DE'LANCI Cream Eyeshadow Palette-DE'LANCI
DE'LANCI Cream Eyeshadow Palette-DE'LANCI
DE'LANCI Cream Eyeshadow Palette-DE'LANCI
DE'LANCI Cream Eyeshadow Palette-DE'LANCI
DE'LANCI Cream Eyeshadow Palette-DE'LANCI
DE'LANCI Cream Eyeshadow Palette-DE'LANCI
DE'LANCI Cream Eyeshadow Palette-DE'LANCI

DE'LANCI Cream Eyeshadow Palette

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Inspire and ignite all the passion in you with the awesome colors of the best cream eyeshadow palette from De’Lanci! Subtle yet flamboyant shades are just right to set the stage for your everyday makeup needs or high-octane occasions. The 16-color palette is a unique combination of dark, neutral, and pastel shades in matte and shimmer. Let the cream formula of this best cream eyeshadow palette bring out the best emotions in you!!!

Shades: 16
Weight: 155g
Size: 14 x 15 x 1.2cm

Benefits and Features of the De’Lanci Matte Cream Eyeshadow Palette

  • Easy to use the cream formula: The super-creamy formula of this best cream eyeshadow palette glides easily on the skin for a finely blended look.
  • A perfect palette for all makeup: A curetted palette of selected shades, they are good to go with any of your makeup looks.
  • Highly pigmented super-colored eyeshadows: Each color is highly pigmented giving an intense color payoff that does not fade off.
  • The perfect combination of mattes and shimmers: A palette of 16 colors in 8 mattes and 8 shimmers, it is just right to pep up your looks during the day or at night.
  • Good for all types of skin: The selection of colors is great to use on any skin tone, and the hypoallergic formula ensures that they are safe on all skin.
  • Long-wear eyeshadow colors: This is among the best waterproof eyeshadow palette that can last up to 24 hours with its weightless formula.
  • Travel-friendly pack: The palette comes with a fitted mirror that makes it easy for you to use the shades at any place and at any time.

How to use De’Lanci Best Cream Eyeshadow Palette

Step 1: Take care to clean the area around the eyes and apply primer to prep it well.
Step 2: Use an eyeshadow brush to take the color pigment from the palette in a small amount.
Step 3: Dab it onto the eyelids and blend it using gentle strokes upwards and outwards.
Step 4: Use a matte shade as the base color and brighten it up with a complementing shimmer shade.
Step 5: Use a shimmer color to highlight the inner corners and the brow bone for a bright and radiant eye look.

Pro Tips to Use the Best Cream Eyeshadow Palette

  1. The basic mantra of all good makeup is based on the ‘less is more principle, so take less product at a time.
  2. Cream eyeshadow is the best choice when you are dealing with creased or aging skin types.
  3. For aging skin, make sure that you apply matte before using any shimmer shade for the crease does not show up.
  4. Stick to 2 shades for your everyday school or office looks.
  5. Use light to the dark gradient of the same shade for subtle and contrasting shades for more dramatic looks;

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can the De’Lanci shimmer and matte cream eyeshadow palette be for everyday makeup?

Yes. The palette comes with a combination of dark and pastel mattes along with shimmers that can be used in combination with everyday and festive looks.

2. Is De’Lanci best waterproof palette safe for everyday use?

Yes, totally. We’ve listed the ingredients used to make this ultra-creamy formula that is known to be safe on all skin types. Just make sure to remove all traces of your makeup every day.

3. What is the purpose of the white shimmer shade in De’Lanci matte cream eyeshadow palette?

You can use it to highlight the inner eyes and the brow bones to open up the look. The white can also be used to lighten up any other shade to get a customized one.

4. Can I use the best cream eyeshadow palette for my medium/dark skin tone?

Yes, you can! There are dark shades including black that you can lighten up or lighten using white to get the right shade for your skin tone.