DE'LANCI 18 Colors Desert Rose Eyeshadow Palette-DE'LANCI
DE'LANCI 18 Colors Desert Rose Eyeshadow Palette-DE'LANCI
DE'LANCI 18 Colors Desert Rose Eyeshadow Palette-DE'LANCI
DE'LANCI 18 Colors Desert Rose Eyeshadow Palette-DE'LANCI
DE'LANCI 18 Colors Desert Rose Eyeshadow Palette-DE'LANCI

DE'LANCI 18 Colors Desert Rose Eyeshadow Palette

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Grab the fabulous shades of the De’Lanci rose eyeshadow palette and come alive with vibrant hues of your inimitable eye makeup! The desert rose eyeshadow palette is a revolutionary collection of 18 unique neutral eye shades for the picture-perfect look. The colors of the palette include a range of matte colors from brown tone to dust pinky, pale pink, blushy taupes, and mauve. The palette also has some amazing glimmering metallics and shimmers in rose pink and black satin. There are transition shades too to give you just the romantic look or the everyday soft and subtle glow!

Finish: Shimmer, Satin, Matte, and Metallic
Shades: 18
Size: 10.7cm x 23.1cm x 1.5cm
Weight: 370g

Benefits of using De’Lanci 18 Colors Desert Rose Eyeshadow Palette

  • 18 unique color combinations: The desert eyeshadow palette is a rare combination of 18 luxurious eyeshadow colors in 3 key textures of matte, shimmers, and metallics.
  • Hyper-pigmented eye colors: The palette shades are made out of high-quality hyper-pigmented colors that retain their look all-day/night long.
  • Buttery formula: A reinvented formula helps you get the perfect natural matte or lustrous finish in keeping with your makeup ideas.
  • Rose Gold, and Black truffle: The palette has an amazing creamy rose gold with intense pigment for that classic look while the black truffle is for you to modify the existing colors, and create dramatic winged liners or smoky eyes effect.
  • Long-lasting, zero-fall-off formula: The revolutionary palette of De’Lanci 18 Color Desert Rose Eyeshadow Palette are smudge-proof, waterproof, and ensures no-fall giving consistent shades for extended hours;

How to use De'Lanci 18 Colors Desert Rose Eyeshadow Palette

Step 1: Start with the basic preparation of cleaning your eyelids and applying an eye primer over them; you can also apply foundation to give them a better cover in case you wish to cover creases and dark spots.

Step 2: Start with a base color and apply it all over the eyelids with an eyeshadow brush blending them outwards and upwards till the outer edge of the brow bones.

Step 3: Give the outer eyes a coat of a darker shade to bring in the effect of a natural gradient look; for a more glamorous look, add shimmer to the center of the lids; now, blend all the colors for an even play of hues without any streaks or borders.

Step 4: Add a little shimmer or the lighter color of the palette along the brow bones and the inner corner for the eyes to stand out.

Step 5: Complete the look by defining your eyebrows with a brown shade to fill in the gaps; this will frame the eyes and help highlight them on your face;

Pro Tips For Using Desert Rose Eyeshadow Palette

  1. Wet your eyeshadow brush, take black truffle eyeshadow on your desert rose eyeshadow palette, and use it to create sharp winged liners.
  2. Pair the eyeshadow colors with mascara-coated eyelashes to instantly make the eyes more prominent; alternately opt for eyelashes to bring on a dramatic look.
  3. Use the gold shimmer to highlight the inner corner of the eyes and the brow bones when not using too many colors for a natural look.
  4. Spray your brush with a little bit of setting spray and apply the eyeshadow when dressing up for a heavy day or evening ahead.
  5. Opt for a brown base to get more options of lighter shades for the highlighting of the center of the eyes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is the 18 Colors Desert Eyeshadow Palette for everyday use or for special occasions only?

The desert rose eyeshadow palette is just right for both everyday use and for special occasions as it has a range of colors in mattes, shimmers, and metallics to suit every makeup need.

2. Can I wet use the black eyeshadow color on the palette?

Yes, absolutely, apart from using the black truffle to mix and match darker shades, you can also wet use it to create smudge-proof winged eyeliner looks; this apart you can also create dark smoky looks with it.

3. Is the 18 colors eyeshadow palette good for my dark skin tone?

The colors of the palette are curetted to suit all skin colors and tones; darken the light colors to create shades that perfectly complement your skin needs.

4. Is it safe to wear the desert rose eyeshadow palette colors every day?

Each product of De’Lanci including the desert rose eyeshadow palette is made using special skin nourishing formula with high-quality ingredients as listed above that are completely safe on the skin.