Black White Face Paint Body Painting-DE'LANCI
Black White Face Paint Body Painting-DE'LANCI
Black White Face Paint Body Painting-DE'LANCI
Black White Face Paint Body Painting-DE'LANCI

Black White Face Paint Body Painting

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Get painted in any design sporting the black and white colors on your face or body with a brilliant shine! DE’LANCI face and body paint is just what you need to bring alive special occasion like Halloween or them parties. Just paint the surface black and design the skull or any other figure using the white color and see how it stands out. The intense colors of the paints are spread on quickly and let you get into your interesting makeup quickly. Waterproof and highly-pigmented, splash into the pool without a second thought with the black and white face body paint on yourself!!!!

Net Wt.: 200G/7.09OZ.
Size: 70cm/27.5in*8.2cm/3.2 inches*2.
Shelf-life: 3 Years.

Benefits and Advantages of Using DE’LANCI Black and White Face Body Paint

  • Convenient paint pack: DE’LANCI face and body paint comes as a convenient makeup kit containing one 100g/3.53oz clown white painting, and one 100g/3.53oz true black face paint for monochromatic party themes.
  • High-quality pigments: Creamy texture, highly pigmented, great intense color payoff, just a little will go a long way, it is very easy to blend without any creasing.
  • Special occasion makeup needs: Suitable to create perfect looks daily and special occasions, such as Clown, Joker, Zombie, Vampire, Skeleton, Skull, La Catrina, Gothic makeup at your next school carnival, Halloween, Special Effects, SFX, Cosplay, birthday, gold sports, theatrical performances, themed costume, stage shows and more!
  • Waterproof and long-lasting: Both colors white and black are waterproof and retain themselves for long hours even when you are in the heat or the swimming pool.
  • Easy to remove: Despite its retaining strength, the colors can be removed easily without any hassle by applying your regular makeup-removing agent.

How to use DE’LANCI Face and Body Paint

Step 1: Clean and prepare the skin area where you want to apply the paint colors with a cleansing agent to bring out a clean skin on which the pigments are going to adhere well.

Step 2: Take a medium-sized brush to apply the black and white face body paint on the body or face part; wet and rinse it such that it is barely moist so that the pigments adhere to it well.

Step 3: Use the black color first to set up the canvas against which you will be drawing out the skull or other skeleton parts.

Step 4: Now, take the white paint and draw the outline of the designs that you want to portray like the hands of the skeleton or the skull.

Step 5: Fill in the center of the design with the white color to bring out the contrasting white of the dead as your Halloween, theme party, or any other makeup.

Pro Tips to Use DE’LANCI Face and Body Paint

  1. Exfoliate your skin well a couple of days before you start applying the monochromatic colors on your skin to create special designs.
  2. Make use of a primer to smooth out the area where you wish to create the special designs on your face or body.
  3. Once you complete applying the paints, dust on a translucent powder on them to get a matte effect that will also become smudge-proof.
  4. One of the best ways to apply DE’LANCI face and body paint on the skin is to make simple dots with them and blend the color for a smooth play of color.
  5. Go an extra step and apply a makeup sealant or finishing spray to make the body paint last much longer for all-night-long parties.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is the total quantity of the package enough for large body designs?

There are 2 containers in the DE’LANCI black and white face body paint pack each of which weighs 100g/3.53oz that is of black paint and 100g/3.53oz of white paint. The quantity allows you to make designs on large body parts and use them for the following year too!

2. Can I use the DE’LANCI black and white face body paint on my facial skin safely?

Yes. The paints are made using a special formula that is safe on the skin without any adverse effects; carry out a patch test on a particular area before applying on the face if you have hyper-sensitive skin.

3. Are there any chances of the body paint cracking on the skin's surface?

No. The smooth texture and waterproof nature of the paints do not come off with sweat or crack to give you a steady show of color for long hours!