Pride Month 2022: 9 Amazing Pride Makeup Looks you Can Try

It’s Pride Month and everybody is talking about it! As the most colorful month of the year, there’s so much talk about glitter and glamour. There are these stunning Pride march all over theNeon splatter world that is almost an explosion of colors and creativities. Almost all colors of the palette are out with these special pride makeup looks and you sure don’t want to be left behind! In case you’re still in awe of all that’s happening in the name of this beautiful Pride Month, we have a run-up on it to be part of it. So, let our Pride swell with some of the most beautiful pride makeup ideas...

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  1. What is Pride Month?
  2. Why People Celebrate it all over the world?
  3. 9 Stunning Pride Makeup Looks you can Copy
    1. Neon splatter
    2. Rainbow eyeliner tales
    3. Facepaint
    4. Multicolored & pastel look
    5. Kaleidoscope of colors
    6. Rainbow blush art
    7. Embellishing it with Rhinestones
    8. Cut-crease rainbow eyes
    9. Dramatic sparkle
  4. Schedule for Parade in the United States June 2022
  5. Wrapping Up

What is Pride Month?

Pride Month is a time that is marked to celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community across the world. It is marked by their spirit to pride and resistance to live by their unique identity instead of hiding with an attitude of shame.

It all started back in the 1970s in the United States when members of this community stood up for their rights. It was in resistance to the police raids on a gay bar Stonewall Inn, in Greenwich village of New York City on 28th June 1969. In reaction, there was an uprise following which people marched to the Central Park adopting the Gay Pride theme. It was to celebrate individualities and shun conservative talks around non-binary sexualities. Ever since then, Pride has been celebrated across the globe by organizing parades, parties, and gatherings.

Image Credit: d.newsweek

Why People Celebrate it all over the world?

Pride Month is an annual event that is celebrated universally in the month of June by the LGBTQIA+ community to rejoice in their freedom of being unique. The reason for choosing the month of June is to trace the origin of the struggle of this community way back to the Stonewall Riots that took place on 28th June, 1969. It was the direct fallout of the police raids on the gay bar and the series of protests that followed.

Though the protests subsided in New York, the movement spread nationwide with organizations like Gay Liberation Front and Gay Activists Alliance taking it forward. The following year, that is, in 1970, the country saw the first Gay Pride march. On this anniversary year, members of the community held a march known as the Christopher Street Liberation Day. It was a parade that drew 1000s of people and also prompted other cities to hold Pride movements and events. Ultimately, it evolved into an annual celebration in June, and Pride Month is celebrated universally at this time of the year.

In recognition of the movement, former President Bill Clinton declared June as the Gay and Lesbian Pride Month in 1999. Subsequently, during former President Barack Obama’s tenure, in 2009, June came to be known as the LGBT Pride Month. Current President Joe Biden recognizes the full month of June as the observance of the LGBTQ+ Pride Month.

9 Stunning Pride Makeup Looks you can Copy

Surely enough you want your looks and spirits to be in tune with those of the Pride Parade. Well, when it comes to defining Pride Makeup looks, there is only one rule, and that is, there are no rules. Pride is all about expressing your individuality, showcasing your creativity, and pepping it all up with lots of colors and glitters. We’ve collected for you 9 head-turning Pride makeup ideas to get your looks right!

1. Neon splatter

The best part about wearing the neon look is that it is a lot easy to do it up than it looks. In fact, it is among the most easy pride makeup looks. All you need is a good neon eyeliner palette like of De’Lanci 24-Color Neon Eyeshadow Palette. Play with the colors like orange, blue, yellow, and pink. Take an eyeshadow brush and blend them well to remove any harsh lines.

The easiest way to get the perfect rainbow-hued look is to dip the brush in each of the palette colors and pat it over the lid.

  • Clean the brush each time you switch colors for them to show up their true hues. Take inspiration from the shades in the picture below or conjure a blend of your own.
  • Keep the rest of the facial makeup soft by pairing up with a pastel lipstick color and complementing blush.
  • Complete this pride makeup look and rush out with confidence!


Image Credit: katiejanehughes

2. Rainbow eyeliner tales

If being subtle is not your cup of tea, we have just the pride makeup ideas for you for this Pride Month! Grab every single color that appeals to you from the 54-Color La Catrina Eyeshadow Palette and trace the colors one over the other. This way you get to create the rainbow hues of your choice.

  • Give the lashes a generous coat of mascara.
  • Keep the lips subtle with a soft shade to let the drama of the eyes unfold.
  • Let your hair down with a colored and gelled look to finish off.
  • Don’t forget to give the lower lashes a dash of bright color to keep the party going bright and strong.


Image Credit: manthony783

3. Facepaint

Make a show of your support for Pride month while bringing out your creative best! Use De’Lanci Activated Face and Body Paint to paint out the red, yellow, and blue with a pattern of your choice.

  • Embellish the look using sequins and rhinestones for the full-blown play of colors.
  • Stand out with the most impacting pride month makeup ideas of all.
  • Give your hair a spray of colors and paint the lips with a complementing color, and assert your Pride!


Image Credit: cityspidey

4. Multicolored & pastel look

Keep it subtle and yet stand out with a strong appeal of colors in keeping with the Pride Month with this look!

  • Take a creamy white eyeliner color and apply it over the lids as your base color.
  • Take a pressed glitter eyeshadow palette of colors along with an eyeshadow brush.
  • Diffuse the shimmery rainbow colors one from the other for a gorgeous Pride makeup look.
  • Bring in a retro look with a filled-in eyebrow to define the look.
  • Keep the face going soft with a hint of pink blush, and fill in the lips with a natural shade while defining the outer edge with a darker shade.

You are all set to rock the Pride look any place and any time!

Image Credit: jillpowellglam

5. Kaleidoscope of colors

When you’re in the mood to stand up with Pride, you can lose yourself in a labyrinth of colors! Take the colors of your choice from an eyeshadow palette that you love.

  • Balance out the shimmer colors with the matte.
  • Give it a touch of royal blue to bring out the strong essence of Pride in you.
  • Play out the drama with bright red lipstick shades and gloss it all up for the high shine look.

You can never go wrong with your Pride in these brilliant pride month makeup ideas!!!

Image Credit: kesharosebeauty

6. Rainbow blush art

When it comes to the best pride month makeup ideas, you just cannot ignore the rainbow blush effect! Let your colorful side unfold as you apply different colors to the face horizontally.

  • Start with a soft yellow eyeshadow color for the eyelids.
  • Now, move on to the nose area and paint the face with strokes of colors to bring out the rainbow.
  • Use the colors of a rainbow eyeshadow palette for the best effect.
  • Once you’ve blended the colors, add some shimmer to finish it off with a glittery look.
  • Give the makeup a sharp look with a bright red lipstick that speaks of Pride!

Image Credit: femina

7. Embellishing it with Rhinestones

It’s time to shine out with your best Stand out with the most impacting pride month makeup ideas! What better way to do it than with rhinestones and sequins?

  • Use a soft eyeshadow shade as the base to let the colors of the stones and sequins play out strong.
  • Use a pair of tweezers to place them above the cut-crease, just below the brow bone.
  • Give the look a disco ball dream effect with a touch of color along the lower lash.
  • For the face stick to a soft shade of blush but go strong on the lipstick color for the ultimate effect.
  • Gloss it up and see the colors play out a symphony of love with your pride makeup looks!

Image Credit: thelist

8. Cut-crease rainbow eyes

Wear a dramatic look with the cut-crease effect. Use a white eyeshadow or eyeliner color on the crease of the eyelid.

  • Now start to apply the other shades of the rainbow from the inner to the outer eyes.
  • Go from the lightest shade to the darkest. Start with yellow on the inner side, move to pink, and ultimately blue.
  • Blend them to bring out the true splash of rainbow defined by the white lining!
  • Blush up with a pastel shade and use highlighter abundantly to bring on the shimmery look on the face.
  • Give the lips a glossy finish with a nude pink, and you’re ready to show your Pride!


9. Dramatic sparkle

When glitter is your ultimate choice, this is the look for you! Grab a palette of a glitter eyeshadow palette.

  • Fill in the eyelids with shades of blue from the palette and let it sparkle. Give the eyes the final finish with mascara and falsies.
  • Now it’s time to give the rest of the face a shimmering makeover.
  • Use colors like pink, and light brown to bring out the full effect. Make sure to blend it all for an even play of shimmer colors.
  • Fill in the lips with a dark shade of pink and do it up with the sparkling colors on it.

This Pride Month, you are set to make your mark with the best pride makeup looks!!!

Image Credit: cityspidey

Schedule for Parade in the United States June 2022

Several parades, memorials, marches, events of art and music, and many other forms of events mark the Pride Month celebration. The aim is to bring awareness of the ongoing issues within the LGBTQAI+ communities.

Here are the top 10 scheduled Pride Parades in the US:



June 11th, 2022

Logan & Dupont Circle neighborhoods, Washington, D.C.

June 12th, 2022

Hollywood and Cahuenga Blvd, Los Angeles

June 19th, 2022

Downtown Portland, ending at the Portland Pride Waterfront Festival, Portland, Oregon

June 25th, 2022

St. Peter’s Waterfront, St. Petersburg, Florida

June 25th, 2022

Outside Houston City Hall, Houston, Texas

June 25th, 2022

West Steps of the Colorado State Capitol, Denver

June 26th, 2022

25th Street and 5th Avenue, New York City

June 26th, 2022

Montrose Avenue and Broadway in Uptown, Chicago

June 26th, 2022

Market Street and Beale, San Fransisco

June 26th, 2022

Fourth Avenue, Downtown, Seattle

Wrapping up

Pride Month comes with an intense history of people wanting to stand up for their rights and of course untrammeled PRIDE! From the simple pride makeup looks with soft and stunning rainbow hues to strong and muscular shades of colors, Pride makeup looks explore it all. Try out the look of your choice as you stand up for your identity with Pride. De’Lanci unconditionally stands by you during this Pride Month with its full range of high-quality makeup products. Explore them and see your Pride swell! 

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