Top 12 Summer Makeup Tips 2022

Summer is so much fun with all those beaches, and pool parties, evenings, and night outs, get-togethers, and more! Sure you want to look your best while enjoying yourself every moment. At the same time, you don’t want to worry about melting foundations, smudging colors, or smeared lipsticks! We have for you the best summer makeup tips to have you covered this season. Just get the tweaks to your regular makeup, and see how you look stunning even in the summer heat and humidity!!!

Top Summer Tips to follow in 2022

  1. Clean skin
  2. Oil-free moisturizer
  3. Cooling primer
  4. Liquid foundation
  5. Sparse use of foundation
  6. Wise use of concealers
  7. Opt for waterproof makeup
  8. Use cream eyeshadow
  9. Smudge-free with eyeliners
  10. Waterproof your pout
  11. Highlight with bronzer
  12. Finish off with staying spray

Get started with the best summer makeup tips

1. Start on the solid base of clean skin:

The first summer makeup tips for oily skin is that give your facial skin the cleanest possible scrub either with your regular soap, or cleanser. This is to ensure that you have a sweat and oil-free clean skin that will retain makeup longer.

2. Move on to an oil-free moisturizing routine:

You already know that moisturizing is a must before you put on any kind of makeup, and that’s true for the summer days as well. Only now, you need to use an oil-free variant to both hydrate your skin and retain the makeup better. Important makeup tips for summer – look for a moisturizer with built-in SPF for best results even when you’re out in the sun.

3. Pick up a cooling primer:

As always, a primer helps your makeup glide easily, and this variant will also help keep the skin cool; you’ll sweat less, and the makeup will remain in place better. Among essential makeup tips for summer is that if you want to stick to a natural variant, use an essential oil diluting it with a carrier oil like olive oil, apply it on the face.

4. Opt for liquid foundation:

When it’s summer, and you’re looking for summer makeup tips for oily skin, you’ve got to switch products and go for items that will help your makeup stay longer even in sweltering conditions. Use a bright and sheer liquid foundation offering a matte finish, it will help minimize sweat, and retain makeup better.

5. Use foundation sparsely:

If you can’t ditch foundation totally, apply only a light layer to ensure there’s no melting. If you’re looking for important summer makeup tips for oily skin, make sure that you follow this step meticulously!

6. Use concealers wisely:

If you have to cover those blemishes, use it lightly so that it stays well. One of the best combinations for natural summer makeup looks is that of 60-40 primer-foundation. It’ll give the skin a dewy look without any meltdown.

7. Go waterproof all the way:

Among important makeup tips for summer is that your full eye makeup kit choice should be waterproof - eyeliner, eyeshadow, and mascara. If you’re planning to go minimal with only eye makeup, make sure you have applied a smooth primer to even out the surface to let the color glide smoothly, and stick to the skin well.

8. Use cream eyeshadow:

Try restricting eyeshadow use as much as you can as part of your makeup for hot weather plans. If you want to wear it, make sure you’re using a cream variant as they retain better on skin compared to powder eyeshadows. For those late-night parties, you can use glitter eyeshadows, but only after you apply the sticking primer that usually comes with it as part of the kit. De’Lanci’s La Catrina Eyeshadow Palette is a reliable option that will see you through any weather without fail.

9. Smudge-free with eyeliners:

A good option as best light makeup for summer is to ditch the eyeshadow and go straight to the eyeliner. You have several color options in the market like best Glitter Eyeliner from De’Lanci that’ll give you a bright look that won’t melt in the summer conditions.

10. Waterproof your pout:

Outline your lips well over the primer and fill it in with a good waterproof liquid color. Choose your favorite color from a palette like Everlasting Matte Liquid to suit your mood and the ambit where you wish to be. Opt for the matte formula that is both long-lasting and stays for hours despite the heat and sweat.

11. Highlight with bronzer:

Use a light bronzer highlighter to give your summer makeup a dramatic touch with the kiss of sunlight. Apply it only in places where the light hits like cheekbones, forehead, nose, and chin. Use a pressed formula that will stay on the face like the Cream Highlighter Palette of 6-Color from De’Lanci.

12. Finish off with staying spray:

Finally, finish off with makeup setting spray for it to hold in place as long as you want to stay out.

Final words

As final words as makeup tips for summer, make sure to invest in high-pigmented quality makeup products made from the best ingredients ensuring they’re hypoallergic. This way, you can play with shades and colors of your choice any time of the year, even during the hot summer days! Explore DE'LANCI for a colorful range of makeup collection to suit all seasons and occasions.

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