How to make your look on the camera look flawless You will need a eye shadow disc

Makeup rarely translates into pictures. The human eye sees differently through the lens of a camera as the shape of the lens and lighting changes the features of the face. You know you need help when you have a beautiful palette of eye shadow on top of a complete oval brush set, yet your selfies still turn out nay.

If you have been trying to get that Instagram or Snapchat perfect look, check out these tricks on how to apply makeup for an awesome photo finish. You know we take a lot of them, don’t we?

Sometimes, it is just about using the right tools and the order of application to get that flawless look on close-up poses.

Always use a PRIMER first
Start by hydrating your skin with a primer. Primer masks uneven skin tone, enlarged pores and leave a natural look. The moisture gives a natural glow to your skin and helps to hold the makeup longer. Pro tip: If you ultimately want a glowing skin, try applying a highlighter after the primer and before using a foundation. The highlighter gives a lit-from-within look.

Apply FOUNDATION next before any other makeup
Foundation helps to blur imperfections but we don’t want to conceal an already beautiful glowing skin. Avoid piling up layers of foundation and stick to lightweight formulas. Apply powder, cream or liquid foundation evenly using oval brushes. Pro tip: Liquid or cream sticks to the skin more than powder. The latter is more prone to sitting on the surface.

Correct problem areas with a CONCEALER
Uneven colors on your face can be corrected using a concealer. Focus on areas such as under your nostrils and dark spots under your eyes. Pro Tip: To keep the concealer intact, use it to cover imperfections only after you have applied foundation.

Brighten the EYES
Define your eyes with natural looking eyebrows. Pro Tip: Using narrow toothbrush makeup brushes can help create a subtle look to your brows. It intensifies the shade while keeping the natural eyebrow look.

A mix of 3 eye shadow colors will surely make your eyes appear larger and brighter in pictures. First, choose a neutral (close to your skin tone) eye shadow color to apply to your eyelids. Next, pick a darker shade of the first to help contour the lids. Then use a lighter color to illuminate the curves.

Lastly, applying thin eyeliner helps create beautifully framed eyes --- both in photos and in real life. Pro Tip: Keep it close and tight.

The magic of CONTOUR
The bronzer, blush and highlighter define the most important parts of your face. It helps outline your angles, create dimension, and work like a camera filter respectively. Pro Tip: An oval brush set has all the sizes you need to effortlessly blend make-up with your skin. The density of the brushes makes it the perfect tool to use in contouring.

Get rid of excess oil on your face with a finishing powder. Apply it on spots where you really need in order to remove shine. Pro Tip: For textured skin, applying powder before foundation creates a smooth base and avoids adding weight.

Now get those makeup and cruelty free makeup brushes ready. These beauty tricks are sure to help you master the art of looking flawless on cam. No filters allowed!

Into the brush

Into the eye shadow plate


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