Top 10 Winter Makeup Trends you must try

It’s not just your wardrobe that needs a refresher when it comes to winter and the colder months. Your makeup and skincare routine also needs an overhaul. So, if you want your makeup to last more than an hour, you have to prepare your skin right. Not only keep your skin hydrated and scrub off the dead skin cells well before you put the makeup on. You also have to keep with the winter 2021 makeup trends. These are the absolute winners when you pair them with cozy winter outfits for all holiday parties and get-togethers. 

Top Winter Makeup Trends

When you cover yourself up with beanies, scarves, and gloves, why not make a statement with your eyes and lips. We are offering you 10 trending makeup styles you can do easily and look glamorous for any outing. 

1. Make a bold statement with Burgundy Lips!

This winter, too, the winter makeup trend will follow the red lipstick. But there is a twist to this year’s winter makeup looks with the red lipstick. More than the hot red, the shade is going burgundy. We suggest finding a few colors in satin, gloss lipsticks, and creamy pencils in the different burgundy shades. Experiment with them to get the perfect bold lips that will create a dimension to your face. But remember to use lipsticks and pencils that offer hydration and to it. 

burgundy lips - Winter makeup trends

2. Matte lips

If you don’t suffer from dry skin or can maintain an excellent hydrating regime during the winter, this is another winter 2021 makeup trend you can follow. The matte lips can be your style if you are not a fan of gloss. Try the bold lips with a matte finish of the retro years. You can add a twist to it with satin-matte lipsticks. Opt for bright colors like plum, cranberry burgundy, and even blackberry shades. 


3. Fluffy brows 

Making your eyes attractive includes how you shape your brow. This season the top winter makeup styles include keeping your brows natural. Fluffy and full brows instead of overly drawn ones are in trend. Invest in good brow gel and pencil this winter to finish the look. 

fluffy brows - Winter makeup trends 2021


4. Metallic eyes

Making the eyes playful is never out of style. So, this winter makeup looks include adding extra color, shine, and dimension to the metallic eyes look. But do not overdo it. Instead, try to keep it subtle with the shimmer. If unsure which color to go for, select silver. 

metallic eyes - Winter makeup trends 2021


5. Dramatic look with bold under eyeliner

The grunge look is making its way back into the main trend. So why not try out the angsty look with barely-there skin makeup? Make a statement with your eyes with heavy dramatic bold under the eye eyeliner. Bring the focus to the bottom lash lines. 

bold eyeliner - Winter makeup trends 2021

6. Mint green eyeshadow

This winter, let’s go a bit avant-garde with green eyeshadow. But washing your upper lids with mint green shadow will surely change your looks. A vibrancy this winter holidays shouldn’t be looked over. 

Misty green eyeshadow - Winter makeup trends 2021

7. Glitter accents

We are still keeping the focus on the eyes with these trending makeup styles this winter. First, add some glitter shadows and liners to your eyes. You can use different glitter shades to add more drama and depth to the eyes. If you want to take it a step farther, add some crystals on the eyelids. 

Glitter accents - Winter makeup look 2021


8. Frosty inner corners

Part of winter 2021 makeup trends include getting experimental. Keeping the face makeup to the bare minimum with the glow dewy look adding frosty blue shadows is a game-changer. The 2000’s heavy eye makeup is making its way back but in a good way. It is the perfect mix of heavy eye makeup with a minimalist look. 

Frosty inner corners - Winter makeup trends 2021

9. Ooze the 90s with matte 

The 90s was the era that brought in the matte finish look. This winter makeup looks are bringing back that matte skin, matte shadows, and matte lipstick look. Complete it with brushed-up brows, a subtle hint of shimmer on the eyelids with diffused wings to give it a 201 twist. 

Ooze the 90s with matte - Winter makeup trends

10. Soft glam makeup

If you have gone the whole 9 yard with the heavy glam makeup last winter and the Christmas celebrations. Get on with the 2021 neutral soft eye, glowy nude lips, and monochrome tones to get this much in-trend winter look. It is still a glamorous look, but it exudes freshness. 

soft glam makeup look - Winter makeup trends 2021

We are not stopping at giving you 10 top winter makeup styles but adding a bonus trending look of 2021. 

Glowy Cheeks are the way to keep your face looking healthy and fresh. Find the blush shade that is soft and adds to the glow of your natural skin. The trend is to make your makeup look effortless and yet have a dimension and depth to it. 

Our Winter Makeup Tip – Only For You!

The best way to attain the perfect look this winter with all these trends is to follow the skincare regime tips dedicated to this winter. Here are 5 essential tips you should follow to have that natural makeup look for the seasons.

  1. Clean your face with lukewarm water and a fragrance-free natural cleanser. Why not invest in a cleanser that can work as a cleanser scrub and a face pack.
  2. Moisturize properly with a hydrating cream and then use a primer to set the tone. Next, use a foundation and concealer to even out the base. 
  3. Keeping it natural is the key to selecting an eyeshadow shade that is nude but accents it with a slight shimmer and highlight 
  4. Having flushed cheeks this winter is the trend, so get a tone of blush that will add to your natural complexion on the apples of your cheeks. 
  5. Complete the look with a gloss. You can either use a burgundy, red or nude gloss depending on the time and event you attend.  

The Final Touch on Winter Makeup Trends

Since it’s time to layer up with your warm clothes to combat the winter, it is also time to revamp your makeup style this winter. Follow the above ten tips to get the winter makeup looks that are trendy this 2021.

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