This palette is the perfect palette for all of my GLITTER lovin' makeup gals!  This palette has 12 different glitter shades to choose from with 6 matte shades as well.  I think this palette has the perfect ratio of glitter to matte shades.  
Here are the first three glitter shades in the palette.
  • The first shade is an orange-ish shimmer.
  • The second shade is a light pink shimmer.
  • The third shade is a bright gold shimmer.
Here are the second three glitter shades in the palette.
  • The fourth shade is a silver shimmer.
  • The fifth shade is a deeper orange shimmer.
  • The sixth shade is a black shimmer.
Here are the third three glitter shades in the palette.
  • The seventh shade is a light violet shimmer.
  • The eighth shade is a deep violet shimmer.
  • The ninth shade is a mixture of both ^ shimmers.
Here are the last third glitter shades in the palette. 
  • The tenth shade is an aqua shimmer.
  • The eleventh shade is a deeper gold
  • The twelfth shade is a deep turquoise. 
  Here are the six matte shades in this palette. 
This palettes pigmentation is amazing and the colors are super easy to work with. A lot of the time palettes with this much pigmentation have a lot of fall out.  But this palette had little to no fall out, I was very surprised!  Whenever I buy a palette that has a lot of glitter, I normally apply the glitter shades with my fingers so I can get more shimmer out of them.  Well, I tested these glitter shades with both my finger and brush and I got the same result.  Actually I probably got more glitter on my brush than my fingers.  So don't worry about having to apply these glitters with your fingers, just use your brush!  I feel like when you use your brush, these glitters work better on application and they look smoother with a brush and less cakey.  
The formula of the glitter shades are great, it's almost like a creamy texture.  The glitters don't clump up and actually go on very smoothly.  I have found that if you use an eyeshadow primer as a base that it makes the glitter shades "POP" more so than without an eyeshadow primer.  
Of course I wouldn't recommend these shadows for anyone who doesn't like to sparkle!  But if you do like to sparkle then I would totally buy this palette! It's my new favorite glitter eyeshadow palette!  I love how it not only has glitter colors, but it also has matte shades as well.  So you can use the matte shades as a base for your glitter!  The matte shades go along perfectly with the theme of this palette!  If you're looking for glitter for a special occasion to dress up, like Halloween, then I would defiantly recommend this eyeshadow palette to you!  Or if you're just looking to add a little glitter to your makeup bag, then buy this palette! 
These eyeshadows stay in place all throughout the day.  So they are very long lasting, they were actually a little challenging to get off my eye lids.  Glitter decided it wanted to go everywhere.  So when taking these glitter shades off, I would recommend not rubbing your eyes ( it will get everywhere ).  Just take a makeup wipe and slowly wash it off.  
These shadows are perfect for a going out look, or if you just want to add a little glitter to your eyes.  This palette is so versatile, that's one of the reasons I love this palette so much. This palette is also very travel friendly, fits right inside my makeup bag.  I love how it comes with a mirror as well.  The packaging is very classy.  You wouldn't be able to tell that this palette is such a "fun" rainbow palette by the packaging.  Which isn't a bad thing, I personally like the packaging.  
One thing I wish the palette did come with, is a brush or possibly an eyeshadow primer. Just a little something to go along with the palette.  I feel like that would make the eyeshadow palette even better and it might help sell more of the palettes.  
Overall, this palette is defiantly for the "Glitter - Lovers"!  I would highly recommend this palette to anyone who loves glitter just as much as I do!  


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