Mind-Blowing Hacks and Steps on How To Apply Liquid Lipstick

Are you looking for a perfect smudge-proof, long-lasting, and bold lipstick? Then liquid lipstick is your best solution. There are various ways to fill your lips with captivating colors. Having a perfect pout is a great deal. Liquid lipstick leaves a stain that can last for a whole day. However, the concern is how to apply liquid lipstick that can get you the best result?

This blog is all about how to apply liquid lipstick in the best way? And what are the life-saving hacks that you can try while your application? So, come let us dig more into the blog and explore the various hacks and steps.

How to Apply Liquid Lipstick? (STEPS)

  1. Step 1: Prep your Lips with Lip-Balm
  2. Step 2: Marking your Lips
  3. Step 3: Smudge the Edge
  4. Step 4: Liquid Lipstick Application

You must have read many blogs on how to use liquid lipstick, but the key to the process is perfectly moisturized lips. Here are some basic steps you must follow before applying your liquid lipstick.

Step 1: Prep your Lips with Lip-Balm

Step1 Prep your Lips with Lip-Balm

We usually apply lipstick at the end of the makeup process. It is advisable to start your skincare process by applying a lip balm to your lips. Applying a lip balm before lipstick application helps in moisturizing your lips. At times liquid formulas can dry your lips which can cause discomfort for many of you. Thus, it is always advisable to apply a lip balm five to ten minutes before the lipstick application. 

Step 2: Marking your Lips

Step 2 Marking your Lips - How to apply liquid lipstick

Before filling the lip color, make sure to mark your lips. Experts advise making border lines with the pencil that creates an edge and highlights your lips perfectly. It helps in creating a fluffiness to your lips which makes them look bold and perfect after filling the lines. 

Always start by marking an ‘X’ on the V tip of the lips. It helps you in creating a neat, clean and perfect filling on the lips. One more thing: always use a clean and sharpened pencil. 

Step 3: Smudge the Edge

Step 3 Smudge the Edge - How to apply liquid lipstick

After lining the lips it's time to start smudging the edges with the brush. Smudging the lines towards the inner side of the lips makes it feel real. Softly smudge the lines with a brush towards the interior of your lips. Smudge it equally from all sides. Ohh yes, before that I forget, make sure you are using a clean and sanitized brush. After all, our safety is our responsibility.

This step will create a real effect and will make the color look like a signature shade of your lips. No one will recognize that you have filled the lines with a pencil for a loud effect. 

Step 4: Liquid Lipstick Application 

Step 4: Liquid Lipstick Application - How to apply liquid lipstick

Start applying the lipstick with a brush. Take a start from the opening of the lips. Outline with a thin brush. Finally, when you are done with it, start filling the inner side. Make sure you make a stop on the purse. Nicely stroke the brush all over the lips to spread the lipstick equally and smoothly on the lip surface. 

Always remember while applying liquid lipstick, never tap your lips amongst each other. This can create layers that look bad when the lipstick is dried. Also, the quality of your liquid lipstick will play a huge role in the overall outlook. Try the De'lanci’s matte liquid lipstick of 8 nude shades. They are waterproof and long lasting to make you look exquisite and elegant.

De'lanci’s matte liquid lipstick of 8 nude shades

Top 3 Liquid Lipstick Hacks (TIPS)

Usually, women believe, applying liquid lipstick is simple. However, there are different tips you can follow to enjoy a bold and flawless lipstick on your lips. I am pretty sure after reading this, you will try some of these hacks next time while wearing a liquid formula!

1. Blot your Lips After the Application

Liquid Lipstick Hacks - Blot your Lips After the Application

Liquid Lipstick covers the complete lips. At times this can cause stains on your teeth which can be embarrassing for us. To avoid such encounters, blot your lips right after the application of the lipstick. Take tissue paper, place them between your lips and blot your lips on them. 

Blotting your lips will eliminate the extras from your lips. This will even help your liquid formula to fry faster. This hack works well when you are in a hurry and need to avoid staining your teeth with lipstick. 

2. Try Glossy Formulas

Liquid Lipstick Hacks (TIPS) - Use Brush while Filling the Color

Liquid formulas have the nature of drying the lips. To avoid excess dryness, you can try glossy formulas. Adding lip gloss to your lipstick will maintain a moist base on your lips. Some women face the problem of dry lips after the application of liquid shades. At times, this results in tearing the lips and causing bleeding. 

With the help of drippers, add two to three drops of gloss to your liquid formula and mix it well. This works well when you want to put on the lipstick for the whole day long. 

3. Use Brush while Filling the Color

Never make the mistake of using the filler brush that is given with the lipstick. Make use of lip brushes that have neat and soft bristles. Using a proper brush helps in filling the lipstick nicely on the lip base. 

Lip brushes give you a perfect outline that helps you in understanding the right application. It fills out every corner of your lips and results in a clean and bold flawless lip. Different cuts have different applications. Make sure you have read the usage of all the brush types before trying them on your lips. 

Final Words

Enjoying a bold and flawless liquid lipstick is not an easy task. For beginners, this can be a challenge. Everyone must know how to apply liquid lipstick perfectly on their lips. Various brands have discovered different ranges and forms of liquid formulas. All of them will give you contrasting results. What you need to do is explore the different formulas and understand the application form. I have mentioned some of the most relevant steps and tips you can follow while applying lipstick. I hope these hacks and steps will help you gain the perfect pout. 

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