Fourth of July Makeup Looks: Easy Ideas & Tutorials for American Independence Day

The excitement around the 4th of July is already building up and you’ve got to look your best to blend in with its true spirits! Our experts have brought together some incredible Fourth of July makeup looks for all tastes. We’ve made these amazing Fourth of July makeup looks easy to follow, letting you add depth and warmth to your looks! From sparkling metallic sheen to minimal effort bright looks, 10 easy Fourth of July makeup looks are head-turners in their own rights! Surely these come in addition to the Popular American Makeup Looks by our experts!!!

Table of Content

  1. 10 Amazing Fourth of July makeup looks in 2022
    1. Glamorous 4th July makeup look
    2. Natural 4th July makeup look
    3. Balanced 4th July makeup look
    4. “No Makeup” 4th July makeup look
    5. Colorful 4th July eye makeup looks
    6. Statement eyes as 4th July makeup look
    7. Big and bold eyebrow 4th July makeup looks
    8. Striking lips 4th July makeup looks
    9. Faux freckles 4th July makeup looks
    10. Classic 4th July makeup looks
  2. Wrapping up

10 Amazing Fourth of July Makeup Looks in 2022

So here we go with the details of each look…

1. Glamorous 4th July makeup looks

All you people in love with glam and wanting to turn heads with drop-dead gorgeous looks, this is the look for you! Our experts suggest that you go insanely pigmented with patriotic colors for your overall makeup look.

  • Go with your routine primer, foundation, and concealer regime to set the base of your facial skin right;
  • Move on to the eye makeup giving it a bright blue streak of eyeliner along the lower lashes for that prominent play of color;
  • Highlight the eyelids with white eyeshadow to play out the drama of colors; it will also help make your eyes look bright and big;
  • Line up some white stars on the upper lids for the full effect;
  • Give your eyelashes a sumptuous coat of lengthening mascara;
  • Brush up your eyebrows to define those beautifully colored eyes;
  • Move on to outline and color the lips with a bright shade of red, and you’re ready to rock any scene;

Use the darkly pigmented shades from the De’Lanci 54-Color La Catrina Eyeshadow for the amazing waterproof and smudge-proof eye makeover!

2. Natural 4th July makeup look

    Those of you that prefer to go more natural this year, we have just the Fourth of July makeup looks for you!

    • Stick to your normal routine of foundation along with concealer for that perfect skin look;
    • Keep your eye makeup simple giving it a swipe of black eyeliner;
    • Finish it up with a coat of volumizing mascara;
    • Concentrate on the lips giving them a bright red tint;
    • Pick a red liquid lipstick from the Everlasting Matte Liquid Lipstick Set to give your pout a good coverage; you can opt to gloss it up for an extraordinary effect;

    The focus of this look is to let your lips make a statement and do all the talking as you pair it up with a red and white striped outfit.

    3. Balanced 4th July makeup look

      An excellent way of dressing up for the special day of 4th July is to maintain a balanced makeup look that completely complements your outfit!

      • Give your looks a hint of ultra-glam with blue eyeshadow that adds the sparkle to your face;
      • Keep the rest of the looks minimal;
      • Top up with a subtle red lipstick to complete a balanced look;

      Depending on the event that you plan to attend this 4th of July, you can mix and match glam with a subtle expression of patriotic colors. It’s definitely a fabulous way to flatter your looks with a faultless finish!

      4. “No Makeup” 4th July makeup look

        If you’re someone that loves to go by the trending “no makeup” look this 4th of July, we’ve got you covered! It’s the perfect look to wear when celebrating the day on the beach or chilling out in the open with friends and family!

        • Just stick to the clean skin, primer, and foundation application;
        • Prep the skin to give it a glowing look;
        • Keep the eyes simple with a hint of grey eyeshadow for an eyeliner along the upper lash line;
        • Use a quality nude lipstick color depending on your skin tone; choose the right shade from De’Lanci for the best effect;

        Pair up this cute Fourth of July makeup looks with a soft T-shirt in patriotic colors, and you’re all set to celebrate the special day in your own way!

        5. Colorful 4th July eye makeup looks

          One of the best ways to highlight your looks is by emphasizing your eye makeup! This is also among the most popular Fourth of July makeup looks that is a hit with those that want to keep it simple yet look colorful. Follow our professional guide on how to use an eyeshadow palette. Now move on and

          • Prep the canvas of your face using your normal foundation application;
          • Draw out a broad line along the upper lash line into a fine wing with a black eyeliner;
          • Use glitter eyeshadow colors of red white and blue from the inner corner to the outer edge of the lower lash line;
          • Blend the colors gently where they meet for a faultless finish to a sparkling look;

          You’re sure to stand out with this simple yet elegantly colorful eye makeup this 4th of July for any event that you wish to attend!

          6. Statement eyes as 4th July makeup look

          If you wish to go conventional yet look trendy and beautiful, let your eyes do all the talking on this special day!

          • Make sure to give your face a good cover of foundation and concealer to highlight the pop of colors on your eyes;
          • Take a bright blue eyeliner  and draw out a wing on the upper eyelid; take a cue from our expert’s different types of eyeliner look for the best results;
          • Blend in the white and red on the middle and inner lid areas blending them for a seamless finish;
          • Take the red eyeshadow color extending it to the inner eye and curving down to the lower lid blending it in middle to meet the white color;
          • Let the outer blue meet the shade of the upper eyelids;
          • Blend in a dark shade of blue along the cut-crease for a defining effect;
          • Outline and fill in the brows with a brown eyeshadow to frame the eyes;

          Finish the look with a generous coat of volumizing mascara and see the effect your look imparts on any occasion on the 4th of July!

          7. Big and bold eyebrow 4th July makeup looks

            When it’s time to go bold, we did some serious talking with our makeup gurus! This look is meant to give the same effect as the fireworks of 4th July, and is exclusive for those with a penchant for drama!!!

            • It’s important that you prep the facial skin and those around the eyes using primer, foundation, and concealer to let the colors show;
            • Now it’s time to start working with your eyes giving the quintessential blue eyeshadow makeover;
            • Draw up a wing with a red eyeshadow by coloring along the upper lash line;
            • Give the lower lash line the same sheen of blue color as the eyelids;
            • Move on to the eyebrows, define them well and color them with blue, blend in the red shade at the outer edge if you want more drama;
            • It’s time to brighten them all up by using white glitter or stones;
            • Apply the white sequins/glitter/stone along the outer line of your brows and along the upper lash line covering the wing;
            • Complete the bold look by giving your eyelashes a coat of mascara or using false lashes;

            This is an extremely hot look with a lot of glitter and sheen that looks amazing in the evenings of 4th July.

            8. Striking lips 4th July makeup looks

            If you’re game for a striking show of colorful makeup, go for lip art this 4th of July! There are plenty of options when it comes to dressing your pout as part of the Fourth of July makeup looks.

            • Choose to do up your lips in dual tones of blue and red;
            • Give one-half of the upper lips a coat of blue and the other half that of red;
            • Blend in the colors where they meet to play out a gorgeous gradient effect;
            • Repeat it for the lower lips;
            • Gloss it up for the ultimate effect;
            • Other popular options are to draw out the red and white stripes on one part of the lips and the blue with the stars on the other half;
            • You can also opt to stripe the lower lip in red and white and color the upper lip in blue with white stars;

            Whatever lip makeup you choose should complement your outfit that is best kept monochromatic for your pout to speak out loud!

            9. Faux freckles and stones 4th July makeup looks

            Take a high spin on your makeup this 4th of July and play with some colors to draw up faux freckles in patriotic colors. The use of colorful rhinestone or glitters will have the same effect!

            • Stick to your staple makeup of nude lipstick and black eyeliner;
            • Now choose a faux freckle design that fancies your facial features;
            • You can create some eye-catching designs using your red, white, and blue pencils;
            • Alternately use glitter colors or rhinestones to add to the sparkle on your face;

            Concentrate on the upper cheek areas close to the outer edge of the eyes that catches maximum light, and see the colorful drama unfold!

            10. Classic 4th July makeup looks

            Despite the volley of Fourth of July makeup looks, you just can’t overlook the classical look that everyone has vouched for all these years! Yes, you’ve guessed it right…

            • Once you’ve set the clean canvas of your face using the right foundation and concealer, it’s time to set out to draw the red stripes with blue and white stars on your face;
            • Choose to wear the flag on one side of your face/eyes or both depending on the size that you want to draw;
            • Take the look all the way from the eyes to above the eyebrows for that thundering impact;
            • Fill in the other brow with a color of the flag preferably blue;
            • Draw out the flag colors on the lips with a design that fancies you;

            You can never go wrong with this classical makeup for this special day and can wear it any time of the day or evening!

            Wrapping up

            It’s time to show your patriotic colors with the makeup of your choice! Pick any of the suggested Fourth of July makeup looks depending on your personality. Choose from the range of De’Lanci products to slay the look of your choice! There’s much to explore from our range of high-quality, super-pigmented, waterproof, and smudge-proof products.

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