Top Five Winter Makeup Looks To Try In 2021!

Winter is here, the season where the weather calls for boots, sweaters and hot chocolate. Fashionable coats and cloud soft sweaters are making their way into the closets and we girls are heading out with cozy scarves. While it sounds exciting, it is a bummer that winter wear is not as colourful as summer wear. The boring sharing of endless beige, brown and black can get overwhelmingly melancholic but we have a spark of magic to save you from it, and that magic is winter makeup trends for 2021. 

Moreover, unlike summers, hot and humid weather makes you ultra makeup conscious because you don’t know what would get wiped off with sweat; winter offers a more stable temperature to experiment with any looks you want. That is why winter makeup looks are colourful, trendy and full of life! There is also room for experiment here where the weather encourages dark and heavy tones and texture that are otherwise a gamble to try out.

5 Winter Makeup Looks To Explore

1. Sugar Plum Lips

Sugar Plum Lips - Winter Makeup Looks

Spring and Summers pass by leaving the hearty tints of corals, pinks, and pastels, however, serious winters require some jolting show. Style is high on trying different things with textures and tones. For something such, we are fixating on this colder time of year is our affection for dark lips. 

Dull, hazy lips emanate marvelousness and serious allure yet what does it take to brandish it effortlessly. We burgundy, plum and browns are the moving shades so get on the trend train and get your pout out!

2. Metallic Smokey Eye

Metallic Smokey Eye - Winter Makeup Looks

Who doesn't cherish a decent smoky eye? The way all the matte, silk, and sparkle conceals mix together can really be a masterpiece. Be that as it may, we realize a way of taking this eye makeup look to a higher level— is with metallic eye shadow. Go for changing up your go to smoky shadow look by brandishing a gold Smokey eye—or a silver one, or a bronze one, or a champagne one. Truly, any metallic shade can make for the ideal high-sparkle magnificence look. Want to go all the way? Go crazy with frosty blues and purples to capture the essence of winter makeup! 

3. Electric Eyes

Electric Eyes - Winter Makeup Looks

Tinted eyeliners can light up your eyes in an instant. In case you are worn out on applying the standard, worn out dark eyeliner, we recommend you begin trying different things with hued eyeliners. Attempt the most famous ones — gold and blue eyeliner — and the tense ones — yellow and green shaded eyeliner. Use them as single strokes or do eyeliner cosmetics without eyeshadow, these looks worth attempting this winter for a poppy electric look!

4. Candy Blush

Candy Blush - Winter Makeup Looks

Blush is a winter essential so you don't look ghostly without any colour. But blushing is also an art. It is not a one-size-fits-all sort of arrangement — you want to pick the right shade to compliment your composition. Something excessively dim or too splendid can really age you as opposed to giving you that warm, young gleam. The key is to pick something near your normal flush and the most ideal way of sorting out what that is to squeeze your cheeks. 

5. Disco Eyes

Disco Eyes - Winter Makeup Looks

Bedazzled lids, shimmery finish and the overall glitz of the disco eyes are the latest in this for winter. With this pop of colour taking over the breezy you are sure to be the highlight of any party. So dazzle up holiday parties, be it Christmas or new year with this look. You can pair it with a cut crease to add intensity to the look or just go all glitter. The one rule of disco eyes is that there are no rules! 

Some Winter Makeup Tips

  1. Always Carry A Lip Balm : There is absolutely nothing tackier than dried lips with your makeup and the unfortunate thing with winters is that the breezy weather and the capped lips are a packaged deal. So make sure to carry a lip balm with you at all times. Feel free to apply it over your lipstick if you feel them drying out. This also gives a glossy feel to the colour!

  2. Use Waterproof Mascara & Kohl : Have you also experienced watery eyes after a gush of cold winds? Winter is full of that especially while travelling. Inorder to avoid any runny makeup, make sure to use waterproof mascara and Kohl so your look looks prim and proper no matter what the weather report suggests. 

  3. Self Care With A Face Mask : During winters your skin craves for that extra bit of moisture. Use face masks to give your skin that extra nourishment so your foundation never looks dry and flaky. Face masks should be used weekly for add the extra hydration that your skin locks in to give a nice glow!

Best Products To Try Winter Makeup Looks

1. De'lanci Matte Lipstick Set Nude Waterproof Lipstick 8 Colors

De'lanci Matte Lipstick Set Nude Waterproof Lipstick 8 Colors

For that dark lip look choose De'lanci Matte Lipstick set with a wide range of shades that would perfectly fit your every trending winter look. The best colours to try out are Mushti, Kudi and Flirt. These are sure to bring a rush of colour to your look while giving it a somber matte look for sophistication.

2. De'lanci New Purple Blue Eyeshadow Palette-24 Color

De'lanci New Purple Blue Eyeshadow Palette-24 Color

Super soft shadows that deliver high pigmentation and all-day wear the Ultra slim micro compact to fit in your bag, clutch or pocket. It has a good balance of matte and shimmer shades, the mix of matte blue and purple colors, smooth shimmer glitter shades are perfect for everyday winter makeup look.



DeLanci’s blush and highlighter face makeup palette is the ideal set for those flushed winter cheeks. The rosy shades are the ideal choice for every Indian skin type that make you look elegant and poised with the right shades of pinks! Try all the blush colours for different looks to have a refreshing statement face forward each time!

4. 2 In 1 Water Based Facial Pastel Uv Split Cake Neon Body Painting Kit, 5pcs/Set

This funky set of cake neon body paint can be paired with a swift brush and used for the electric eyeliners that we were talking about earlier. This looks is just magnetically wonderful and is the go to product for winter party makeup looks. 

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