8 Best Eyeliner Colors for Dark Skin in 2022

Your eyes are definitely the central feature of your face and it’s important to wear the best makeup on them. Eyeliner is definitely the makeup product that can make your eyes amazingly striking when it complements your skin tone. Our experts have given tips for the best eyeliner color for dark skin for all you lovely people. From the classic black to the funky colored eyeliners, here are the 8 best eyeliner for dark skin tone that you can choose from! Learn about the different types of eyeliners from our experts too!

  1. 8 Best Eyeliner Color for Dark Skin
    1. Classy black eyeliner color
    2. Striking blue shimmer eyeliner color
    3. Distinct white eyeliner color
    4. Rich copper shimmer eyeliner color
    5. Neon multi-hued eyeliner colors
    6. Smokey grey eyeliner color
    7. Attractive turquoise blue eyeliner color
    8. Intense mauve eyeliner color
  2. Tips to Apply Eyeliner on Dark Skin
    1. Use primer
    2. Apply foundation
    3. Use concealer
    4. Apply the right eyeshadow
    5. Blend it all the way
    6. Apply eyeliner close to the lash line
    7. Finish the look with mascara
  3. Wrapping up

8 Best Eyeliner Color for Dark Skin

      1.Classy black eyeliner color

      Classic black eyeliner is good for all skin tones and looks stunningly beautiful when used in combination with a light-colored eyeshadow! Read on what our experts have to say on different types of eyeliner looks.

      • Set the base for the best eyeliner color for dark skin by applying primer on your eyelids.
      • Apply a light-colored monochromatic eyeshadow color like peach.
      • Blend it to a smooth finish.
      • Apply a waterproof black eyeliner close to the eyelids.
      • Repeat to make it thick and bold, and see the mesmerizing effect it creates.

      2. Striking blue shimmer eyeliner color

      You can never go wrong with shimmering blue eyeliner on dark skin! Grab the De’Lanci La Catrina 3-Color Glitter Liquid Eyeliner set and see how it soars up your glam quotient instantly!

      • Pick  the blue glitter eyeliner pen with its 0.9mm soft felt tip brush.
      • Draw a line close to the lashes and extend it to form a wing.
      • Gradually build up the thickness of the line.
      • Broaden its wing to form a prominent presence that lights up your face instantly.

      Those wanting to add some extra dose of glamour can opt to add a graphic line over and beneath the blue shimmer eyeliner. It is a good option for brown eyeliner on brown skin that can easily give a multi-dimensional look to your eyes! 

      3. Distinct white eyeliner color

      White is a quintessential color that brightens looks on all skin tones, especially the dark ones. Whether you have a dark skin tone or one that borders towards that of the medium, white eyeliner is just perfect to rock a simple makeup look!

      • Set the canvas of your eyelid right with a primer.
      • Use a concealer to cover any dark spots or circles.
      • Use your white eyeliner to draw out a line slightly above the upper eyelashes.
      • Draw the line slightly beyond the lash line.
      • Now, draw out a line with the white eyeliner along the lower lash line starting from its center.
      • Extend it to form a prominent winged graphic meeting the upper white line.

      You’re all ready to rock any event with this simple yet all-so-prominent eye makeup; pair it up with nude lipstick and see the magic around!

      4. Rich copper shimmer eyeliner color

      When you want to add that extra dose of glam, it’s definitely shimmer that comes to play! Shimmery copper is definitely a fabulous color when it comes to the best eyeliner color for dark skin tones. 

      • Prep your eyelids and apply a dark rich earthen color as the base eyeshadow.
      • Now take your shimmery copper and carefully draw a line along the upper lash line.
      • Extend the end to form a wing.
      • Work up on the thickness of the upper eyeliner and make a thick extended wing.
      • Complete the lash looks with a coat of mascara.
      • Frame the eyes by highlighting your eyebrows.

      You have put on an electrifying look that is just right to rock any date night, party, or festival gathering! 

      5. Neon multi-hued eyeliner colors

      Love to have fun with colors and want to rock the next party? Here’s just the best eyeliner color for dark skin options for you! Dual tone eyeliner colors are in vogue and you can achieve an instantly eye-catching look with it.

      • It’s time to turn your Heartquake Eyeshadow Palette into mesmerizing eyeshadow colors.
      • Take the eyeliner brush from your makeup brush set to wear this look.
      • Yellow and pink is a perfect combination for those funky girly looks.
      • Apply the bright yellow along the upper lash line of one eye.
      • Complement the other lash line with  the bright pink color.
      • Keep the liners slightly thick, but, end them where the eyes end.

      Add instant warmth to your look effortlessly glamorous look and keep the rest simple. Complete the look with a light pink shade of lipstick and see how to take the center stage!


      6. Smokey grey eyeliner color

      If you want something softer but not just the common black eyeliner, then we have just the best eyeliner color for dark skin! It’s none other than the glittery smoky grey color! It’s great to pull off an instantly bright look with this color.

      • Get your essential eyelid prep work right.
      • Move on to line the upper lids with the glitter smoky grey eyeliner.
      • Take care to make the lines thick and prominent for it to stand out well.
      • Extend at the ends as a prominent wing for that added oomph.
      • Frame the eyes with a prominently shaped eyebrow.

      Pair up this eyeliner with a minimalist look and give your face an instantly poised look for any time of the day!

      7. Attractive turquoise blue eyeliner color

      All you fun-loving people, here’s another option from the best eyeliner color for dark skin that will let you rock the scene. Turquoise blue stands out on dark skin tone at any time of the day or night. Using the Best Neon Eyeshadow Palette of neon shades will further help attenuate your look!

      • Keep things simple by drawing out a line with the eyeliner brush along the upper eyelids.
      • Take care to build on the line’s thickness for that extra-glam effect.
      • You can restrict its length to that of your eye for a more poised look.
      • For those of you wanting to set the stage on fire, make that extended turquoise wing.

      The fierce hue of the color will make you stand out no matter where!

      8. Intense mauve eyeliner color

      Mauve is a great option for all skin types especially if you have medium-dark skin tone! You can either wear it solo or give it a lighter look by pairing hues that are close to it. Make your pick as you wear the ultimate look using De’Lanci Glitter Eyeliner Pens!

      • Take care to prep the eyes using a quality primer.
      • Use foundation or concealer as per the needs of your skin.
      • Once ready, start drawing a line close to the upper eyelid extending to a long wing.
      • Thick the wing at the end to give the eyes a glamorous look.
      • If in a mood for some graphic look, then use complementing colors for creating designs.

      Mauve is among the most popular colors when it comes to the best eyeliner color for dark skin as it helps add instant dimension with its rich vibrancy!

      Tips to Apply Eyeliner on Dark Skin

      Colorful eyeliner can definitely set the tone to your makeup and instantly add color vibrancy to it. But you must know how to apply the eyeliner color of your choice precisely. There are steps that you cannot miss if you want to perfect the killer look! Know what our experts have to say on how to apply eyeliner step by step

      1. Use primer

      The first step to applying makeup is to even out your skin so that the product glides on it smoothly. Primer does the work of closing pores and smoothing out fine lines to give you that smooth canvas on which you can apply colors. This is especially true of your eyes which have fine lines and creases on its lids. Using a primer will even them out so that product colors settle on the even skin without sinking into the creases or lines.

      2. Apply foundation

      Applying foundation will help give you a brighter skin tone that perfectly blends all parts of your face. It sets the base on which pigments of your eye makeup will show up more prominently. 

      3. Use concealer

      Using concealer is critical to getting an even skin tone all around the eyes. In case of uneven skin tone, these will show up more prominently against makeup product colors. Concealing dark circles or any other type of pigmentation will make the skin around the eyes similar to the rest of the face. This will help bring out the colors of your eye makeup more vibrantly.

      4. Apply the right eyeshadow

      Depending on the type of look you want to wear – from minimalistic to funky or heavy glitters, you have a wide choice of eyeshadow usage. For the minimalistic look, you can stick to applying nude-colored eyeshadow. Some of you may even want to do away with the eyeshadow for your regular look and move on straight to using the eyeliner. It all depends on the time and the place where you’re going!

      5. Blend it all the way

      Whatever color eyeshadow you may use ranging from monochromatic nudes to layered glitters, make sure to blend the colors into one another. This is the best way to bring out the effect of all your eye makeup colors without traces of color lines.

      6. Apply eyeliner close to the lash line

      Now that it’s time to apply the best eyeliner color for dark skin, make sure you begin close to the lash line and build up gradually. It is best to start from the center of the eyes and move outwards to build the wings’ thickness. For the corner of the eyes, just give the lash lines a thin coverage of the color. This will help give your eyes a brighter and bigger look. Applying too much eyeliner at the corner of the eyes closes up the eyes.

      7. Finish the look with mascara

      Coat your eyelashes with a volumizing mascara so that they make your eyes look larger and brighter instantly. 

      Wrapping up 

      Now that you know how to wear the best eyeliner color for dark skin and the different options that are open before you, it’s time to grab the right products. De’Lanci offers you a wide range of cruelty-free lip, eye, face products, and makeup brushes that cater to world-class standards. There is much you can do when it comes to wearing ramp-ready looks any time! See what our experts have to say about basic makeup kits for beginners to get started!

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