Best Eyeshadow for Mature Eyes: Matte, Shimmer or Metallic?

It’s time to settle down with your style and confidence, dealing with the changes in the skin laxity, especially around the eyes. Being mature in age does not mean that you stop experimenting with makeup, you just need to tweak your makeup choices. Picking the best eyeshadow for mature eyes can be more transformative than you’ve ever imagined! Get set to defy stereotypes, and live life confidently wearing the best eyeshadow for older eyes. So, on with our guide that’ll make the eyeshadow sit well, not crease, or make your eyes look smaller.

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Guide list

  1. Matte, metallic, or shimmer?
  2. Prime your eyes
  3. Powdery or creamy eyeshadow?
  4. Go nude all the way!
  5. Blend it up (literally)!
  6. Use eyeliner to liven the eyes
  7. Swipe on the mascara

1. Matte, metallic, or shimmer?

Not all eyeshadows are made the same way, and they come in different colors, and textures. The most well-known types of eyeshadow textures are shimmer, metallic, and matte.

  • Matte eyeshadows textures are a safe choice when it comes to reshaping and redefining older eyes that have become more rounded. Even the most pigmented color is without any glitter or sheen, and does not attract attention to the fine lines on and around the eyes. Matte eyeshadows are good to make your eyes more bright naturally. It’s important to prep the eyes before applying matte eyeshadow too else they may end up looking chalky on older eyelids.

  • Metallic eyeshadows shine out like actual metals and foils with an underlying gold or silver shimmer. The shinning particles settle down instantly on lines and creases, giving them a crepe-like texture, making older eyes look more wrinkled.

  • Shimmer eyeshadows have small particles in them that reflect light for that subtle shine and hint of sparkle. They offer great sheer coverage and do not tend to sink into fine lines and creases like metallics do. These can also be layered for a vibrating look for mature eyes.

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So, does that mean that for mature eyes shinny eyeshadows look good only on the palette and not the eyes? Well, let’s face it; while they definitely looked good in any form on our younger eyes, they need some tweaking now!

While metallics are a total no, it doesn’t mean that you should shun shimmer eyeshadows too! The best thing to do is apply a matte base eyeshadow and pop that sheen to the eyes by applying a shimmer on the smoothest part of the eyelid. This will make your eyes look larger and brighter. But, you should totally avoid applying shimmer to the brow bones that will accentuate the wrinkles all around.

2. Prime your eyes

When it comes to wearing eye makeup for mature eyes, how you apply it is every bit as important as the type that you’ll wear. Whether you’re going to stick to a natural matte look or give the eyes a pop of color with a shimmer shade, you really need to prep the eyes. Start by applying a natural colored primer around the eyes. Primers contain agents that help smooth out the eyelid skin to let the eyeshadow glide smoothly. It also helps in hiding the discoloration of the skin around the eyes and keeps the eyeshadow color put all day long.

The best eyeshadow primer for mature eyes will act as a magnet for the eyeshadow pigment, hold on to the color, and keep it from fading, smudging, or creasing. Look up our Quick Makeup Tips for Busy Moms and see the difference your looks can make!

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3. Powdery or creamy eyeshadow?

The creases and lines of matured eyes will catch any powder eyeshadow in between them. Eyeshadows that settle in between the creases make the eyelids crusty-looking and even older. Opt for creamy eyeshadow formulae or eyeshadow sticks. These are hydrating, keep the skin supple, prevent further creasing, and also blend better on the eyelids. In case you have hooded eyes, you need to keep in mind that applying cream eyeshadow might bring on some undesired creased look. In that case, a powdery eyeshadow formula might just be right for you.

4. Go nude all the way!

As per Wikihow, the skin around the eyes loses elasticity, it also tends to blend in with the skin around losing its sharpness as a prominent facial feature. Using an eyeshadow will help you define them beautifully well.

Contradictory as it may sound, it’s best to opt for lighter shades and stay away from dark eyeshadow colors! Nudes, pale browns, taupes, and soft rose are some most flattering colors as best eye makeup for mature eyes options. Neutral tones tend to blend in with the surrounding skin colors and are good at hiding the creases and wrinkles. The most Essential Eye-Makeup Tips for Women Over 40 will tell you how to brighten up your eyes anytime.

5. Blend it up (literally)!

When applying eye makeup, make sure that you blend the shadow color upwards, towards the tail of the brows.

  • Apply the majority of the eyeshadow pigment on the outer corners, blending and diffusing the color up and out. This will help in flattering your looks with the illusion of lifted eyes.

  • Highlighting the corner of the eyes will give them a bright and fresh look. Apply a light shimmer color on the inner corners, along the lower lash line, on the outer corner of the eyes, and the inner lids.

Start by applying soft colors to the lids and then take the complimentary darker shadow to the lash line using a small wedge-shaped brush.

Colors combinations like

  • pale grey with charcoal grey,
  • cream with cocoa brown,
  • taupe with dark purple or dark green

are good eyeshadow color choices for older and mature eyes.

You need not aim for perfection when applying and blending the colors. Just feel free and push the darker color into the base of the lash line with a good brush, sweeping the color upwards and towards the outer edge. Leave it at that, or make it a little more interesting by adding a mid-toned color shading into the socket line.

  • It’s crucial that you blend all the colors using a clean eyeshadow brush for that layered and multicolored, and even slightly smoky effect.
  • If you want to give some color to the lower lash line, add a complimenting shimmer color smudging it all the way.

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    6. Use eyeliner to liven the eyes

    Eyeliners are helpful in adding that bright contrast of color to the eyes that make it stand out on the face as a prominent feature. The best eye makeup for mature eyes has it that you use a liquid eyeliner that will glide along easily on creased skin while filling in the wrinkles for a softer look. The best option is to use a 24-hour eyeliner and keep it as close to the lash line as possible. Draw out the line without ruining the eyeshadow, or running on the upper part of the eyelid. Avoid applying liner to the lower lids as it will bring down the eyes, creating the illusion of drooping and sagging eyes.

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    7. Swipe on the mascara

    Applying a good mascara to your mature eyes will add more definition and volume to them, giving the illusion of large and bright eyes. Fuller lashes are definitely what you need to you give your eyes the former glory of the bigger eyes of your youth. In addition, thick and dark lashes will make your eyes stand out as wider and fresher on your face making it look brighter and younger. Applying mascara will definitely bring subtle changes to your face with those dark fluttering lashes!


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    Wrapping it up

    As we wrap up or guide on the best eyeshadow for mature eyes, you need to remember that moving on with the years does not mean that you shy away from makeup! You just need to pick and use the right products in terms of texture and color; no metallics, shimmer in restrained degree, and matte a full yes. Not all eyeshadows are made equally, while some can look patchy and uneven, others are more buttery and blendable which of course should be your choice. Stick to colors like light brown, beige, grey, or pink, and you’ll rock with your bright-eyed look! Don't forget to check out our eyeshadow collection for your beautiful eyes.

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