5 Stunning Diwali Makeup Look to Try in 2021

Diwali is around the corner, and everyone is preparing for it. From house cleaning to purchasing and making holiday plans. The festival lasts 5 days long, and hence you will need a fresh Diwali makeup look on each day! 

Also, you cannot visit a salon every day to adorn the beautiful Indian makeup look. It will both be a costly and hasty process. So, let's move ahead with the top Diwali makeup look you can try in the year 2021. 

You will need to have essential makeup tools with you to recreate the Diwali makeup looks we have mentioned here in this article. And also, have a perfectly-pigmented eyeshadow palette from De'lanci to enhance the entire look.

Let's move ahead with the makeup ideas for the Indian festival look!

5 Diwali Makeup Look For The Festive Season

1.The Glam Look

This look is perfect for the Dhanteras Pooja. Adorn the silk saree and minimal jewelry like Amruta Khanvilkar. As for makeup, go for the emphasized eyeshadow look. Prep your face with moisturizer and primer. 

Then go with the eyeshadow first. Get the base clear with concealer and apply nude shade all over the eyelid. With the bronze shade, make a stroke on the eyelid, then blend it nicely with the brush. Make sure to create a crease line slightly above the actual one. Why?

That would enhance the eyeshadow and its look when the eyes are open. Promptly, coming back to the face, apply foundation and concealer. Next, apply the blusher and highlight the cheekbones, forehead, and nose tip. As for the lipstick, pick the carrot pink shade or the bright red.

amruta Khanvilkar

(Image by: Amruta Khanvilkar)

2. The Dewy Look

The bold yet subtle look will help you slay any Diwali outfit. As per India's humid atmosphere, the dewy or misty traditional makeup look will allow you to look hot even in winters. This look will be better to pull off when attending a Diwali party at night timing.

Start with prepping your face and then move forward with the eye makeup. Here you will need a metallic eyeshadow palette, which you can get from De’Lanci. It has 48 shades including metallic and matte.

 De'lanci pro warm nude eyeshadow palette 48 colors the leopard book of cat eyes

The shades used are copper, brown, and maroon. Copper on the inner side, brown on the outer, and maroon to add the crease line at the end. With the help of a brush blend it well.

Go for the winged eyeliner and bright red lipstick. Apply foundation and conceal all the flaws, then use hydra-mist powder to set the base. Highlight the cheekbones, forehead, chin, nose tip, and collar bones.

Secure the Diwali makeup look with the makeup fixer.

The Dewy Look

(Source: Lifestyleasia)

3. The Dramatic Diwali Makeup Look

This finest piece of Indian festival makeup look is by the makeup and hair artist - Ritu Barolia. It is a little bit hard to achieve a look, but with the proper tools and palettes, you will do a wonderful job. 

The face has a matte finish foundation with gold highlighter and bronzer for the perfect shaping. Let's see what she did to get such an amazing eye makeup look. The first step is to use concealer and create a base, then pick the darker brown shade till the crease. 

Use maroon or red shade above the crease line and blend it well. Then use gold eyeshadow to get that dramatic look. Before you move ahead with eyeshadow, make sure you are shaping your brows with a brow pencil. And at last, apply the nude shade liquid lipstick to complete the look.

3. The Dramatic Diwali Makeup Look

4. An Average Festive Look

Do you have an office Diwali party to attend? Well, then this Diwali makeup idea is for you. If you prefer staying low and using minimal makeup, then follow the lead. After prepping your face, shape the brows and start with eye makeup.

The eye makeup done here is easy to get, and the number of makeup products used is also less. Start with applying primer and moisturizer, then do the eye makeup. After that, blush your cheeks and apply the coral lipstick. 

Tada! Here's your simple yet elegant Diwali Makeup Look!

An Average Festive Look

(Source: MyGlamm)

5. The Glittery Festive Makeup Look 

If you are planning to go bold with the makeup, the key is to apply heavy eyeshadow. Here, the makeup look you are seeing is the proper Festive Makeup Look. From the glittery eyeshadow to the dark shade lipstick, everything is screaming Indian festival vibes.

The face makeup is subtle, highlighting the silver eyeshadow and the wine shade lipstick optimizes the overall appearance. The most important thing to take care of while doing this eyeshadow is to create a partition with the help of a crease line. 

You can see the different shades on the upper crease area, and below that is the mixture of silver and wine eyeshadow. The winged eyeliner and perfectly shaped brows are like the cherry on the top of a cake.

5. The Glittery Festive Makeup Look

(Source: jdinstitue)

Bonus Tips for Diwali Makeup Look

These are the five festive makeup looks that will help you pull off any party with the perfect glowing and mesmerizing appearance. However, if you plan to create your own look, here's are a few tips on creating a Diwali Makeup Look:

  1. Always go for the glittery or metallic eyeshadow palettes like this one from De’lanci.

  2. opt for darker lip shades or the one with the shiny/glittery effect.

  3. Go for Smokey eyes. They never go out of trend.

  4. Prefer satin or dewy finish for a glossy makeup look.

  5. Hug the illuminating highlighters for the completion of the 4th point.


So, we are at the end of the Diwali makeup look blog. As said, Diwali is just around the corner, purchase the cosmetics and makeup tools if you still haven't, and be ready for recreating the Indian Festival Look. Browse through De'Lanci's makeup products and get your hands on the best eyeshadow palette.

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