s just the shade to jazz up any eye makeup look. The brilliant colors in white shades can be effortlessly used to highlight any area other than letting you blend other shades. The black glitter makes your makeup game more interesting when you need the darker shades!!!

Net Weight: 19.2 gm
No. of Shades: 24

Benefits and Advantages of DE’LANCI Best Glitter Eyeshadow Palette

  • Complete glitter palette: Full spectrum of colors with 24 different glitter shades lets you work with the palette on any type of makeup look and customize any shade.
  • Unique soft formula: The no-dye formula of the palette blends in with the skin evenly without leaving any harsh lines or marks.
  • Perfect for all uses: Each color of the palette is soft and lightweight which creates a brilliant eye makeup finish effortlessly – no chunky glitter particles.
  • Highly pigmented colors: The colors of the palette contain a high pigment ratio that gives off the softly glowing but intensely colored glitter eyeshadow looks.
  • Safe and vegan: As with all other DE’LANCI products, this palette of glitter colors too is made from skin-safe ingredients that are completely vegan, and also cruelty-free.

How to use DE’LANCI Best Glitter Eyeshadow Palette

Step 1: Use a flat brush or your ring finger to apply the glitter colors on your eyelids;

Step 2: Apply little glitter color at a time and build up by reapplying if needed;

Step 3: To give the eyes a hint of shimmer, apply the color at the center of the lids and blend in all directions for a smooth finish;

Step 4: For a full eyelid glitter look, apply the color over a matte base of the same shade to make it shine with the full intensity of the pigment;

Step 5: Use the white glitter colors on the brow bones, and inner eyes to open up the look of your eye makeup;

Pro Tips to Use DE’LANCI Mermaid Glitter Palette

  1. For a casual glamorous look that isn’t too flashy, take the black glitter color with a thin flat brush and apply it like eyeliner!
  2. #2. Use the white multi-colored shimmer color over a nude eyeshadow to give your eyes an instant sparkle.
  3. Apply a little glitter color as the same shade of your lipstick on your Cupid’s Bow for a luscious lip finish.
  4. Create your custom glitter color by mixing and matching black and white with the individual colors.
  5. You can use the glitter colors as a highlighter for your face by mixing it with a translucent powder!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the finish of the DE’LANCI Mermaid Glitter Palette?

The colors of this De’Lanci Best glitter eyeshadow palette offer a smooth but brilliant and softly shining finish without any chunks of glitter particles.

2. Why are there so many white shades in the 24-color best glitter eyeshadow palette?

There are 6 different shades of white that offer different colored glitter finish when applied; there’s 1 silver finish and 1 multi-colored particle with silver finish, all of which offer different makeup looks.

3. Can I apply the black glitter all by itself?

Yes, you can use it for a smoked glitter finish, or even for a totally black glitter super-glamorous evening eye makeup look!

4. Can I use the colors of the Mermaid Glitter Palette on other parts of the face or body?

Yes. You can use the glitter colors on your lips, for any other themed look, for costume party looks, or any other makeup needs. It’s completely safe on the skin!