Top Beauty Inspiration and Makeup Trends of 2022

Each year has a different story to narrate. While 2020-21 was all about redefining makeup the minimalistic way, 2022 has a lot more vibes to talk about! This year is all set to be a combination of the minimalist-maximalist makeup trends. From drooling over the Y2K nostalgia to high shine, glitter and glamour, there’s a lot in the offing with makeup trends 2022. As we see it, traditional believers can stick to what you believe in, as others can step out-of-the-box to indulge in unseen and bold styles!

  1. Glossy and metallic makeup
  2. Bold neon eyeliners
  3. Just a pop of eye glitters
  4. Colors of your lips
    1. Glazed lips
    2. Contoured lips with dark lip liner
    3. Diffused lips
    4. Metallic/glittered lips
    5. Pink lips to rule
  5. Lift the cheek with blush
  6. Monochromatic moods
  7. Barely there foundation

Read on our prediction on the top makeup trends that’ll keep everyone hooked in 2022!!!

Glossy and metallic makeup 

Everyone is all set to get obsessed about bright and shinning looks. The words around is that stunning shimmer faces are going to add to the subtle charm to any personality. Metallics are going to be a hot fav all year-round. It’s not just the eyes, but the lips too will attract a lot of sparkle and shine. 

Photo credit @allanface // Instagram

Get on with it with some amazing color collection of color changing showing off multi-chrome effect in a single swipe of color giving you the look of multi-layered makeup look. 

Get the look with Multicolor Shifting Chameleon Liquid Glitter Eyeshadow from De’Lanci 

Bold neon eyeliners

Eyes will continue to be in the spotlight in the makeup trends 2022 and in very creative ways too. Bold and graphic eyes with neon eyeliners can become a whole makeup look on its own. It comes with the extra perk that there is no blending needed. Drawn a clean line using a felt-tipped brush on your eyelids without tugging your eyelids, and see the drama unfold in some very expressive colors. Continue to experiment with shapes that suit your mood and go bold with a color in contrast to the rest of your looks. 

Photo credit @aniamilczarczyk // Instagram

Ace the look with De’Lanci Heartquake Eyeshadow Palette

Just a pop of glitter on the eyes

A subtle layer of glitter on the top of a striking eyeshadow color can go a long way in creating a mesmerizing look. 

Photo credit @gigihadid // Instagram

This is a trend that celebs like Gigi Hadid shown us and this soft touch of glow on the eyes is going to rule the beauty looks all through the months of 2022. The perfect look for a rocking evening or night out, you can opt for soft shades of glitter with a pastel lip to kill the look. Imbibe the look with Glitter Eyeshadow Palette by De’Lanci. 

Colors of your lips

With all the gloss and glitter accompanying the natural look, your lips are ready to take on several looks this year. Here are the lip makeup options for you in 2022!

Glazed lips

Glazed lips have made a strong comeback with their soft shine, winning the game over matte. All over the world, people have continued to wear lip-liners with a glaze of lipstick over it. But clear and shiny gloss has an appeal of its own. This look inspires a more natural tone to the overall look even if you were to contrast it with sharp colored lipstick or glittering cheeks.

Photo credit

Contoured lips with dark lip liner

Contoured lips are not going anywhere. But sure, they have a modern twist to it with a moisturized and shinning finish over the overtly matte look. You can create the perfect those plumping pouts with nudes or full force color. Plump and juicy lips are in and the best way to get them is to contour them all the way to create the luscious look about them. 

Photo credit: @taniellejaimua // Instagram 

Draw out lip lines over a layer of primer on the lips with a lip liner 2 shades darker than the color of your lipstick and fill in with main color. Gloss over for the perfectly contoured and colored lips. Get it with De’Lanci Nude Waterproof Liquid Lipstick 

Diffused lips

Diffused lips are everywhere and will be among the top summer makeup trends 2022. These concentrate the color in the center while diffusing out towards the edges. Inspired by soft features, it provides an effortless naturally stained look that kills. In fact, lips are going to ride the game of 2 halves depending on the mood, and the ambit. While the low-key minimalistic look with the glossy finish is still in the lead, the glam maximizing is fast catching up all around. 

Photo credit @yumi_mori // Instagram

Metallic/glittered up lips

Metallic trend has set in firmly during the winter and is here to stay all through the year. It effortless brings out the oomph and glam as the lips do all the talking. High-voltage metallic colored lips with a dash of gloss making the shimmer stand out are going to be hot makeup trends 2022. Get ready to rock with some too good colors along with metallic nudes. 

Photo credit @pennyantuar // Instagram

Pink lips to rule

Pink pops are predicted to rule all through 2022 making everyone go head-over-heels about everything pink including those lovely lips. All minds are way ahead to spring and summer colors when shinning pink lips will beautifully complement the roses, fuchsias, and magentas in bloom. 

Photo credit @ karayoshimotobua// Instagram

Lift the cheeks with blush

Blush colors all the way up to the temple bringing the face back to life, is an amazing look in itself. Liquid or cream, start applying it on all the places, start gently and then build, bringing it all together with a smooth blend. 

You’ll see how your face brightens up instantly radiating warmth, and a soft glow with De’Lanci Blush and Highlighter Face Makeup Palette

Photo credit  @nikko_makeup //Instagram 

Monochromatic moods

Looking alive in natural shades of pastel and matte is sheer class and is going to continue its march as part of spring 2022 makeup trends. Spring color palettes of coral, peach, pink, soft terracotta, and of course, sheer red will rule the year creating monochromatic looks. Use the same colors on the eyes, cheek, and lips and see how they give you a flushed complexion with bitten lips. It’s your perfect companion when you’re in a rush or wanting to wear a no bright, but no-fuss look.

Credit: Vivaglammagazine

Try out Mixing Palette by De’Lanci for the perfect monochromatic look 

Barely there foundation (freckled look)

Sun-kissed skin and freckles are in and people are wearing them proudly. No make cakey foundations to hide those spots of freckles, but lightweight formulas that spread without leaving much of a trace are a rage. Give your skin a bronze glow to it with bronzer blush and see the most beautiful effect cascading out effortlessly.

Photo credit @lulustone_

Concluding it

Makeup trends 2022 are sure going to be super-exciting with some super makeup looks coming with multi-toned eyeshadows, and a fresh take on freckled looks and cat eyes. There’s an interesting variety of subtle style with some very daring looks! Sure it, going to be an intriguing mix that has something for every beauty enthusiast vouching money’s worth on makeup. Get some of the most exciting makeup collection from De’Lanci and see how the world of colors open up before you!

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