How to Recreate Hailey Bieber's Strawberry Makeup Look in 6 Steps

Celebrity Hailey Bieber has taken the makeup world by storm with her sensational strawberry makeup look! Centered on the strawberry color almost evoking its smell and taste, the look is based on shades of pink and red. The Hailey Bieber look is all about flushed cheeks, simple eyes, and glossy lips with some natural-looking freckles if you want them. Simple, yet extremely alluring, her look can be your staple for any event be it during the day or in the evening. All you need is to follow these steps and bring on the famous look for yourself!!!

Table of Content

  1. 6 Steps to recreate Hailey Bieber’s strawberry makeup look
    1. Prepare the face canvas
    2. Create the perfect base
    3. Add color to the face
    4. Do up the eyes
    5. Fill the lips
    6. Add the glow
  2. Wrapping up

6 Steps to recreate Hailey Bieber’s Strawberry Makeup Look

Recreating Hailey Bieber’s strawberry girl makeup trend is a rosy dream that you can easily recreate with these easy steps! Just keep scrolling and see how you can emerge as the next sensation with strawberry colors on your face!!!

1. Prepare the face canvas

Prepare the face canvas

Skincare is the first step to any successful makeup look, and Hailey Bieber strawberry makeup look is no exception! The better natural skin you bring out, the more the strawberry pink will stand out on your face as you prepare the face canvas!!!

How to prepare the face canvas:

  1. Use DE’LANCI Green Tea Facial Cleaning Mask Stick regularly to remove all dead skin before you plan to recreate the look.
  2. Moisturize the skin on a regular basis all through the day and take care to remove all traces of any product you’ve applied before going to bed.
  3. Once you plan to wear this makeup, start by cleaning your face with a skin-complementing agent to remove all traces of dirt and oil.
  4. Once done, apply a thin layer of a light moisturizing agent on the facial skin to give it hydration for the day.

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2. Create the perfect base

Create the perfect base

It’s time to create the perfect base for your strawberry makeup look by Hailey so that you can wear it confidently for as long as you want to! The trick is to keep the look fresh all through for which you need to follow these steps!!!

How to create the perfect base:

  1. Once the moisturizing layer has dried up on your skin, take care to apply a skin-matching primer.
  2. Blend the primer into the skin so that you get an even base without any creases and wrinkles for the best look.
  3. Let the primer sit on the skin for some time before you move on to apply the next layer of your makeup.
  4. Move on to apply a skin tone-matching foundation that will help brighten it up and bring out the pink color better.
  5. Use the right concealer shade to hide away any dark spots or under-eye circles that may hinder the look using DE’LANCI Multicolor Liquid Concealer.

3. Add color to the face

Add color to the face

The strawberry makeup look is currently rated among the Best Summer Makeup Looks right now! So, it’s time to blush up the face with the pink hue as you recreate this immensely popular look, and so let’s do it right!!!

How to add color to the face:

  1. Pick the light pink shade for your skin tone from the DE’LANCI Multi-functional Double-headed Blush Stick collection.
  2. Use the stick end to apply the color on your cheeks in dots so that it is easier for you to blend it.
  3. Now, use the built-in brush on the other end of the stick to blend the color into the skin and get the right strawberry pink shade.
  4. Dab on some of the same color on the bridge of the nose to give it the summer flush look.

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4. Do up the eyes

Do up the eyes

The thrust of the Hailey Bieber-inspired strawberry makeup look is the rosy face appeal where the eyes are left relatively simple! It’s close to the Gorgeous Pastel Eyeshadow Looks for any season. So, as you do up the eyes, give the lids a light shade of the same color for the right effect!!!

How to do up the eyes:

  1. You will have to lightly shade up the eyelids using the same shade as that of your blush color.
  2. You can either use the blush color itself or the lightest pink shade as per your skin tone from the DE’LANCI 18 Colors Desert Rose Eyeshadow Palette to color the eyelids.
  3. Use a brush and blend the color on the lids to bring about a monochromatic pink hue on the cheeks and lids.
  4. Apply a coat of mascara on the eyelashes and let them dry to add depth to the eye, brush and shape the brows and fill them as the frame.

5. Fill the lips

Fill the lips

Lip color is an integral part of Hailey Bieber’s strawberry makeup look with its soft appeal! Naturally, pink will be the choice of color for the lips as well. What is important to fill the lips is to choose the shade and keep it subtle and matching for the best effect!!!

How to fill the lips:

  1. Before applying the color, clean them using a good cleanser and apply a light coat of foundation to create a great base.
  2. Depending on your skin tone, pick a light shade of pink from DE’LANCI 18 Colors La Catrina Lipstick Palette.
  3. You can either darker or lighten up the shade of your lipstick by mixing the white, black, or darker shades from the palette.
  4. Apply a light coat of translucent powder over the first coat of lipstick and then reapply the color.
  5. Press a dry tissue paper over the lips to remove any extra lipstick pigment that may be on the lips for a lasting and all-day/night-long look.
  6. You may want to soften the look further by dabbing on a little De’lanci lip gloss over the lipstick color.
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6. Add the glow

Add the glow

Soft, yet subtly shining, Hailey Bieber’s strawberry makeup look also involves applying a little bit of highlighter on the high points of the face! The key to the look is to keep the shine looking minimal such that it almost appears natural. So, go ahead and add the glow!!!

How to add the glow:

  1. Identify the high points of your face where you can see that the light reflects the most so that the subtle shine shows softly.
  2. Start with the cheekbones and dab on the Cream shade from DE’LANCI Dual-ended Highlighter Stick and blend with the brush on the other end.
  3. Now, add some of the shine to the brow bones and blend to add the glow to the upper region of the eyes.
  4. Move on to add it to the bridge of the nose and the chin area and blend such that the glow looks coming from within.

Wrapping up

Hailey Bieber has surely made the strawberry makeup trend on high right now and recreating her look will get you noticed instantly! Now that you know that the strawberry makeup look is all about the pink and red hues, it’s time to pick your makeup palette correctly. Keep the DE’LANCI Double-headed Blush Stick your best buddy for the look as you can use it for your cheeks, eyelids, and lips! We’re waiting to hear about your experience with recreating the look using the product; share it in the comment section below!!!

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