10 Revolutionary Makeup Hacks To Save Your Money and Time

We are surrounded by all types of hacks for everything, be it kitchen organizing or multitasking. Then why not work on makeup hacks. Yes, they are also available. As working women or school/college-going girls, we have so many things to do on our hands, among them we almost wish there was an easier way to apply eyeliner, get perfectly fluffed eyelashes, and much more. Here in this article, we will be working on 10 amazing makeup hacks that will save your money and time.

Table of Contents:

    1. 10 Makeup Hacks To Save Your Money and Time
      1. Make a makeup kit for yourself
      2. Organize makeup products in order
      3. Get one palette for all makeup needs
      4. Pick the eyeliner pen for easy application
      5. Remove your makeup with cleansing milk
      6. Get more of your foundation and concealer
      7. One of the best eye makeup hacks for beginners
      8. Try viral spoon hack for winged eyeliner
      9. Make your lipstick long lasting
      10. Use your lip palette for full makeup
    2. Conclusion

    10 Makeup Hacks To Save Your Money and Time

    1. Make a makeup kit for yourself

    Creating a makeup kit is the biggest makeup hack for beginners to save time. This makeup kit or bag should be travel friendly and must have all the necessary makeup products. With the makeup kit, you can create a subtle makeup look anywhere anytime. What are the things you should have in your makeup kit?

    1. Primer
    2. Foundation
    3. Concealer
    4. Compact powder
    5. Lipstick shade (you can use it as blush, lipstick, as well as eyeshadow)
    6. Lip gloss or lip balm
    7. Eyeshadow palette (travel size) {Optional}

    2. Organize makeup products in order

      The makeup kit was to help you do makeup quickly when outdoors, but when you are at home what will save your time? An organized makeup product. It is also the makeup storage hack you need to work upon. If you are a makeup enthusiast your makeup artist, you’ll have a lot of makeup products but don’t use them to the fullest as you never find them.

      To solve this error, you must arrange your makeup in order like all the foundations in one place, and the same goes with the lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes, and other makeup products. These are some of the best ways to organize your makeup setup!

      3. Get one palette for all makeup needs

      If you are not a fan of storing multiple products, then you might love having an all-in-one makeup palette. This makeup palette has everything you need to finish off the makeup! Also, consider this one of the best makeup shopping hacks you read today.

      Get your hands on the De’Lanci Just Dance makeup palette. It has everything you need, from eyeshadow shades to blusher, highlighter, contour, and lipstick shades as well. This way you’ll save money on makeup products.

      4. Pick the eyeliner pen for easy application

      Rather than going for liquid eyeliner, you should pick an eyeliner pen. The precise-felt tip helps you in getting the perfect shape of eyeliner. There are many different eyeliner styles that you can try.

      The De’Lanci has a Glitter eyeliner pen from its La Catrina series, which has 9 different shades and is handy for everyone. It is waterproof, pigmented, and has a precise-felt tip for smooth gliding.

      5. Remove your makeup with cleansing milk

      You should always remove your makeup before sleeping, it will restore your skin well at the night. For quick removal of makeup, you can try using cleansing milk, it will remove the makeup, and dirt together from the skin. After that, wash your face with a face wash, apply moisturizer, and get your beauty sleep. Cleansing milk is one of the best makeup remover hacks you’ll try.

      6. Get more of your foundation and concealer

      Don’t through your foundation and concealer tubes, once you can’t get any product from them. Instead, cut it open from behind and scoop out the product. This way you are saving your money on products and using it to the fullest. Check out our concealer tubes for different skin shades.

      7. The best eye makeup hacks for beginners

      Everyone here is looking for how to intensify the eye makeup. We have picked one of the best eye makeup hacks for beginners.

      • To intensify your eye makeup look,
      • Start with priming your eyes,
      • Then apply concealer,
      • And then apply eyeshadow.

      You’ll see the intense payoff. Even if your eyeshadow palette is highly pigmented this will work as magic for your final look.

      8. Try viral spoon hack for winged eyeliner

      Want to get the winged eyeliner look quickly and with perfection? If yes, then follow the viral spoon hack for winged eyeliner. This hack is full-proof and try-worthy.

      • Take a normal spoon.
      • Keep the bottom slant part of a spoon on the outer eye area and mark a line, that will be your wing.
      • Now with the upper curved part draw the closure of the wing.
      • The last step is to fill up the eyeliner and there you have it.

      9. Make your lipstick long-lasting

        Make your lipstick last longer with the blotting formula. Once you’ve applied lipstick, keep tissue paper between your lips and blot against it. Another amazing lipstick makeup hack is to apply loose powder after keeping the tissue paper on the lipstick.

        De’Lanci lipsticks are made with long-lasting formula and are comfortable on your lips as well. Try our all-new Everlasting matte lipstick set of 5. It has nude shades that you can use daily and can carry one of them in your makeup kit.

        10. Use your lip palette for full makeup

        Do you own a lip palette with different colors? If yes, then you can use its different shades as different makeup products. Confused? Brown for contouring, pink and peach for Blusher, cream or skin color as a color corrector, and other shades for eyeshadow. This one palette can be your multipurpose makeup palette.

        If you don’t have one, get your hands on De’Lanci Lipstick Palette with 25 colors. With one palette, you can create your own lipstick shade and do the different types of eye makeup as well as the entire glam makeup look.

        Try these makeup hacks to make your life easier!

        These are the makeup hacks that one must try to save money and time. At times, when we all are busy and running late (almost every day), no one has time to spend 30 minutes following the makeup procedure. With the makeup hacks on the list, you will be able to pull off any look real quick. Buy De’Lanci products to make your work easier, you can check out our other makeup products.

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