DE'LANCI 36 Color Beauty Blooming Double Pages Eyeshadow Palette
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best shimmer eyeshadow palette
best shimmer eyeshadow palette
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double pages eyeshadow palette
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DE'LANCI 36 Color Beauty Blooming Double Pages Eyeshadow Palette

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De’Lanci’s 36-color Beauty Blooming Double Pages Eyeshadow Palette is just what you need to give your eyes a striking multi-dimensional look! An assorted collection of gorgeous shimmering bronzes, glittering gold, and coppers, along with mattes ranging from warm to cool shades is just what you need for versatile looks. From the soft and sensual to ultra-chic fashionable looks, these super-pigmented eyeshadows add the right colors to your mesmerizing eyes. The highly-pigmented eyeshadow colors are your buy eyeshadow palette online for an amazing color vibrancy to suit your style.

Eyeshadow palette size: 18.6cm×13.2cm×2cm
Eyeshadow palette weight: 300 grams
Eyeshadow Colors: 36

  • Shimmer colors: 4
  • Glitter colors: 9
  • Matte colors: 23

Certificates: MSDS
Cruelty-Free: Yes

Benefits and Features of De’Lanci neon eyeshadow palette

  1. Ultra-pigmented: Ultra-micronized high-quality pigments of each eyeshadow guarantee high color payoff in a single swipe.
  2. Easy & smooth application: Bright, smooth, and fine colors blend well due to their super-ductility, giving them a silky lustrous finish.
  3. Longwear: Colors of the double pages eyeshadow palette are waterproof, budge-proof, smudge resistant, crease-resistant, and have excellent staying power with minimum fall-off.
  4. Safe ingredients: Each palette color is dermatologically tested, hypo-allergic, and suitable for all skin types; the palette colors are MSDS approved.
  5. Cruelty-free: The product is vegetarian and cruelty-free.
  6. Easy to take off: Despite its excellent staying power and intense color payoff, all colors of the eyeshadow palette can be removed easily using regular cleansing solutions.

How to use De’Lanci Neon Eyeshadow Palette

Step 1: Always clean and prime your eyelids with a high-quality eye primer;
Step 2: Use a high-quality eyeshadow brush to take the color of your choice from the palette;
Step 3: Pick a matte color as your base;
Step 4: Apply the lightest shade of the colors you wish to apply towards the brow bone, building with darker colors towards the lashes;
Step 5: Use deeper shades along the crease of the lids;
Step 6: Highlight the inner corners of the eyes;
Step 7: Blend it all seamlessly for a flawless finish;

Pro Tips for Using the Best Bright Eyeshadow Palette

  1. You can use the Multi-Color Foundation concealer as a primer before applying eyeshadow.
  2. For brown eyes, you’re free to use almost all eyeshadow colors; gold and purple are especially flattering to brown eyes.
  3. For blue eyes use eyeshadow colors that have a peach or bronze tone; you can also opt for gray.
  4. For green eyes opt for plum-colored eyeshadows; copper too looks gorgeous on green eyes.
  5. Add a complementing shimmer on the inner corner of the eyes to brighten them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why is this De’Lanci product the best shimmer eyeshadow palette?

The De’Lanci 36-color Beauty Blooming Double Pages Eyeshadow Palette has 4 shimmer colors that complement all color schemes and look needs. Their high staying power ensures that you can wear them for long hours at any time of the day/evening/night without a worry.

2. Is De’Lanci 36-color Beauty Blooming Double Pages Eyeshadow Palette safe?

Each ingredient of the palette is dermatologically tested; the product is MSDS certified and cruelty-free. Carry out a patch test before applying to make our claim foolproof.

3. How long does the color stay/ is there any color fall-off?

The highly-pigmented colors offer long wear benefits as they have super-ductility, strong adhesion, and staying power. All ingredients are ultra-micronized ensuring there is no fall-off.

4. Can it be used on medium or dark skin tones?

You can confidently buy eyeshadow palette online as the 36 color options are just right to blend in gorgeously on any skin tone. Pick the shades as per your mood, time of the day, and occasion, and see how your eyes take the center stage!