DE'LANCI 18 Colors La Catrina Lipstick Palette-DE'LANCI
DE'LANCI 18 Colors La Catrina Lipstick Palette-DE'LANCI
DE'LANCI 18 Colors La Catrina Lipstick Palette-DE'LANCI
DE'LANCI 18 Colors La Catrina Lipstick Palette-DE'LANCI

DE'LANCI 18 Colors La Catrina Lipstick Palette

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Give your final look a smack of dazzling color or a subtle hint of naturally glowing lips with the unputdownable La Catrina Lipstick Palette! A never-before collection of 16 highly saturated matte shades along with 2 shimmering translucent pearl shades, it’s surely a rare matte lipstick palette on the market. You have a curetted collection of the most popular colors for lips ranging from nude powder and natural pink to rose red, positive red, orange-red, berry purple, and much more for any look you want!

Size: 12 x 1.1 x 20.5cm;
Weight: 260g;

Benefits of using De’Lanci Matte Lipstick Palette

  • Long-lasting colors: Super-pigmented long-lasting matte lipstick palette colors for all-day and lengthy evenings give you just the tint to brighten your looks.
  • Special lip-caring formula: Its curetted lip-caring formula contains Vitamin E, Palmitoyl Tripeptide-1, and Shea Butter to keep your lips healthy.
  • Soft and silky on the lips: Lightweight, smooth texture, gives the ultra-smooth, soft, and silky feel to the lips as the colors remain all day long.
  • Vegan and cruelty-free: Made from high-quality vegan ingredients, the product is totally cruelty-free and hypoallergic in nature.

How to use De’Lanci La Catrina Lipstick Palette

Step 1: Create the perfect base for the lip color pigments to play out their hues by gently exfoliating your lips with a lip scrub.
Step 2: Apply a light coat of foundation on pigmented lips to lighten them.
Step 3: Outline your lips with a lip brush taking a small amount of color from the La Catrina Lipstick Palette.
Step 4: Now, start filling in the lips with the same color for supple-looking colored lips.
Step 5: Blot off excess color from the lips by gently pressing a tissue and running a powder brush over it.

Pro Tips to Use De’Lanci La Catrina Matte Lipstick Palette Online

  1. Take care to outline your lips with a brush or a lip pencil to give your lips a defined shape that will impact the overall look of your face.
  2. To create the illusion of a larger pout, extend the lip coverage area slightly beyond the edge of your natural lips.
  3. Always start outlining lips with the cupid bow and shape it according to the shape of your face to create the best look.
  4. You can also create the large pout illusion by giving the center of the lips a coat of a lighter shade of the primary color you’ve applied.
  5. In case of lips of uneven thickness, take care to extend the lipstick coverage area only on the part that you wish to modify as a thinner or thicker lip.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the purpose of the white color in the La Catrina Lipstick Palette?

The white color is meant to help you dilute the color intensity of any shade from the palette of colors for the lips to make your own shade.

2. Why are there black and grey shimmer colors on the matte lipstick palette?

These shimmer colors can be used to create a unique finish to your normal matte lipstick colors giving them a special effect.

3. Can I use the lipstick colors on any other parts of my face?

Yes, you can. The shimmer colors are perfect to be used as eyeshadows, and the other matte colors can be used as blush.

4. Is it safe to wear De’Lanci matte lipstick palette online every day?

Yes, you can wear the lip colors every day as they are made using a special lip caring formula and other high-quality ingredients listed above.