8 Color Eyeshadow Base Primer-DE'LANCI
8 Color Eyeshadow Base Primer-DE'LANCI
8 Color Eyeshadow Base Primer-DE'LANCI
8 Color Eyeshadow Base Primer-DE'LANCI

8 Color Eyeshadow Base Primer

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Cast a mesmerizing spell with your beautiful eyes wearing the most enchanting eyeshadow colors! And the best way to do it is of course use the best eyeshadow base primer. Using an eyeshadow base primer helps bring out the intensity and brilliance of the eyeshadow colors. De’Lanci 8-Color Eyeshadow Base Primer is just what you need for creating that ultra-smooth canvas of your eyelids. The primer helps smooth out wrinkles and close pores to create a silky smooth texture on which the eyeshadow colors play out evenly and brilliantly.

Type: Makeup Base Liquid
Size: 11.1 x 3.0cm
Volume: 15ml
Weight: 24g

Benefits of Using De’Lanci 8-Color Liquid Primer Base

  • A necessary eyeshadow base to create a soft, smooth, and crease-free eyelid, it’s needed for a crease-free and smudge-free makeup look.
  • Applying white eyeshadow base primer helps create an even canvas where the eye makeup products glide easily and blend perfectly.
  • As a base product over the skin, an eyeshadow base primer increases the color payoff and the longevity of the products.
  • The primer base helps bring out the intensity of the color pigments of the eyeshadow and eyeliner products.
  • This eyeshadow base primer can be used as an eyeshadow primer, eyeliner, to color eyebrows, as lipsticks, blush, or concealer.
  • Green primer is good to conceal red spots on the skin, and blue primer hides tired and unhealthy-looking skin areas. Use the primer shade that suits your need, and see the difference it makes!

How to use De’Lanci 8-Color Eyeshadow Base Primer

Step 1: Prepare your eyelids by cleaning them using a high-quality cleaning solution.
Step 2: Apply the liquid primer color of your choice and blend it on the surface where you wish to apply it.
Step 3: Let the product get absorbed on the skin for a couple of minutes before applying any other product.
Step 4: Apply eyeshadow on the lids or any other makeup product used on any other part of the face.
Step 5: Blend the product well for a smooth, streak-free finish.

Pro Tips for Applying Eyeshadow Base Primer

  1. Make sure to apply primer only on clean skin.
  2. Apply only a little product at a time and blend well. Too much product will take a lot of time to get absorbed into the skin.
  3. Wait for the primer to dry completely before applying any other makeup product as it is sure to interfere with the finish.
  4. Always start applying primer from the center of the face and move outwards.
  5. If you are applying primer after moisturizing your skin, wait for at least 5 minutes before applying it for its proper setting.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the purpose of a primer?

Primer helps create a smooth surface by easing the fine lines and closing the pores so that the face becomes an even canvas. It acts as a surface for the makeup colors helping them last longer on the smooth surface, bringing out their colors, and making them last longer.

2. Can I use primer on a daily basis?

Yes, you can go give your skin an even finish before applying any other product. You should apply primer every time you wear eyeshadow or eyeliner to not let the creases and lines on the eyelids interfere with the application or the final color pay off.

3. Can I use primer alone as my daily makeup?

Absolutely Yes! De’Lanci 8-Color makeup primers can be used all by themselves for that perfect no-makeup look. Just pick the color you wish to wear on the part of your face and you are ready to flaunt a smooth complexion for long hours!

4. Will the primer protect my skin?

The purpose of a primer is to act as a layer between your skin and makeup, so, it naturally protects the skin while giving it a smooth surface.

5. Will the De’Lanci liquid primer work on my skin type?

Yes, the best eyeshadow base primer is meant to work perfectly on all skin types.