DE'LANCI teach you to quickly remedy makeup errors

    Seriously make-up before going out, want to give a surprise to the date of the appointment, but an imperceptible make-up appeared flawed, not eyeliner crooked, is the mascara stained eyelids, but leaving the door only 10 minutes, how to quickly remedy?
Wrong NG:

blush a carelessness too much, like a monkey butt ... Quick fix: You can use a larger brush or puff dipped in powder above the missing Blush draw big circle, but if missed condition too Serious, you can use the pearl liquid foundation, with a brush to draw a round way to open, make blush become natural, the face can be shiny, three-dimensional.

Wrong NG: eyeliner levels are not the same, the more coarse ... Quick fix: Use a cotton swab to take a little concealer to gently push open, allowing the perfect eyeliner is completely covered. If you are not always good at eyeliner, you can use the scotch tape at the end of the eye and eyebrow stick a small piece of breathable tape, so eyeliner eye-tail angle, it will be easier to succeed. The disadvantage is that after the ventilation tape is removed, the makeup should be repaired.
Wrong NG: finally painted long and curly eyelashes, unexpectedly in the blink of an eye eyelid ... ... Quick fix: If this time your eye shadow is more dark, you can use the same color Eyeshadow it blooming. However, if you are using light-colored bright eye shadow, eye shadow will be buried with the same color eyeshadow, it is recommended to use a cotton swab to wipe off, and then quickly rub the same color eye shadow.
Wrong NG: Carelessly drawn crayon small eyebrow ... ... Quick fix: brow to Meiwei Meiwei line drawing too hard, you can use the cotton swab it back and forth blooming, but if Halo to become very thick, you can then touch the color of eyebrow powder or powder brush on the wrong lines. In addition, if Mei Mei painted too long, the direct use of concealer cover on the OK!
    Wrong NG: lipstick accidentally rubbing to the lip outside ... Quick fix: At this time the easiest way is to use concealer cover. But in fact, the most fundamental method should be before drawing lipstick, first use lip liner to describe the lips lightly, and then use the concealer to tap the lips around the way, and finally use lipstick to fill the lips, lips will be more lasting.
Wrong NG: repair lotion is too much like a beard ... Quick fix: you can use a larger brush or puff dipped in powder swept over the area in the repair capacity, make the skin tone adjusted a little more natural. In fact, the best way to do this is to make minor repairs and make repairs in time.



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