Lipstick and character: Judging by the color of lipstick what character you are! 90% of women think standard

In this world, at least half of the women are using lipstick. There is no way to go out and meet people without being lipsticked in their consciousness as if they were not wearing clothes. Because of lipstick, women have confidence in their appearance. The curved curve of the woman has some exaggerated lips, because with a slight touch of lipstick, it immediately ruddy up. Even without a beautiful face lipstick as long as the modification, his face immediately showed a bit vivid.
Similarly, if you ask men "where do you feel the most feminine in first impressions," there are a lot of men who answer their mouths.
Colorful lipstick, colorful personality:
Red lipstick
Red lipstick-DE'LANCI
Red lipstick can emphasize the lips, giving a feeling of maturity, not confident woman is not coated with this color lipstick. This woman is often a career-type strong woman, mature and capable, full of femininity.
Pink lipstick
Pink lipstick
Corresponding personality: introverted, delicate feelings, gentle and passionate, full of fantasy, trust strong, wayward, love spoiled, very childish, but it is easy to change themselves. Usually the rules of honesty, not much attention to such people, once you taste the fun of adventure, it will suddenly become a bold person. Of course, the light pink and bright pink gives the impression is completely different. Light pink has a pure atmosphere, bright pink is more like to play with the girls like to use, but either way, are very attractive to men. The woman who loves this color is good at being like a man, with a high expectation of love.
Dark red lipstick
Dark red lipstick-DE'LANCI
Such women are usually very considerate, but also know how to gently off, you can bo once
Take the opposite sex good feeling. Relatively sentimental, prefer to show off the mysterious and sexy, so refused to bold men understand the style, guess the mind easily get her heart.
Orange lipstick
Orange lipstick-DE'LANCI
Orange lipstick gives a gentle, warm feeling, like this color of women self-control and judgment, the majority of professional women. In the family can be a wife and mother, but a strong revenge.
Brown lipstick
Brown lipstick-DE'LANCI
Corresponding personality: mature, have the city government, treat people cordial but not deep, full of wisdom and forward-looking vision, but the lack of enthusiasm, is a philanthropist, advocating freedom with both reason and indifference. Like this color lipstick woman, mostly feel confident about their own people, both in makeup or dress has its own set. And they attach great importance to the spiritual life, have their own ideas, self-control ability, they are for money, love, can be treated with a calm attitude, the observation of men is also very keen, very desirable.
Purple lipstick
Purple lipstick-DE'LANCI
Corresponding personality: self-appetite is very strong, like self-centered, noble and proud, people are not easy to approach, but the heart is full of passion, the pursuit of material enjoyment. Like to dress up after yourself. In general, such people like heavy make-up, whether it is hairstyle or dress strive to attract attention. Living in their own way, do not like the ordinary way of life. To men not easy to get close, not easy to draw the impression, so, but by the men like the incredible charm and personality.
Pearl lipstick
Pearl lipstick-DE'LANCI
Corresponding personality: has a clear self-assertion, is full of personality and passion of people. Desire for their own can be directly expressed in the hope of living freedom, what they want to do what life. In love, hate the shackles of men, have a strong desire to adventure. Will not be satisfied with a male object, attracted more young men.
Even the most neglected, the most unskilled woman will be equipped with a tube of exquisite lipstick, when the mood is brilliant or gloomy out to spot the lips. Regardless of how much a woman cosmetic bag lipstick, there will be a favorite of their own main color. Through the color of the female lipstick, we can peek into the character traits. Watch her and start by observing her lipstick.
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