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French vs American Makeup: Know the Exact Difference!

No matter which country you take, the makeup routine will be different. The difference is because of their culture and way of living. The same is with French and American makeup look. These two looks are in trend for their amazing makeup routines with huge differences. Many people are nowadays searching for the French vs American Makeup to understand the difference. In this blog, I will be helping you with an exact answer to it!

Table of Contents:

  1. What is French Makeup?
  2. What is American Makeup
  3. French vs American Makeup: What’s the Difference?
    1. Primer
    2. Foundation
    3. Concealer
    4. Contouring
    5. Eye makeup
    6. Eyebrows
    7. Highlighter
    8. Blush
    9. Lips
  4. Wrapping up

Before we move ahead to know the difference while analyzing the French vs American makeup look, it would be better to under both of them individually in brief. Let’s get going!

What is French Makeup?

French Makeup

French makeup is all about striking a balance in the entire makeup look. French women like makeup that enhances their inner beauty and helps them look effortlessly gorgeous. The French makeup look glow highly reflects the healthy skin care routine. Apart from that, the striking balance of French makeup is if the lips are bold, the eyes should be subtle and if the eyes are bold lips should be subtle.

What is American Makeup?

 American Makeup

American makeup has contributed greatly to the industry. It showed us how to enhance our facial features like cheeks, lips, and eyes. The American makeup look is all about looking classic and gorgeous. For cheeks, the highlighter does the work, for lips the perfect lip liner and fuller lips do the magic, and for eyes, the cat eyeliner and defined eyebrows do the amazing work!

French vs American Makeup: What’s the Difference?

French vs American Makeup

Now as you know about both the French and American makeup looks, it will be easier to understand American vs French makeup. The main difference we spotted is that French makeup is all about striking balance, while American makeup is about enhancing the three main threes of the face (cheeks, eyes, and lips). Let’s understand the difference between French makeup vs American makeup!

1. Primer

Young beautiful woman applying foundation on her face

American women love to prime their face, they will use the specific primer as per their skin tone and type to fill up the pores and have a flawless base. However, when it comes to French women, their priming is limited to the skincare routine of cleansing and moisturizing their face.

2. Foundation

woman applying Foundation

Foundation is used to set the base of your makeup. If you are going to create an American makeup look, you will need the full coverage foundation for the perfect glow. However, for a french makeup look, natural beauty comes first, hence you should prefer the light coverage foundation.

3. Concealer


Another thing that is most used in the American makeup routine is concealer.  Americans apply concealer to hide all of their blemishes and dark circles under the eye, along with that it also adds a natural highlight to the face. But the French women have mostly flawless skin. Hence, the usage of concealer in the french makeup routine is very rare, just to hide the dark circles if they have any!

4. Contouring 

woman Contouring

Americans believe in sculpting their face and making them look prominent. Hence, the American makeup look has the must-have routine of contouring. If we compare French vs American makeup, the French women never do contouring, instead, they will go with the bronzer for the sun-kissed glow.

5. Eye makeup


If we talk about eye makeup, Americans are always ready to try new things, especially bold ones. That’s not the thing with French women. They’ll stay limited to the natural eye makeup look or it will be as per their occasion. As for eyeliner, Americans go with the cat eyeliner for a dramatic look, while in French they don’t use much!

For eyeshadow, depth and definition are the keys to a perfect American eye makeup look, whereas french eye makeup is all about the natural effect. The ideal eyeshadow palette that you’ll need to recreate the American makeup look is De’Lanci 54 Color La Catrina Palette. For a French makeup look, the De’Lanci 15 Color Nude Bronzed Mocha Eyeshadow Makeup Palette is perfect.

6. Eyebrows


Americans love to define and fill in their brows. So, American makeup has an extensive brow-defining routine, however, French makeup won’t require one. French women love to keep their eyebrows natural. Hence, the only steps they do are combing and filling in the brows. For American makeup, you’ll have to comb, fill in, and define the eyebrows. Women use concealer to create the perfect arch.

7. Highlighter

Beautiful Woman applies Brush

The concept of the highlighter itself is the American’s gift to us. They love to have highlighted cheekbones and facial features. The highlighter in French vs American makeup comes with a huge difference. 

For American makeup, you need to use a highlighter properly and highlight cheekbones, nose bridge, and even cupid’s bow. However, for the French one, all you need is to add a hint of highlight on the cheeks (in a way that it looks natural). No matter which one you want to recreate, De’Lanci Queen Illuminator 6 Color Highlighter Palette is the best option. 

8. Blush

Beautiful Woman applies blush

Blush is something that both the American and French women apply, but the base is different. In America, women go with a powder blush to add color to their face, whereas in French the cream-based blush is used for a subtle look. 

9. Lips

women applying Lipstick

Well, the lips are something that plays an important role in any kind of makeup look. If you see a perfect outliner and fuller lips it's American makeup. No matter how their eye makeup is done, the lipstick will always be up to the same level as American makeup. Get your hands on De’Lanci 25 color Lip Palette for creating any look.

If we analyze the French vs American makeup for lips, the lipstick shade used in French makeup will always be in contrast with the eye makeup. If the eye makeup is subtle, then the lipstick will be bold and vice-versa.  The most common french makeup look is natural eyes with bold red lipstick.

French Vs American Makeup: Conclusion

Overall, the makeup style and routine depend on cultural preferences. American women like to experiment with their looks and can carry the boldest look. However, that’s not the case with the French makeup look. French women believe in natural beauty. Hence, the key makeup product for them is only eyeshadow and lipstick. Even their usage is balanced perfectly. For more articles like French vs American makeup, subscribe to De’Lanci newsletter to get updates on our offers and new product launches directly to your inbox.

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