8 Neon UV Powder Pigment Kit-DE'LANCI
8 Neon UV Powder Pigment Kit-DE'LANCI
8 Neon UV Powder Pigment Kit-DE'LANCI

8 Neon UV Powder Pigment Kit

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Sway to the tunes as you glow in the dark with the amazing colors of neon DE'LANCI neon eyeshadow powder pigments! Wear them as eyeshadows, lip toppers, face or body patterns, and so much more for the dance stage, and black light parties. The selection of 8 neon powder kit colors includes red, orange, orange red, and sky blue to give you any hue that you can think of with the simple mix and match. The soft and creamy UV glow powders have holographic properties that make them so intense while increasing the staying power!!!

Type: colorful glow-in-the-dark black light powders
Weight: 150g;
Package includes: 8 cake colorful neon UV reactive neon powders;

Benefits and Advantages of Using Neon UV PowderPigment Kit

  • UV glow powder colors: This is neon UV powder pigment kit set that glows in black light lighting up every part of the face where applied.
  • Ideal for special events: The colors can be used for stage events, themed and night parties, dance or other stage makeup on the eyelids, lips, face, or any other part of the body.
  • Wide range of colors: DE'LANCI neon eyeshadow powder kit has 8 popular colors in their basic forms that can be easily mixed and matched for any shade makeup colors.
  • Long-lasting pigment colors: Each color of the neon powder kit is made with a special formula that helps them retain their UV luminosity for extended hours of the event.
  • Safe for use of face & body: Each color of the neon UV powder pigment kit looks normal in daylight or under normal light, but lights up under UV light; the holographic colors are made of safe ingredients, are vegan, cruelty-free, and safe on any skin type

How to Use the 8 Neon Powder Pigment Kit

Step 1: Clean the skin where you wish to apply the DE'LANCI neon eyeshadow powder for the pigments to show their intensity correctly.

Step 2: Use a brush to take the color from the container if you wish to apply it that way or place it on a tray to mix and match with other colors for the desired shade.

Step 3: Take the neon UV powder pigment kit color with a brush, tap off all excess, and apply on the face or body to draw out desired patterns.

Step 4: Blend the DE'LANCI neon eyeshadow powder using thin brushes for use as eyeshadow; apply less color at a time for better blending, and reapply if needed for higher pigment payoff.

Step 5: Make use of different brushes for lighter colors as you want each of them to show brilliantly under UV light effect.

Pro Tips to Use the Best Neon Powder Kit

  1. Prepare the skin beforehand for the best play of neon UV powder pigment kit colors; take care to scrub and moisturize the skin regularly, before application, clean, moisturize and prime the skin parts.
  2. Since these colors are likely to show sharply under the UV light, make sure to keep your application tools ready and apply little color at a time; touch up if needed!
  3. One of the best ways to blend the neon UV powder pigment kit colors on the skin for an even and undulated effect is to wet your brush slightly so that the moisture carries them well.
  4. Blend the colors to a seamless finish as pumps or unevenness will stand out under UV light glow!
  5. Make yourself familiar with the color wheel beforehand so that you know the combinations you can make out of the basic colors!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Does the DE'LANCI neon eyeshadow powder come as individual colors?

Yes. There are 8 different neon UV colors that are sold separately; you can buy the shades you want to make your own kit!

2. What is the best way to use the neon powder kit colors?

You can use them as eyeshadow colors, as lip tints, on the face, or to draw any pattern on any part of the body.

3. Do the colors of the neon UV powder glow all the time?

Each color looks like any other normal color under ordinary light and glows when under UV light!

4. How can I remove the UV colors after use, and is it safe for my skin?

You can take off the UV colors by wiping them with your makeup removal or cleansing agent; each color is tested and safe on the skin!