4 Easy Steps to How to Find Your Eye Shape for Best Eye Makeup Look

You surely love those mesmerizing eye makeup looks that those celebrities wear! Get to recreate them for you own eyes – but, only after knowing the shape of your eyes! Remember that those picture-perfect eye makeups come only after they are applied according to the angles and tilts that the eyes have. So, it’s time that you get to know the exact shape of your eyes before turning to the brushes and colors! Just follow our super-easy how to find your eye shape guide and get the exact statistics in minutes. Keep scrolling and read on!

Table of Content

  1. Why you should know your eye shape
  2. 4 Easy Steps to How to Find Your Eye Shape
    1. Stand in front of a mirror
    2. Find the cut crease on the eyelids
    3. Think of a line crossing across your eyes
    4. Determine the shape of the eyes
  3. 5+ tips to wear best eye makeup look
  4. Wrapping up

Why You Should Know Your Eye Shape

Why You Should Know Your Eye Shape

Applying eye makeup in the correct way is a game-changer when it comes to your face! While the right stroke of the eyeliner or the accurate positioning of the eyeshadow colors can bring them alive, one single mistake can make the face dull and aged!! What looks so brilliant on those beautiful almond eyes simply does not fit those with rounded or hooded eyes. Create the illusion of larger or elongated eyes for the best effects on the face knowing how to find out your eye shape with stunning eye makeup looks!!!

4 Easy Steps to How to Find Your Eye Shape

We’ve got you covered with these easy steps that’ll help you with your how to know your eye shape quest!

1. Stand in front of a full-sized mirror

Stand in front of a full-sized mirror

We begin the how to find your eye shape guide with the basics right! It’s important that you have best makeup mirrors, adequate light and the right kind of mirror to get the full view of your eyes for its correct definition!

How to get a clear view in front of the mirror:

  1. Stand in front of a plain mirror that is large enough to not just include your full face but your body.
  2. There should be adequate light from all sides so that you get the exact view from any angle you wish to inspect your eyes.
  3. Now, make sure to stand absolutely at 00 to the mirror for the best viewing of your eyes.

2. Find the cut crease on the eyelids

Find the cut crease on the eyelids

Moving on to the next step of how to find your eye shape, you need to find the natural division between the upper eye part, that is the cut crease. Its prominence is vital in determining the type of eye you have!

How to find the cut crease division clearly:

  1. There is a definite fold on the upper lids known as the cut crease.
  2. Open your eyes and look into the mirror to find that folded part.
  3. This fold can be too heavy which makes the lower part of the lids hardly visible. you have hooded eyes.
  4. It can also barely appear on the lids giving the illusion of no folding on them. you have monolids.
  5. You can also have a visible fold on the upper lids. you have perfect lids with cut creases.

3. Think of a line crossing across your eyes

Think of a line crossing across your eyes

Coming to the next part of the how to determine eye shape tutorial, we now move on to see the actual tilt that your eyes have. This is best done with some imagination in mind that will help you get the right analysis!

How to create an imaginary line horizontally:

  1. Think of an imaginary line running across your eye from one end to the other.
  2. Notice the tilt or the angle of the outer edge of your eyes.
  3. This tilt can be either upwards, or downwards giving you specific findings of upwards-tilted eyes or downwards-tilted eyes.
  4. In the third case, it may not have any tilt with both the inner and the outer edges being at the same angle.

4. Determine the shape of the eyes

Determine the shape of the eyes

Now we come to the proper determination step of the how to know your eye shape where you define your eyes with a single or multiple parameters. Remember that no 2 eyes have the same shape or features, so determine yours and apply makeup accordingly!

  1. Almond eyes
    almond eyes
    1. When your cut crease is visible when looking at the lids, but there is no white of the eye showing above or below the iris, you have almond-shaped eyes.
    2. Such eyes will also have an upward tilt at the outer corners.
  2. Round eyes
    Round eyes
    1. If you’re able to see the white below the iris when looking straight into the mirror, you clearly have round eyes.
    2. Also, your cut crease will always be clearly noticeable with the round eye shape.
  3. Monolid eyes

    Monolid eyes

    1. You do not see much or any of the cut crease, which is the place where the eyelids meet the skin below the brows in a fold, it means you have a monolid.
    2. Having monolid eyes means that you don’t see the cut crease when your eyes are open.
  4. Hooded eyes
    Hooded eyes
    1. When looking at the eyes you see that there is a crease but it is covering most parts of the eyelids, you are likely to have hooded eyes.
    2. Here the upper lid tends to hang down slightly hiding the natural cut crease and there is very little eyelid space visible between the cut crease and the lash line.
  5. Upturned eyes
    Upturned eyes
    1. Find the tilt of your eyes looking at the outer edges. see if they are tilting upwards or downwards of the imaginary line cutting across the center.
    2. If the outer corner is tilting upwards, you are blessed with upturned eyes.
  6. Down turned eyes
    Down turned eyes
    1. You’ll be able to determine if you have this type of eyes by once again looking at the tilt that the eyes have.
    2. If the outer edges of the eyes are tilting downwards of the imaginary central line going across the eyes, you have down-turned eyes.
  7. Deep set eyes
    Deep set eyes
    1. When your eyes are tucked back into the socket making the brow bones look bigger, you are likely to have deep-set eyes.
    2. They might give your face the appearance of being tired if makeup is not applied correctly.
  8. Protruding eyes
    Protruding eyes
    1. If your eyes appear to stick outwards and are set more towards the upper lash line, you are likely to have protruding eyes.
    2. A lot of people with monolids have protruding eye, though not all of them.

5+ Tips to Wear the Best Eye Makeup Look

Here are some bonus points we’ve added to our how to find your eye shape guide for some of the best makeup looks you can wear!!!!

  1. Eye makeup tip for hooded eyes and monolids: Since these 2 eye shape types do not have much or any visible crease area, and very little eyelid space, create a cut crease using a concealer just above the natural one. Look straight into the mirror and apply a medium shade shimmery color from the lash line to the middle of the visible lid.
  2. Eye makeup for downturned eyes: These have a droopy appearance and the best way to lift them is with the dark swipe of an eyeliner that flicks upwards and outwards. Take the flick from the outer edge of the lower lash line aiming at the outer end of the brow.
  3. Eye makeup for rounded eyes: Clear the space on the eyelids by coating them with primer and concealer. Use a nude base shade on the eyelids and elongate the eye shape by lining the upper lash line with a dark liner extending it outwards with a wing.
  4. Eye makeup for almond eyes: Add dimension to these naturally beautiful eyes by applying a medium-toned eyeshadow using DE’LANCI 54 Color La Catrina Eyeshadow Palette on the eyelids. Intensify by applying a dark eyeliner and smoking the outer corners for special occasion looks.
  5. Eye makeup tip for hooded eyes: Extend the look of your eyes by creating a lighter-shaded halo of the same color that you have applied on the lid space.
  6. Eye makeup idea for any eye shape: The best way to give your eyes a naturally deep look is to tight-line the lash lines. This is where you apply the eyeliner color at the roots of the lashes making them appear dense thus making the eyes prominent.

Wrapping up

Master your eye makeup with these invaluable tips and tricks on this how to know your eye shape guide and make them the center of your beautiful face. Carefully determine the shape and play out with the versatile colors of the De’lanci Rainbow Eyeshadow Palette. Share your on your eye shape and the best eye makeup for it that you love to wear in the comment section below!!!

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