How to choose makeup palette color modeling

First, the choice of foundation

1, determine the color:
Ask students to roll up their sleeves to the arm bend, carefully observe the color of his inner wrist: if it is pink, it is cool; if yellow, is warm, and then choose the color for your foundation.
2, the choice of foundation
Skin color is cool: suitable for pure ivory and soft ivory foundation
Warm skin tone: suitable for soft ivory and ivory foundation

3, the model came to power (previously done skin care), to the model on the foundation
How to choose makeup palette color modeling-DE'LANCI
Second, choose makeup style according to color

· Pre-production color card display
Color card production: the color selection color system, "my style" one copy, the direct use of the following colors on the paper coloring, with the help of eye shadow sticks, soft color beauty brush, blush brush and other tools, lipstick with a cotton swab Apply and wipe the grease dry with a paper towel after application to prevent the grease in the lipstick from dizzy on the paper.
Or, we can also directly to the Beauty Consultant living in the shape of the makeup page as a model.
· It is recommended that customers choose the more natural skin white skin, darker skin type using the classic, while the contrast is suitable for late-night styling.
Natural type: cool warm neutral color
Eye shadow background: tender pink orange crystal sand
Outline: light sweet taro chestnut brown orange
Blush: Cuckoo honey palm cuckoo
Lipstick: pink purple, light rose red smoothie Mocha laurel, red bean paste

Classic: Cool and warm colors
Eye shadow background: tender pink orange
Outline color: dream purple chestnut brown
Blush: Rose honey honey
Lipstick: Dream Purple, purple rose warm Gui Hong, alcohol coffee, classical rose
Contrast: cool warm neutral color
Eye shadow background: tender pink orange crystal sand
Highlights: Midnight blue dark coffee dark coffee
Blush: Rose Red Honey Brown Rhododendron
Lipstick: blueberry purple, deep red berry red cedar wine red, red sunset

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