Chameleon Glitter Lip Gloss - 07 Purple Gold
Chameleon Glitter Lip Gloss - 07 Purple Gold
Chameleon Glitter Lip Gloss - 07 Purple Gold
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Chameleon Glitter Lip Gloss - 07 Purple Gold

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Level up your lip makeup looks with the exciting DE’LANCI purple gold lip gloss color and its chameleon effect! The non-sticky jelly formula of this rare lip product gives off a holographic metallic sheen with a pearlescent look that changes colors too! The wand applicator of the bottle lets you spread the jelly lip gloss across your lips smoothly giving a high color payoff. The head-turning color of the gloss brings instant attention to you at any party, gathering, or special event!!!

Type: Chameleon Color Developing Lip Gloss;
Net weight: 2.2 g

Benefits and Advantages of Using DE’LANCI Purple Gold Lip Gloss

  • Safe on lips and cruelty-free: The talc-free glitter purple lip gloss color does not contain any flavor harmful nipagin ester preservatives. The gluten-free product is also free of any other allergenic ingredients making it totally safe on your lips.
  • Holographic 3-in-1 color output: The glitter purple gold lip gloss has a holographic optical with a metallic and pearlescent finish for a shining makeup look.
  • Brilliant color-changing optical effect: This extraordinary lip gloss color creates a dreamy rainbow-like look on the lips with its multiple changing colors creating a dazzling personality.
  • Plumps up and moisturizes lips: The special jelly formula of the glittering lip gloss color hydrates the lips, helping reduce cracks and peels creating a fuller look with its brilliant sheen.
  • Long-lasting waterproof lip gloss: The formula of the color-changing shining lip gloss is completely waterproof. The color too remains fresh and vibrant for hours giving you the best look.

How to use the glitter purple gold lip gloss

Step 1: Take care of the lips by removing all traces of any products on the skin before retiring to bed every night.

Step 2: Follow it up by applying a lip-softening lip balm or moisturizer that will hydrate them all through the night removing any dry and chapped skin.

Step 3: Clean the skin of the lips with a gentle cleansing agent just before applying the DE’LANCI purple gold lip gloss color.

Step 4: Move on to apply a base foundation on the lips that will further enhance the pigment payoff and shine of the lip gloss.

Step 5: Now, take the applicator and first apply the color around the contours and corners of the lips and finally at the center for best results!

Pro Tips to Use the Best Purple Gold Lip Gloss

  1. For the best color payoff of your lip gloss, always coat the lips with foundation or concealer before applying the product itself.
  2. The best way to apply any lip-enhancing color is to outline its shape with a pencil first and then apply the product.
  3. Fill the lips with very little product, wait for a few seconds, and then apply the second coat for the indomitable shine and glossy look!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why do you call it Chameleon glitter purple gold lip gloss?

The best purple gold lip gloss changes colors as you move with light just like a chameleon changing colors with the surrounding.

2. Will it affect my lips after I apply the gloss color?

No. The jelly formula of the lip gloss is free of any harmful ingredients and you can apply it on the lips safely without any side effects.

3. Is the glitter purple gold lip gloss waterproof?

Yes. You can safely wear it to any event or water-based theme party as the lip gloss is fully waterproof.

4. Does the color and shine of DE’LANCI purple gold lip gloss remain for long?

Yes. The unique formula of this jelly lip gloss ensures that the color is not lost due to oxidation and you have the same bright shine on the lips for hours on!