9 Best Lip Shades for Dark Skin in 2023

Those gorgeous shades of lipsticks popping up on social media platforms or splashing across tabloids are all so tempting! You sure want to look as ravishing as those awesome models wearing the most exotic shades on their lips. Go gorgeous and effortlessly stylish once you know exactly which colors to picks as lip shades for dark skin! We’ve put together a complete guide on how you can pick the best lip shades for dark lips and skin. Go on, read, and pick the right one for your complexion!!

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List of Lipstick shades for Dark Skin

  1. Nude lipsticks for deep and dark skin tones
  2. Deep brown or Cocoa
  3. Vivid orange
  4. Pretty pink with dark undertones
  5. Red
  6. Rust
  7. Maroon
  8. Burgundy or Deep Wine
  9. Mauve

Here we go with the top 9 picks…

1. Nude lipsticks for deep and dark skin tones

Make you look unforgettable with the right choice of shade from nude lipstick set for the deep, dusky, and dark skin tones. It should be one that plays a subtle drama of contrast on your complexion. Contradictory as it may sound, but the right nude colors for any skin tone should be darker than the actual color! It should be able to add the right does of depth and warmth to your complexion, blending well to look natural on the dark skin tones.

Image Credit: Makeupandbeauty

Accent your nude makeup looks with intensely pigmented formulae having warm undertones. Stick to bright and vibrant nude colors with rich undertones of red or chocolate brown. If you wish to give your nude a brighter look, gloss it up for that dewy and glowing color vibrancy. Avoid light nude lipstick shades that give deep skin colors a dull and chalky look. Do not choose a shade that is too close to your natural skin tone or darker making it get lost with the rest of your features.

2. Deep brown or Cocoa

Be proud of your dark skin color and flaunt it to the world confidently wearing lipstick shades of burnt chocolate with blue, and lively red undertones. These hues look absolutely gorgeous and flatter deep skin colors any time of the day.

Image Credit: thezoereport

Deep brown and cocoa are absolutely foolproof lip shades for all you lovely ladies with dark skin colors. The colors just look incredible on dark skin and lips works across makeup looks of all types and create endless looks.

Brown is perfect for that dramatic pouty brown lip liner look that black women have perfected. Take it a step further after lining by filling in a bold and rich brown color. Draw instant attention to your magical self with a lit-from-within glow with De'lanci Multi Shade Lipstick Palette for dark skin!

3. Vivid orange

When you want that bold pop of color to bring more life to your looks, vivid orange is just the color to wear. It may look a bit intimidating or bold, but shades of orange will leave a bright finish that is vibrant too, but, without being overwhelming.

Image Credit: Stylecaster

Orange lipsticks come with versatile undertones that give a bright yet subdued hue. Swipe on a bright orange shade and pull off your look with confidence. Alternately, you could go for a red and orange combination that evokes a flame color with a shade of rusty orange. The color is great when you want to flaunt your feisty and fearless feelings.

Image Credit: Stylecaster

If you’re in mood for a lighter shade, move towards a dark peach toned coral lip color. A fruity orange should give you a bright and vibrant look to bring out the warmth of your natural skin color.

4. Pretty pink with dark undertones

In awe of pink lips? We won’t disappoint you! There are vivid pink shades that are exclusive to your dusky skin tone. Opt for a lighter and creamier shade, a rose pink or even coral pink, and customize your look to show-off the lips as though you were born with them.

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Don’t forget to explore the spectacular shades of fuchsia pink that’ll take away all your worries about choosing the best pink lipstick for dark skin. These are bright and cheerful shades that work amazingly well for dark skin tones. Since these are blue-based, they also help make your teeth look whiter as you smile!

Image Credit: Makeupandbeauty

Just remember to avoid pink shades that are too light as they can end up looking too dull on a dark skin! Instead, opt for any of the spectacular fuchsia shades that look flattering any time of the day.

5. Red

Never let red intimidate you! It’s a classic color that flatters all skin colors and undertones, and never fails to brighten up any makeup look. The trick to getting the best out of this gorgeous color is to pick the shade that best complements your skin tone.

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Opting for red best lipstick for pigmented lips; it makes adding glamour to your looks that much easier. You just need to glide on some of the bold and beautiful red shade to instantly up your glamour quotient! Even though it looks dark, you can wear it during the day if you have a dark skin. Opt for a shade that has a blue undertone, and you’re all set to rock any look any time. Just stay away from reds with purple undertones, and look for those with darker ones.

Pick your favorite lip colors for dark skin from De'Lanci's Everlasting Matte Liquid Palette for long wear.

6. Rust Red

Bored with the typical red lipstick? Well, here’re edgy lip shades for dark skin for you that’ll let you go on a spin! Shades of red with orange undertones can have overpowering effect when applied deep skin tones. Warm brick red with orange undertones perfectly complements brown skin shades so well that it’s going to make you feel confident anywhere.

Image Credit: Birchbox

A rusty red lipstick is the perfect shade that gives a balanced look to the skin with more melanin. It looks gorgeous on any dusky skin undertone to give it a naturally radiant look.

7. Maroon

If you’re blessed with a deep skin tone, and love to explore dark and exciting shades, it’s time to go maroon! This deep shade with intensely deep pigment is never out of fashion. It’s time you know; maroon is an extremely versatile color that shows up beautifully on lips set across a dark-skinned face. The color comes in a variety of shades from royal maroon to dark maroon, and work brilliantly on the dusky skin for creating endless makeup looks.

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There are options for you like choosing a maroon with cool blue undertone in matte finish that is just perfect for dusky skin tones. Then, there are those shades of plum that also come within the ambit of maroon for you to give your face a sensational look any time. Plum colors have cool undertones that suit dark skins very well.

Image Credit: Colourpop

If you want to gloss up, try a creamy formula with deep brown-red tinge that gives a smooth finish. Your dusky looks will start glowing in a moment with maroon lip shades for dark skin!

8. Burgundy or Deep Wine

The best part about having dark skin is that you can carry off deep and bold colors with total confidence. Wine and burgundy have been an all-time favorite with ladies with dark skins! A rocking color, it calls for a show of attitude with its tough and edgier tint. There are tons of burgundy and wine shades to choose from. Just be sure of your skin undertone and pick the lipstick that stand out as boldly as you do!

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Check on your vein colors on the underside of your wrist; if the veins are blue, you have a light skin undertone, and if they appear greenish, the skin undertone is warm. For the former, you can opt for shades with more red for that blushed effect. And for the later, there are those that come with bolder pigments to prevent it from blending with the skin color. Burgundy and deep wine colors do a great job in hiding dark colors of the lips that usually accompany dusky skin. So, just wear the right shade for a stunning outcome.

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9. Mauve

How can we not mention the quintessential mauve when talking about best matte lipstick for dark skin? A combination of brown, purple, and pink, this amazing color is meant to show up magnificently across a face with rich skin tones. An amazing color, it works across a range of makeup looks, and is suited for multiple occasions. Bold and sultry, the color is a perfect fit to pair up with blushed cheeks, and head for some sass!

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Pick a rich and deep shade of mauve with a hint of brown to give your deep skin tone a stunning look. Warmer shades like those with peach and taupe undertones are just incredible for adding dimension to your dusky looks. A pinkish purple mauve will make your deep skin color look just phenomenal.

Image Credit: TimesofIndia

Wrapping up

Remember a rule of thumb while picking the lip shades for dark skin is to stick to cool undertones of the color that will naturally help brighten up the complexion. Go with matte for most of the time, especially for your every day look. If you wish to gloss it up, make sure you wear a bright color before applying gloss. Avoid wearing gloss on your nude lips as it will tend to bring out the natural dark lip color.


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