Top 8 Diwali Makeup Tips for Gorgeous Look in 2021

After a long wait of the entire year, here we are with the most exciting festival of the year, Diwali! Yes. We have so many activities, functions, and occasions to attend in the entire week. When I say of attending all of this, how can we not think of the Diwali makeup tips? Every woman has the right to look the best in this festive period. After all, this is our first Diwali after the hard days of COVID-19. So, why not have a blast with some of the mesmerizing top makeup tips? 

This Diwali, glam yourself with some of these best makeup tips in 2021. I am pretty sure, after reading this blog you will have explored many festival makeup tips that can be tried in these upcoming days filled with the festival of lights and sweets. 

Top 8 Diwali Makeup Tips

Every makeup enthusiast will agree with me, some professional and expert makeup tips carry great significance. If you want an ultimate pro result, here are some expert makeup hacks that will help you enjoy an ideal festive look. 

1.Hot Steam Face Cleansing

Everyone must understand the significance of cleaning the face before trying out any makeup ideas on your skin. You must wash your hands and face nicely before applying anything to the skin. Talking of which, a hot steam face cleansing is the best makeup tip you will get from every expert. Hot steam deeply cleanses the dirt from the upper layers of the skin. It removes all the dead skin and blackheads from the core of the pores. 

Hot steam face cleansing is one of the best Indian makeup tips. The best part about this makeup tip is that it gives you complete results without any side effects. 

2. Use a Base Primer for Skin Preparation

Base primer plays a vital role in setting your makeup on the skin. You will get various primers in any cosmetic store and online platform. For every skin type, you will get a primer. Go for the best cosmetic brand while selecting a base primer. Apply the primer right after washing your face. It works as a stimulator to your skin. Gently massage your face in a circular motion. Ensure that you are covering the entire face nicely to have the best effects. 

3. Blending the Foundation with Skin Illuminators

Skin illuminators work exactly like a conditioner to your hair. The illuminator solutions with your foundation will give you a flawless look. Illuminators are nothing but a shimmery solution that will add a luminescent effect to your skin. This makeup hack is the best solution for daytime occasions. 

What you have to do is, just add two to three drops of the solution to your foundation, or you can even apply it directly to your foundation. Blend it nicely to attain the exact result that will bring a glow to your overall face and look. Skin illuminators with foundations are considered one of the most widely accepted makeup hacks amongst Indian women. 

4. Making Use of The Correct Tools

Usually, women use either a single tool or their hands to do their complete makeup look. It is crucial to make use of the right tool for your festive makeup look. This will help you gain the perfect look easily. There are various tools, such as the blending sponge range, the various brush ranges, and the blending sticks.

All the makeup tools will help you in attaining the perfect effect on your skin. It is always advised by the experts to make use of the blenders and the brushes to do your makeup. The tools make sure that every makeup solution is settling down onto your skin for the best results. So, why use a single brush or hands to blend your makeup, when you have the right tools available for it?  

5. Give Life with the Perfect Eye Shadow.

It is said that our eyes add life to our entire look! Diwali makeup tips are incomplete without the perfect eye shadow. What kind of eyeshadow you have to do is decided based on two considerations. First of all, what is the occasion? And the second factor is, what hour of the day it is. Based on these two considerations, you can do your eye-shadow. 

We have various styles of eye shadows that are trending nowadays. Some of them are the bold smudge effect, the glittery eyes, the catty eyes with a shimmer, natural look, and the metallic effect. All of these are some of the trending Diwali makeup tips for your beautiful eyes. Oh yes! Before that I forget it, do not forget to give it a climax with the mascara and bold outline with an eyeliner. This will create a dramatic look to your perfect festive makeup look!

6. Sparkle the Blush on your Cheeks.

Sparkle the Blush on your Cheeks.

Adding the creamy blush to your makeup is a primary checklist activity. Without the blush, Diwali makeup seems to miss its charm. Blushes are like a cherry coating on your birthday cake. It feels incomplete without a blush on your face when trying to get a picture-perfect festive look. 

Add some blush on the bridge of your nose, cheekbones, cupid’s bow, and brow bone. Believe me, this will give you a perfect gleam to your face and the look.  

7. Have a Bold Pout.

Have a Bold Pout.

Every Diwali makeup tip maintains a bold pout. A pout is something that is highlighted after an eye shadow. So, why compromise with your lips, when you can kill many hearts with that bright and bold pout this festive season. Definitely, after the covid period, pouts are hidden behind those boring masks. However, unless you know how to carry the perfect pout, the masks cannot stop you from making a bold move.

Experts say, always fill your lips with a base lip pencil color before applying the lipstick. Pencil fillers create a secured base that helps in achieving the perfect bold pout for your perfect festive makeup look. 

8. Secure the Look With a Fixit Solution or Spray.

Every makeup tip is incomplete with a fix-it spray or solution. The fix-it spray helps your makeup to stay in place for a long-lasting smudge-free effect. You can enjoy every occasion, whether it is day or night, without the fear of ruining the look. 

These were some of the top Diwali makeup tips that you can try this season. However, the next on the list is the right tools to use. Keep reading to explore more!

Top Diwali Makeup Tools 

Every makeup look is perfect when you make use of the right. There are chances that you must be knowing about them. However, for your better understanding here are some of the core tools every makeup enthusiast must-have in their cosmetic or makeup vanity set. 

1. Brush Set

When you want to attain a complete festive makeup look, you must explore the various brushes that De'lanci have on its website. There is a huge range of sizes of brushes that are used while doing the makeup. Every size has different usage and advantages. Using the correct brush will help you attain a picture-perfect look. 

One of the best brush sets is the Blending brush set, which will help you in blending all kinds of makeup products very well.

2. Blenders


The second on the list are the blenders. Blenders play a vital role in blending the makeup perfectly into the skin. They give a flawless and perfect final output. When you make use out of the blenders, they smoothly set the makeup onto your skin. Every makeup professional uses blenders while blending the foundation on your skin. 

3. Brow Tweezers

Brow Tweezers

Brow tweezers work as an angel in disguise. They help in eliminating all the small and unwanted hair on your eyebrows. This always works in the last moment situation, when you have left with no other options for yourself. There are various styles of eyebrow tweezers, which help you in attaining the perfect eyebrow for the perfect look. 

Top Diwali Makeup Look

After a complete guide on the perfect Diwali Makeup Tips, I am sharing with you the top three Diwali makeup looks. All three of them are easy to do and give you a perfect long-lasting and eye-catching alluring look. 

1. Natural Makeup Look

Natural Makeup Look

If you are looking for something absolutely simple and subtle, Natural makeup look is your ideal search result. This includes a basic application of foundation with some light blush on your cheekbones. Wear a light shade of lip color to add liveliness. For eyes, you can do a natural eyeshadow based on your dress code and complete it with beautiful mascara and eyeliner. 

2. Glittery Eyeshadow Look 

Glittery Eyeshadow Look

Daytime occasions are very confusing. If you are attending a daytime occasion or event, a glitter eyeshadow look is exactly what you need. Wear a basic foundation with some light or catchy lip color. Make a bold eyeshadow and to add an ultimate bold effect, add some shimmer and glitter to the eyeshadow. Blend it nicely with the use of an eyeshadow brush to make it look flawless and natural. 

3. Dramatic Makeup Look

Dramatic Makeup Look

Evening parties and events are fun. Lights add a completely different feel to the vibes. On such occasions, a dramatic makeup look will help you stand out boldly. Wear a good blended foundation with some dark and bold lip color. You can play with your eyes in this look. Either enjoy a bold smudge look or a beautiful metallic eyeshadow look. Give it a climax with a catty eyeliner. With this, you are all set to rock the limelight!


So, here we are at the end of Diwali makeup tips blog. We are sure you are ready to create flawless makeup that will light up your look entirely. Let's not waste time and get ready for the festive season. Happiest Diwali to you and your family from De'Lanci!!

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