How to apply eyeliners step by step

Have a number of you needed to make impeccably lined eyes yet end up resembling a panda, all things considered? Don't misunderstand us, pandas are damn cute, yet we don't need to appear as though one when I need to go to a wedding or something to that effect. Realizing how to apply the eyeliner is one of the nuts and bolts of cosmetics, so if you love cosmetics, you ultimately figure out how to do it. Our go to is the winged eyeliner. At the point when we feel sluggish and don't want to tidy up something over the top, we like going all out on my eyeliner. We've broken this possibly frightening assignment into steps so that it's straightforward, so here is the go to how to apply eyeliner step by step.

Types of Eyeliner 

Types of eyeliner

Before we talk regarding how to apply the eyeliner, we should go through the nuts and bolts of the sorts of eyeliners out there that you can utilize. 

1. Gel Eyeliner: 

Albeit this might appear to be threatening from the get go, this is presumably going to turn into your dearest companion on the off chance that you love those feline eyes. I most definitely depend on it. They typically come in pots, so you'll need to utilize a brush for it. I energetically suggest the Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner by Maybelline. 

2. Fluid Eyeliner: 

A fluid eyeliner is best for exact application. These liners come in two kinds of bundling, a little vial-like container with a very fine and exact plunging brush, and a marker type pen with a felt tip. In the event that you're a fledgling, I recommend you go for the last one. The Sketch Marker Liquid Art Liner by Too Faced is a decent decision for the felt tip liner. 

3. Pencil Eyeliner: 

This kind of eyeliner is generally the first we as a whole begun with. Its best used to line the water line and furthermore to make a smokey look. The day in and day out Glide-On Eye Pencil is the easy decision for the pencil eyeliner. 

For some extra fun you can also try it out with pencil eyeshadows like the ones from DeLanci that give a creamy. Finish and a matte texture. Check it out here: 

6 Color LA CATRINA Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow Set

4. Powder Eyeliner:

Another unique style of eyeliner can be created with powered eyeshadow. This gives a soft and edgy look that is great for everyday wear especially with a no-makeup makeup look. For this you can explored De'lanci’s powdery smooth black available in the 36 Color Double Pages Eye Shadow Palette. Check it out here: 

DE'LANCI 36 Color Double Pages Eye Shadow Palette

What's more, presently, we will continue with the instructional exercise with no further ado!

How to apply eyeliners with every types of eyeliner

How to apply eyeliners with every types of eyeliner

Stage 1: Prep Your Eyes

Stage 1 Prep Your Eyes

This is a stage that is very neglected, yet is, indeed, the main point of difference. Following a face cleanse, apply a lotion for the face and an eye cream around the eyes. The eye cream assists with untimely kinks and levels out any redness or staining close to the space. 

Stage 2: Start With A Clean Base 

Stage 2 Start With A Clean Base

To accomplish an even and clean base, apply a modest quantity of eye introduction on the eyelid, under your eyes, and around the overall eye district where any sort of eye cosmetics would go. The preliminary principle work is to make the skin smoother with the goal that it becomes simpler to put on cosmetics. This will give you a faultless completion and furthermore save the cosmetics set up for quite a while. Apply a concealer on top of the eyelid and the under eyes. Mix it well, and make a point to set it with a setting powder. 

Stage 3: Line Away! 

Stage 3: Line Away!

Presently comes the fundamental part of eyeliner. You can either utilize the brush that accompanies it or get one. Start with a line over your lashes. Ensure you utilize little lines and strokes. It's in every case better to develop it. If you make it excessively thick, you may make a wreck out of it, so keep the strokes little. Whenever you are happy with one eye, do likewise with the other one. Attempt to keep it as balanced as could be expected. 

Presently you have your fundamental eyeliner done! 

Yet, assuming you need to go further and wing it out, read ahead!

Bonus tips for perfect eyeliner

Bonus tips for perfect eyeliner

While applying, ensure you have a spot to rest your elbow. This makes it more straightforward to apply and furnishes you with a consistent hand, which will give you a perfect and exact completion. If you have a vanity or a table, its best to do your cosmetics on that. 

Utilize a restorative mirror. Trust me, this aids a great deal! As a rule, they come twofold sided, where one side is an ordinary mirror and the opposite side is amplified. I observe that the amplified one assists you with accomplishing a cleaner finish as you can draw a nearer look. 

Continuously peer down while applying your liner. Gazing upward can cause you to get the shape wrong. 

Try not to extend your eyelid while making the wing. This will wreck the wing. Apply in little strokes without moving the skin excessively. 

Assuming you actually think that it is hard to make the expansion for the wing in an orderly fashion, you can utilize a Mastercard and make a line by holding it against your lower lash line to where your wing ought to be. 

You can likewise utilize tape to make the wing. 

You can likewise utilize tape to make the wing.

You presumably came in here completely threatened. I can totally identify with that. It took me some time to take care of business; do realize that it requires some training. You cannot grow wings in a day (quip expected)! Do tell us how it turns out by remarking in the crate beneath.

Types of liner techniques you can try

1. The classic line

1. The classic line

Although this classic line looks super simple it is one of the most difficult tasks to do. Making a flawless line while having an eye closed requires an impeccable amount of mastery that only a pro can have. Yet we suggest not to shy away from trying this style. You can try this with a gel liner, for a more controlled line or a pencil liner for a rogue line. Using  a liquid liner would be the most ideal though, but don’t worry if you get it wrong in the first go. We have all been there!

2. Cat eye

Cat eye

Using the cat eye is the best way to bring out any look. It lifts your eye up making you look more awake and ready to get the party started. In a perfect world, all you need to do for a cat eye is to glide it over the lid and fill in the outline. But the number of times the right eye and left eye have been asymmetrical is just insane! If it makes you feel any better, even the pros get it wrong sometimes. So all you need to do for cat eye is to not think too much, and as long as you make sure the tips of the liner align, they would look super symmetrical.

3. Winged liner

Winged liner

Often confused with the cat eye, the winged liner is a statement piece that could be pulled off any day and any time of the day as well. The thing about the winged liner is that unlike cat eye it can be a great look for any time of eye shape. Because what happens is that often with hooded, or almond shaped eyes it gets difficult to get the right shape if you just do the cat eye. So the winged eye look gives you more freedom to look the part. 

We hope you enjoyed this blog where we discussed step by step how to apply eyeliner. The different types of eyeliners and how you can use those liners to get the perfect look that you want. For more such tips be sure to follow our Instagram page! 

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